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this is pretty gay, and i'm OP!

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>Little Caesars in A tier
>In-N-Out and McDonald's on the same tier

Extra garbage and samefag

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fuck off idubs

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wa la!

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>chipotle at the top
>in n out on the bottom
how fucking stupid are you

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just like in-n-out's fries

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im gay btw
just do you know

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>canes and little Ceasar in F
what the fuck im never going on CK again you guys have bad taste

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the fuck is "PIZZA A JO"?

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places within tiers not ordered

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>mississippi, alabama, and louisiana that high

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Anyone who puts Wendy’s above a C should be ignored

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>fast food

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Is this really what americans do in there free time? Rank there favourite fast food places?

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Have you not seen this entire board?

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>California isn't in F
shit list.

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this list is ROUGH

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I've honestly never been to many of these restaurants.

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Growing up, my autistic boomer parents absolutely REFUSES to try different fast food places so we always ended up going to McDonalds over and over again. Now that I've moved out of the house, I've been actually trying different places to see what they're like.

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>Not Z tier
>B tier
You're obviously californian. And the reason Idaho is now D tier at best.
Thanks, dickhead.

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Observe my objectively correct opinions

If you ignore F tier then respectable

Pretty good

You look like you really like chicken

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Washington in F tier... everything checks out. And i live in Seattle.

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if you make a lot of money like me, california is S. Enjoy your steak and shakes nerds

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this is the least retarded one of these i've seen, good job anon

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The obsession is real

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lmao at all you brainlets

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Papa johns

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>cinnabons in f tier
fuck you nigger

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>all that sugar
might as well inject cement into my arteries

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What does the "s" stand for?

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Here's a reasonable tier list

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for me

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I don't feel like making one, but mine would be hella simple. A tier: Fuddruckers. B tier: everything else, because it's fast food, and all of it is inherently "meh".

>> No.12326753

>all of it is inherently "meh"
True, but there are degrees.
Little caesers isn't terrible, but it's definitely the worst of the pizza chains.

>> No.12326761

I don't know. There is a certain "never say kwa" that makes me like it despite the fact that it's "supposed" to be disgusting. Kind of like with McDonald's and its unique McFlavor.

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>no culvers

>> No.12326772

Culver's is not as great as advertised. Same with Whataburger. Same with In-N-Out. Same with Shake Shack. Same with Steak n' Shake. Same with SmashBurger. Same with A&W. Same with all of the overhyped ones, really. They are all about as good as McDonald's or Burger King or Wendy's or Jack in the Box. Please see my informative list here:

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Forgot to say Carl's Jr./Hardees. Also same as McDonald's.

>> No.12326778

And Five Guys.

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Oh but I recently tried Arby's luau chicken. Real cheese and ham seem to go well with chicken, and also the sauce is really good. The rest of what they have is not good though obviously.

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These threads are such cancer. But here's the non-troll chart.

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I'm weird like that, but I would actually put White Castle above all other burger places, owing to its unique flavor. At least it's something a little different.

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culver's isn't overhyped. almost nobody knows about it outside of the midwest.
it's on literally none of the tier lists itt, while every other place you mentioned is on at least one.

all im saying is that it should be on these lists

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I actually agree with that sentiment, which is why I put Taco Bell first. My closest Taco Bell has local taquerias on both sides, but those aren't fast food, and things that pretend to be fast food but charge non-fast food prices can't be top tier. I've actually lived in California close to an In-N-Out for the past couple of years, and while it's actually a good value burger, I've only eaten there maybe half a dozen times. Wendy's should be lower since they no longer have a value menu, and Little Caesars is only so high because all fast food pizza places are garbage, but LC is the only one that compete with just going to a local place, take and bake, or even getting a decent frozen pizza and adding your own toppings. I kind of wish I had a White Castle near me, as I'd probably drunkenly pick some up every now and then - as opposed to garbage like McDonald's, which I swear must have been much better 15-20 years ago, because every time I've tried it in the past decade or so it was absolutely disgusting, overpriced, and I honestly don't understand how it's still a thing.

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I'm in the midwest it's overhyped tripe. Same as Five Guys, same as In-N-Out, same as Whataburger, same as Shake Shack, same as all of it. But yeah it should be on these lists since all they list is trash.

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90% of takeout is people going to McDonald's. It's the number of locations, convenience (drive thrus) combined with legendary, worldwide name recognition.

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>Little caesars in A tier
Keep in mind that little caesars gets lower quality ingredients from their supplier when compared to every other pizza joint.
Papa johns, pizza hut, and dominos all use better ingredients, especially papa johns.
It's a good deal, but it's objectively shittier

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That's what I don't understand. I eat fast food maybe once or twice a month, but that's enough to know which places are worth going back to, and of the places I drive past on my 15 minute commute McDonald's is the worst, possibly tied with JitB. It seemed like it was pretty okay back in the 90's - though I still preferred BK back then - but now even their supposedly superior fries are just cold and limp even if I eat them immediately. I even tried the McChicken because of the spam and it was absolute trash.

>> No.12326885

Papa John's has an inedible crust, and isn't worth the 150% price point for slightly better quality toppings. They are objectively both the most overrated and worst tasting mainstream pizza chains. I'd honestly get a frozen pizza over PJ's any day of the week.

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Oh and by the way, if you want a half decent fast food chain on these lists, at least Potbelly should be on there.

