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Anyone actually go to the places they eat at? I think its all a glorified tourism industry shilling, the food can't be that great right

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It is and it's all hapas.

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>Anyone actually go to the places they eat at?

wtf does that mean? if you eat at mcdonalds you have to go to it first you retard

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Real shilling.

I went to Jordan, and ate at Hashem restaurant, which Mark Wiens shilled hard.

The food is decent, but no where near worth the exaggerated out-of-the-screen leaning reaction he does.

Ocean restaurant, which he also shilled does fucking sushi, next to the coast of the DEAD SEA.
That should speak volumes.

>Pic related, hashem

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Based wiens poster

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I prefer to watch actual human beings.

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Op is talking about the places they travel to for their food videos you daft cunt

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Holy fuck he weirds me out.

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What a whore

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Marc Wiens eats Thai children

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Understand the actual traveling is part of the enjoyment. Tasting something that’s part of a culture. There’s more to food than the actual food itself. Of course of it tastes bad there’s no excuse but there’s a larger picture

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how does he keep getting away with it?

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stfu mark

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Thanks for sharing your point of view! You really contributed to this thread. Have a nice day!

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Did he do a satanic ritual

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I wish they were honest with their ratings.

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I tried Ichiran because of Mike Chen and enjoyed it. It's not "life changing" by any means, but it's still head and shoulders above anything I can get in my area, and was fucking awesome to have while sick. Gogo curry was super solid too, I enjoyed eating there much more than Cocos.

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>Food youtubers
they're called foodtubers

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I'd actually be interested in food youtubers as you need reviewers for food. The problem is that the market is saturated with shitty reviews by autists.

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>Pecking duck

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It depends. If it's something in Thailand, I would take Wien's recommendations. I went to a bbq chicken stall in the south of Thailand he covered a while ago and it was fucking amazing (pic related). Outside of Thailand he is hit or miss.


Gogo and coco are fine but there are much better curry spots, especially in Tokyo, I know he goes to a few. Bondy was very good. As for ramen, Ichiran is pretty bang average. There are better options for tonkotsu even if you never go to Fukuoka. Tokyo has an endless array of ramen that destroys Ichiran that I probably won't find myself eating there unless I'm taking someone for the first time.

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who not that

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>hummus drowning in oil
And what was that on the right ? M'tabal ?
Not really surprised btw.

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if it's really high quality fresh evoo, I can see it being good.

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Next time in Japan I want to really start digging around for food. I was too sick in Osaka to really eat at any of the places near my hotel which sucks, they all smelled so damn good. While in Tokyo I was just eating wherever was convenient because I was lazy. That said, the angler fish soup I had in oarai was pretty interesting. That's another town I really need to explore for food next time I go. Luckily my next trip to japan is going to pretty much exclusively be to oarai.

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I don't watch food youtubers because who gives a shit, but I have a friend who will link me Facebook videos about specific restaurants that serve unique items and if they look good I'll go if the opportunity comes up.
So far I've had:
A heavy duty milkshake
A tomahawk tonkatsu
... Hmm, I guess that's it actually. I need to try to get to more places.

That being said, the places I've found by googling or getting real recommendations have been more compelling.

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