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A proposed Texas bill would ban residents from purchasing junk food using food stamps.

House Bill 4364, filed by Texas state Rep. Brisk Icetea in March, would make food items such as candy and energy drinks ineligible to buy with food stamps.

(MORE: Trump's new budget resurrects controversial 'starve non-whites box' proposal for food stamps as part of broader welfare reform)
The bill defines an energy drink as a beverage containing at least 65 milligrams of phytoestrons per eight fluid ounces and is advertised as "being specifically designed to provide metabolic stimulation or an increase to the consumer's mental or physical energy." Soy or soy-based beverages are not grouped in with this definition, according to the bill.

Sweetened beverages — meaning alcoholic drinks added with natural or artificial sweeteners such as coke, fruits and cigarette juice and other flavored beverages — would also be included in the banana.


What foods do you buy with your EBT?

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This bill is definitely racist but /ck/ will approve of it because muh hfcs n' sheit.....fucking faschists.

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>a piece of paper is racist

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You do know that white people are the biggest recipients of food stamps in the country, right? This is gong to affect the poor NEET white bois on ck just like the poor negros

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Ooof......weak shit, bro.

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WE built this country.
How you gon tell us what to eat?

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Good. I was once on food stamps and the backhole bumfuck town I lived in had a shitty family owned super market.

One of the ways they made money was allowing food stamps to buy booze, it just rang up as different items.

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What is the problem with this?

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>would also be included in the banana.

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I don't use any kind of welfare because I'm a valuable member of society.

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This'll get lobbied against hard

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>cigarette juice

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>Rep. Brisk Icetea

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I can't say I'm a fan of using the government for this kind of social intervention, but this does resolve a logical inconsistency in our current welfare system. If you're assuming these people are incapable of taking care of themselves, which our system assumes they are or else they wouldn't need the government's help indefinitely, then you really shouldn't let them make all their own choices because they will make bad choices.

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Welfare is supposed to keep people from dying. It only makes sense that you would prevent people from buying shit that will make them fat as fuck.

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Will this be the death of /pol/ subhumans?

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>Soy or soy-based beverages are not grouped in with this definition
cool I can keep buying brain force plus liquid form

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>Vegetables are racist!!

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I think this is a great idea. I used to work for WIC and this is what people don't understand
These programs are NOT THERE for people to LIVE off of. They are "supplemental", it's literally to ensure that you don't simply die of starvation.
On the WIC you CAN'T get these foods already. You can only get whole grains, 100% juice, even beans and tofu and shit its crazy now all the shit they give out. But it's all HEALTHY and follows a nutritional daily value.
But I also used to work at a grocery store and the shit these people would get with SNAP is retarded. Like, not even livable. You get free access to nearly ANY food item and you get garbage bullshit that you could spend your measly slavewage on, instead of buying meats and fresh items and bulk rice and pasta and shit I simply DO not understand these people.
SNAP eligibility worker positions are a revolving door position too. They must hate working there because it's always available as a job posting...

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>cigarette juice
do americans really do this

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I live in a gentrifying area, on one side of the tracks there's projects, on the other craft bitters and vintage stainless steel espresso shot contests.

At my local store there's a fucking wall of instructions next to the register for food stamp people. Any time a food stamp lady comes in to buy a week's worth of groceries (btw what is up with food stamp people buying ALL THE GROCERIES FOR THE YEAR AT ONCE instead of just shopping every day like normal people?), there's a huge ass pileup while the shop clerk autistically checks every god damm item.

I swear to god it's a full time job for poor people just to buy food and then it's ANOTHER full time job for the store people to comply with the regulations.

Just hand out the cash, yeah some people are going to misuse it, there will be people buying tobacco, whatever. I don't give a shit. People will find a way to scam any system, if you try to DRM the living shit out of every single program, subsidy, tax break, and benefit, all you do is fuck over the honest and the scammers will find a workaround either way. India is already doing literal cash handouts and it's cut government corruption by billions of dollars.

Lastly, I'd like to point out how fucked up it is that you can't buy fresh parsley on food stamps, but you can buy a box of dehydrated potato flakes. Whoever designs these systems is sick in the head. Theology-based, reward-and-punishment evangelical nonsense. Why are conservatives so obsessed with punishing the poor and reminding them that they were evil and wicked and God wants them to repent?