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Jack in the Box used to have something called the sirloin burger. It was their one saving grace. The best burger you could get from a fast food place, hands down no contest, even if it was a bit pricey. I still remember the juice dribbling down my face. Now it's just as bad as McDick's. For shame.

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we only have these brands in my cunt.

>> No.12326940

If In n Out had McDonalds fries they'd have a Michelin star.

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>all that sugar
>cinnamon roll


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made a better tierlist with more options


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Dominos only because for the brooklyn style pizza, otherwise it would be an f.

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I don't get it either, California is pretty cool.

>> No.12327362

What do the ratings signify? I don't get the ordering.

>> No.12327402

S tier is the best
A is good
B is alright
etc. etc.

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Where's White Castle?

>> No.12327413

in this one>>12327108

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Is Portillos in that one?

>> No.12327420

It's just like you're high school grading scale. Except A+ is replaced with S.

>> No.12327440

no adding shit is a pain so I only added things I recognized

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>> No.12327497

No Portillos, no deal.

>> No.12327526

fastfood posters are all inherently f tier

>> No.12327543

They don't even use A+ in high school. That's for grade schoolers who need an extra boost to their confidence to keep them excelling.

>> No.12327641

>not living in rural mason/kitsap/pierce county
Perish the thought senpai

>> No.12327687

>Putting McDonalds and Wendy's on the same level
This nigga serious?
>McDonald's to D tier
>Subway to C-tier
>Chipotle to B-tier
>Little Caesar's GTFD to D-Tier

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If you go on taste alone Little Caeser's should be pretty low but if it's overall with price being included in how it's ranked it should stay where it is. On that topic mcdonalds is a fuckin hard bargain at this point, it tastes fine generally but they've got it figured out to charge the absolute maximum anyone would pay for that

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Zaxby’s and Moe’s go in S tier

Firehouse Subs goes in A

Popeye’s goes in B

Hungry Howie’s goes in D

White Castle goes in E

Quizno’s and Krystal’s goes in F

Fazoli’s goes in fucking G

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>Smashburger in F tier
Even at its worst it still beats out fucking Sonic.

>> No.12327764

I took cost into account. Smash is like $10 for a skimp burger and fries and it’s not even any good. At least Sonic has their drinks I never get and some cheap deals on like 50 cent corn dogs and shit. It’s not good at all but it’s got some decent snacks. Smash is irredeemable

>> No.12327776

>Smash is like $10 for a skimp burger and fries and it’s not even any good
Yeah, I can see that. At least they make onion straws. Normally you have to go to a proper sit-down for some of those.
I went there in college a few times. Overpriced, yeah, but they're not AWFUL. I'd put them up there with Subway. They're like the Chipotle of burgers.
Full disclosure, I'd rather eat at Rev's than Smashburger unless I'm getting the onion straws. And Revs was about as middle of the road as you can get without a measuring tape.

>> No.12327799

True, onion straws/rings are an immediate plus anywhere as long as they aren’t soggy trash like BK’s. They probably deserve E or maybe even D but I’ve been so dissatisfied both times I’ve gone I kinda have something against them. Like I at least have a reason to get a cheap ass and massive subway sandwich or small sonic snack treat but I will never go back to Smash and have no reason to, hence my reasoning for the rating. Haven’t heard of Rev’s

>> No.12327818

Rev's is a glorified cafeteria at the school I went to, which should tell you my opinion of Mickey D's.

>> No.12327829

Gotcha, fuck Mickey D’s. Was just ranting in another thread how I won’t go there anymore bc shit food, shit service every single time

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Limited choices in Kangarooland, managed to try taco bell and Carls jr when in Nipponland for holiday.

>> No.12328515

I am 100% certain both of them are miles better in nipponland than they are in their home country.

>> No.12328519

One time, I went to SmashBurger, and the patty tasted like literal pile of salt. Bad batch I guess.

>> No.12328520

likely, kinda like how subway gets a better rep here than in burgerland.

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The Truest one.

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File: 121 KB, 600x890, Trigger Flyover and east coast babies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Fuck you and fuck idubbz for this shit

hahah le ebin ironic shit content, he's a hypocrite for putting forth no effort and meming zoomers into making these shitty lists

>> No.12329909

Five Guys is better, AW is better, Whataburger is better

In&Out is DQ tier which isn't bad but it's not all it's made up to be

>> No.12329953

>Alabama better than North Carolina
What the fuck?

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Sit the fuck down

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ive never had any of those bottom F ones, its a who for me

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>> No.12331462

What third world country do you live in?

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don't know about your american shit but this is for aussie fast food

>> No.12331997

>Spicy chicken sandwich

>> No.12332132

You have restaurants from philly in your country??

>> No.12332148

>Krystal’s goes in F
No the fuck it doesn't
>Fazoli’s goes in fucking G
They don't even exist anymore

>> No.12332189

>arkansas #1

>> No.12332209

It's a completely random bait image...

>> No.12332254

My guess is Canada, although we do have a few of the chains he put in F tier.

Also, I noticed McDonald's is nowhere near as panned in commonwealth countries as it is in the US. It's generally considered to be one of the better/best fast food chains.

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>> No.12332412

nice guess

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Block your path

>> No.12332555

which one/s, lots of brands show up in weird or unexpected places sometimes

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Fuck, the image didn't attach.

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>not C
This is coming from a PAfag myself
I fucking hate shittsburgh and fagidalphia

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