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Post them. Why do they do this?

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Stuffed crust is rich man food.

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Is it?

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Would I lie?

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shut the fuck up

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Kfc is also rich man food. What point are you trying to make?

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>preferred reustarant of melanin men
that brain cell you have must be lonely

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Only if using cutlery

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Jokes on you, I just got done sucking a cock

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Kek, this one bite literally killed his career

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Anyone have an example of someone actually looking good while eating?

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Was it autism? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfFS_NzXnHk

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John Kasich?

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>only stays in the presidential race for all the free food
I would've done it too

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It's sub-80IQ propaganda.

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He really is like if 4chan was a politician. How somebody with that level of autism became a politician is beyond me.

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Has Bernie Sanders ever done one of these?
He's the only one I would trust to do one of these and actually have that food on the regular.

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It's good to know Kasich is one of /us/ and also takes big boy bites.

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Actually, most politicians are autistic as fuck. They know how to look good in front of huge crowds, but one to one they are weirdos compared to the average Joe because they cannot relate to them at all.

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Bernie is a Communist.
They don't eat.

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They all have.

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Not sure he enjoyed it.

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Jesus, look at that jewish gremlin eat.

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>They know how to look good in front of huge crowds

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To be fair; this is the appropriate way to eat it. Still not a charming photo op, though.

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Humans do not eat like this.

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But it actually is. Video related.

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so much fucking sauerkraut. disgusting.

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Donald relishes fast food, it grounds him.

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What on earth, I am frightened now

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Damn he really working up a sweat while eating, hes one of those dudes. Turns red as a tomato, facial expression honed in like hes solving the worlds hardest math problem.

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Does Bernie eat pork?

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>Jesus, look at that jewish gremlin eat.

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>For Bernie Sanders, that fuel comes in the form of everything from pineapple and Raisin Bran to tandoori pork and prime rib.
according to his daughter, anyway

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Is this from the annual roasting of the white male that faceberg executives hold each year?

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Whatever the goyim tax dollars pay for!

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Racism is not cool, retard. Fuck off.

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I think you mean hourly

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>Racism is not cool, retard. Fuck off.

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Feel like Merkel is about to ask me to find the Fork of Horripilation

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Semitic people are a race. Judaism is not.
Less than 2% of Jews are Semitic.

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Something deep inside me says that this born and raised private school rich kid father in law to BiBi's nephew is consistently working in several layers of irony and he never actually eats this shit.

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>this thread
jesus I can smell the old age of everyone on here, what the fuck leave 4chan already

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Nah, trump browses this board that's why he loves fast food.

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Don't you have a Roblox stream to watch? Shoo shoo zoomer.

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Yeah he's not a practicing Jew but those also look like Nathan's hot dogs which, being the good Jew York hot dog company they are, are made with beef.

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>Yeah he's not a practicing Jew
All Jews are practicing Jews. Some more than others.

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No not really.

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I though he was making fried noodles at first

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>67,5 billion dollars

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