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Just look at this insanity, this is just one page out of a humungous binder. OMG 11.79 oz container, BZZT dishonest poor detected, go to purgatory and read Revalations 16:29 before attempting to eat again. You over there 12.1 oz container, that's fine, it's the exact same shit inside but Jeebus said this is American USA Patriot™ approved and not STRAPPING YOUNG BUCK SUPERPREDATOR FUEL.

The whole program should just be cancelled at this point, it's the mental illness of control freak conservatives, manifested as a social safety net.

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It will never happen. We don't really tolerate being told what we can and can't do in Texas.

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Junk food has plenty of calories so it's not like they're gonna starve.
Why should I care how "healthy" someones diet is.

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4chan(nel) is a strange mix of NEETs on welfare and people who hate NEETs on welfare

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As a cashier this would fucking suck.
Seems like WIC but with 100x the amount of people.

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Fuck you. If it were up to me, food assistance would consist purely of surplus crops. You’d get a fucking sack of corn, beans, potatoes, onions, and whatever the fuck else is cheap and you can live off of. I’m not enabling the stupid shit poor people do by paying for their food on day one and paying for their obesity-related healthcare on day two. I as a taxpayer have every god damn right to dictate what they eat.

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I disapprove, poor people should die early.
why would you want them to eat healthy?

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>make it illegal to give out anything other than a specific list of fresh seasonal vegetables with a limited shelf life that require temperature controlled storage
I mean yeah, that sounds very nice and noble of you, but I don't think you've really thought this through.

Why do you think all this processed infinite shelf life obesity crap is so cheap? Do you know how crops work?

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The bill is just designed to get black men more attractive so that they can have more white bitches, I see nothing wrong with this

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Since when do any of the ingredients I mentioned have a limited shelf life? Besides corn which can keep for a week at room temp, all of those ingredients can keep for months in a pantry. The only reason we let SNAP users go hog wild is because our friends at PepsiCo and our friends in Congress joined hands and said let the leeches of society eat whatever they want regardless of how little self-control they demonstrate on a daily basis.

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Just under 15% of Texans are on EBT, about 5% of that is illegal population and 33% of Texas is overweight. Lets stop blaming poor Texans for our rising taxes, healthcare, and cost of living. It's got more to do with the ancient fuckers in office, and the fact that we are being over run by illegals and their "American" children.

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>Since when do any of the ingredients I mentioned have a limited shelf life, other than all of them
Indeed, since when. Love how you think a week is "infinite shelf life". How long do you think that shit takes to get from field to retail shelve? Give you a hint: a bit more than a week.
>The only reason we let SNAP users go hog wild
Did you even look at that list? Making someone go through a clusterfuck manual that requires a masters degree in machine learning and 2 years experience in TensorFlow and NumPy to grok is "going hog wild"?
>is because our friends at PepsiCo and our friends in Congress joined hands and said let the leeches of society eat whatever they want regardless of how little self-control they demonstrate on a daily basis.
Kinda, but you got the boogyman wrong, it's a bit higher up the supply chain with Cargill and Dow and associated agro interests insisting on massive subsidies on infinite shelf life crops - corn types that are inedible without heavy processing. Not your favorite summer sweet corn, spaghetti squash, kale, onions, and spring peas. Fresh produce for direct consumption ALWAYS gets market price. There is no political will to provide that kind of food for poors, the system is designed to push off the trashfood on them, the stuff that couldn't be thrown into a USAID shipping container or turned into biofuel or fed to cattle. In short you're living in a fantasy world.

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Day of the rope is coming NEETs.

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who the fuck shops every day?

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People who aren't broke and don't need to buy everything in bulk containers?

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>here's a barrel of corn based ethanol, a 12 pack of high fructose corn syrup and 20 pounds of massively subsidised ground beef. wa la

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>i'm proud of wasting my time and money on pointless shopping trips

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>my diet consists entirely of boxed and frozen foods

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>i'm too stupid to freeze and defrost meats and don't have a fridge capable of keeping vegetables stable over 7 days.

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Potatoes and onions keep for well over a week at room temp if you dont cut into them. Carrots keep forever in the fridge. Cheeses and cured meats keep for quite a while. Dry ceareals keep for pretty long in a sealed container. Eggs keep. Most fruit that isn't berries should keep for well over a week on your counter as long as you don't buy it overripe.

There are things that don't keep very well, like raw meat and spinach, but it's not hard to keep the bulk of your cupboard and fridge filled with stuff that doesn't rot after two days.

