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Discuss YouTube's most popular food reviewer. What do you wish he reviewed next? Where do you want him to travel next?

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Cambodian boipussie

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>Where do you want him to travel next?


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He wouldn't have to travel for that since he lives in the US ;)

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There is something about this fucking guys face that creeps me out. The way he looks. His fucking teeth. His fucking ass.

Then he turns to me and says, "You know, I guess I shouldn't be telling her how to act anyway, but I wanted to give this to her anyway after seeing all you've done. It's nice to see you."

I'm like, Oh shit, what? That's… I get it.

And the next day.

He gave me these handbags he had made himself, with this… picture of a woman holding his penis with her hand.

I'm crying. And he goes to my bedroom and does some shit.

And I just let it happen. I was in the moment, but then I'm like, "Fuck, do you think anyone's gonna see that?" So I keep quiet all day, I'm not sure if I'm ready, and after about four hours it happens again. The first day, he goes, and I'm like, "What!?" and I'm crying. There was this one time that he came over to my apartment and asked how much I could spend.

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>a Cambodian basket weaving forum full of degenerate McChicken posters and Ramen Noodle eaters, obsessing about a married HAPA that travels the world for free and eats piles of delicious/nutritious food every single day of his life, manages to stay in shape and has millions of followers who kiss the ground he walks on.

Nothing personal kiddos.

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Catholic church fucks and murders kids just like this guy and people worship them too

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Imagine being this mad about having an empty pantry. LOL. Cope harder hungryboi.

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he should try one of those virgin boy eggs that always get posted here on /ck

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I'm sure he's sampled many virgin boys so why not take it a step beyond?

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He lives in Thailand retard.

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You got me. I've never, nor will I ever, watch his channel.

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A reminder, anyone who doesn't like wiens is likely a low test beta male.

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Oh yes you fucking will!

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Where are the bodies Mark?

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he always keeps a rice kernel of his meals to remind him of the amazing mmmmmhmm oooh yeah oooh mhmmmm

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I sexually Identify as a Mark Wiens. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of visiting third world countries and eating delicious food in front of poor, disgusting foreigners. People say to me that a person being a Mark Wiens is impossible and I'm fucking retarded but I don't care, I'm beautiful and full of great foods. I'm having a plastic surgeon install short black hair, sociopath eyes and a 5/10 Asian wife to follow me around. From now on I want you guys to call me "Mark" and respect my right eat food in poor areas. If you can't accept me you're a Wienophobe and need to check your foodie privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.

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Mike is the far superior travel food blogger, he's not afraid to say when he doesn't like something. Plus he eats at more expensive/luxurious places, mark eats at places where an average person would die from salmonella if they even touched the food.

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More like Mark WEINER!

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Or just have him eat lunch with Trump
Same thing, really

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1. Montenegro.
2. New Zeeland.
3. Fiji.

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I said, "A few dollars, maybe?" And he goes, "Well, I couldn't afford it," so he took my wallet. He then goes, "No, I want to take my wallet," and I was like, "Okay!" And he goes, "Okay!" And he took my wallet, threw it on the carpet, and said that I should give him money. I was like, "Ugh, how do you do that?!"

This happened in my apartment, so I have two windows: This is the one in which they take your wallet, and this is the one where she takes you from that apartment. I think in another room, they might have left a keycard.

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If you think about it, making a deal with jews is better than he muslims. Neither are ideal, but at least jews are civilized.

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>someone actually typed this out and thought /ck/ would think it's really, really, really funny

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He did that thing with Pailin whatshername...... do you think they fucked?

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cant stand this guy
hate his face

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How come his wife never talks?

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Because she speaks when spoken to as mark demands. Also have you ever heard thai women squawk? It's almost immediately unbearable.

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What's the name of his stand?

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If he stops smiling, would he die?

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His neck is way to skinny for his face

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>You gotta choose one or the other
Thanks, Schlomo!

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It's okay, we anons at /ck/ are always here for you.

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Hi Mark, how is your day today? Have you eaten some tom yum goong?

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>Where do you want him to travel next?
off the edge of a cliff

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Oh woooow

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Oy vey! Shut it down the goyim know!

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Is that human meat?

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Mmmh ohhh
Extremely tender and juicy.

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>it's X but also [opposite of X]

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he actually lives in thailand

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I've never seen anyone wear a gold wedding ring before, usually its silver

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Yeah this is going in my copypasta folder. Nice job anon

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Since when did this child eater get a general

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Since his massively popular videos

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AOC so cute

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You kind of do. If you don't play ball with someone, you're just going to get lampooned and boned by both sides of the zeitgeist.

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For me, it's the visceral repulsion. It feels instinctual. The boy's just not right. It must be the eyes and the way he carries himself.
I wouldn't be surprised if he has raped some children or killed someone.

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I'm usually a very calm and accepting person, but why does this man's face fill me with disgust and hatred? I swear it's almost instinctual and it's messing with my head

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Eating babies penises and having chickens piss on you is civilized?

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he already did

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it's probably the crinkly, crepe-like skin around his eyes

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We are trying to find out what happened to the kids anon.

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>I wouldn't be surprised if he has raped some children or killed someone.
>if he has

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Its the thin neck. His head looks like a ballon under excessive pressure barely held by a string

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he just keeps the smile going even when he doesn't want to genuinely smile. this looks sorta weird.

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Just think, that's the last face some poor 4 year old saw right before they died.

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I want to punch this guy, his face upsets me very much for some reason

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Hey guys, I hope you're having an amazing day. I'm Mark Wiens and I just wanted to say thank you to all the fans. Thanks for all the positivity. Please click the thumbs up and please subscribe.

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