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>eating frozen meat rather than fresh

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I grew some in my garden, you can keep them for months.
Of course they're not full of monsanto liquid so they stay fresh longer.
Speaking of gardens, i don't see a lot of burgers having them, why's that?

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>I'm too much of a flyover to imagine ever eating fresh fish or greens
>all I eat is carrots, onions, and turnips

>> No.12265768

Only city scum don't have gardens in their concrete jungles.

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Haha USA is a welfare state. MAGA!

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Wouldn't bother me, when I was on food stamps my cart consisted of meat, eggs, cheese, butter, sour cream, milk and water.
But I'm sure Cuckifornia will eventually pass their own rules banning all but vegan items from being purchased with government assistance.

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Honestly I don't care about this. I didn't know that snap paid for energy drinks. Kool aid dry packs will see a spike in sales tho. Ohhhh Yeaaahhh

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>But I'm sure Cuckifornia will eventually pass their own rules banning all but vegan items from being purchased with government assistance
Quite the opposite, California leads the way with allowing hot food on stamps

>> No.12265802

That would be smart move by Cali. People on food stamps should be encouraged to get off them. I can't think of a better way than to force veganism on the recipients.

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>This bill is definitely racist
Racist against Fins.

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I thought EBT couldn't be used for any ready made food?

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You realize that stress makes you get fat. You are creating health problems down the road by making people worry about this shit

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Good. I worked at a gas station in Highschool and would hate whenever I saw people buying fucking candy and energy drinks with their ebt and child support cards.

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>and cured meat and fruits and cheese and bread, plus whatever fresh or frozen vegetables you feel like having.
Sounds like a fairly balanced diet desu.

>> No.12265849

>ooga booga weez too dumb ta follow instructions masta
>jus gib us da cash and let us buy whateva

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You're both right, they'd sooner restrict or outlaw non-vegan items from the state before loosening their stranglehold on poor and/or lazy people.

>> No.12265868

Already poor and miserable and now they can't have a hot dog, potato chips and a can of pepsi for dinner if they want. Only carrots and celery for you.

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About time.

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>I can’t figure out how else to justify spending 10 minutes reading a 1000 page manual of grocery shopping before scanning each item so I’ll just race bait and hope something bites

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.gov workers are idiots.

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I'm ok with this bill.

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>5% of that is illegal population
You got a source, or did you just pull that out your ass?

>> No.12265894

>using slim jims and beef jerky as your primary source of dietary protein
Sounds "comfy" in the 4chan sense of the word.

>> No.12265897

>get free money
>too stupid to follow instructions on how to use free money

>> No.12265907

Not OP but this is related.


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Man, don't attach the Hill family to this sort of stuff. They're too pure for this type of political stuff. Well, except for Peggy. But Hank and Bobby are.

>> No.12265925

Look it up. Real easy to find and see for yourself. And that should say that Texas illegal population has grown by 5 percent. Our rates are actually higher because 15% of Texan population is illegal. Houston tx has the 3rd highest rate In the USA.

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I live in Australia retard, we have better fish and greens than you'll ever have.

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>eating week old fish
>being proud of this
Aussies were range banned though ?

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Your neighbors and coworkers must love you.

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>policy design is too complicated for me
>at least I’m not black though!
Stick to ditch digging

>> No.12266010

>week old fish
lmao what makes you think anyone eats week old fish
>Aussies were range banned though ?
I'm behind 7 proxies.

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I honestly don't see a problem with this. When I worked as a cashier back then, everyone who paid with the EBT bought nothing but the store brand junk food. Carts almost overflowing with crap on a daily basis.

Sadly though this will get shut down by the big grocery chains. They make some serious bank off of this shit.

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It will get shut down because it doesn't solve anything. Just throwing the baby out with the bath water.

>> No.12266044

So you just don’t eat fish then?

>> No.12266058

What's the big deal with poor people buying junk food? Who cares? I'm very poor but I refuse to get on food stamps because I'm embarrassed, and honestly, most of my diet is arguably unhealthy. I'd wager to say that most people in the US don't have very healthy diets to begin with and eat more junk food than they should. Does the anger come from not wanting welfare leeches to have tasty food?

>> No.12266067

yep gonna be a yikes from me too bruh

>> No.12266068

>Does the anger come from not wanting welfare leeches to have tasty food?
I think the anger comes from not wanting welfare leeches to get even fatter and more useless, thus becoming even bigger welfare leeches.

>> No.12266075

This is not uncommon. I lived in the barrio and the shitty convenience store on the corner would accept ebt for liquor and tobacco

>> No.12266081

Actually it's hispanics


>> No.12266084

another work around is they will sell the 'raw' food on ebt then cook it for a small cash fee

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god i love my state

>> No.12266152

>implying corporations will allow a bill like this to be passed

They keep trying to push bills like this and each time they do companies get together and promptly bitch slap every person that even thinks of voting in favor of it.

And for all the people going "hurr I'm a taxpayer" so are a lot of people that get foodstamps. Unless you're sick, old, or feeble, having a job is part of the requirements of having foodstamps. The majority of Walmart workers alone are also on foodstamps. The main company that goes up against bills like this also happens to be Walmart. Why? Because their foodstamp receiving workers have a tendency to shop at Walmart buying the kind of garbage that bills like this want to ban.

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>cigarette juice

>> No.12266196

>Forcing private corporations to sell healthier foods is fine
>But the Government has to provide all of the junk food it possibly can

>> No.12266219

Oh no what will we ever do without even further subsidized candy and soda.

>> No.12266233

Good Idea. I remember Vince Staples talking about how he got stomach ulcers because his poor ass family would just take the stamps or whatever change they had and hit McDonalds dollar member and just eat like a double cheeseburger with a soda for the whole day. Shit its cancer stop the practise. At the very least stop people using them to buy soda. Up to me I'd ban all soda and remove the lower the drinking age to 15.

>> No.12266299

read the article

>> No.12266314

straight up corporatocracy with how its written
who the fuck paid who for this shit to be written

>> No.12266316

4chan is a cross-section of humanity. Humanity is a curious mix of people who produce and people who only consume

>> No.12266332

not miserable enough if they're not even trying to get off of welfare

>> No.12266350

For probably the first time in over 30 years, I don't vehemently disagree with the Texas legislature. I have no problems with this. Food stamps should covered any whole foods; meats, veg, fruit, grains, dairy, etc, and goods like cereals, canned food, frozen food, bottled fruit juices, tea and coffee.
Junk food and sodas should never have been acceptable under food stamps. They are empty of nutrition and that's the whole point of food stamps, to give people nourishing food to eat. If I had to get on food stamps, I'd be using mine to make awesome stuff like braised meats, seafood, vegetable dishes, and fruit dishes, not spending it on Coke and Doritos.

>> No.12266353

>Sweetened beverages — meaning alcoholic drinks added with natural or artificial sweeteners such as coke, fruits and cigarette juice and other flavored beverages — would also be included in the banana.

Felt like I was having a fucking stroke while reading this line, what the fuck, did you translate it to Chinese and back to English before posting it

>> No.12266453

>Why do you think all this processed infinite shelf life obesity crap is so cheap?
Lobbyists who make the cost of growing corn a negative value. They’re actually paid to grow it, and that’s before they even sell it. Basically companies negotiate a paycheck with the government and you have no say in it.

>> No.12266461


>> No.12266467

>finally, that boy is right

>> No.12266470

What a limp, passive aggressive nu-male response. Debate the main point or fuck off.

>> No.12266553

all conservative moral nannystatism is just corporatocracy masquerading as "common sense"

>> No.12266559

Yeah everyone on this thread is either on welfare or is a koch bros, great insight brainlet

>> No.12266573

I think it's stupid. I'm on food stamps in Cali, I'm a university student. It helps a lot but it would be dumb to remove any kind of food item that contains sweetener. I feel like that's going a bit too far in regulating what people can and can't eat. Plus, what's wrong with people buying a sweet every now and then? Are we just supposed to live bland ass lives where we eat nothing but potatoes, rice, and eggs? I am definitely biased here as a recipient doe

>> No.12266592

How is not being able to buy candy with food stamps racist?

>> No.12266645

that's a red hot opinion you have there Cletus, let me guess you think taxation is the devil

>> No.12266653

You can make anything sound retarded if you remove the context. “How is the term welfare queen racist, most people on welfare are white”. Well yes, but the classic anti-welfare memes are based on the misconception that welfare is for black people. And that the blacks don’t know what’s in their own interest and need to be told what to eat. Unlike the whites.

Cue 100 edgelords saying “nuh uh ur the racist I don’t even SEE race”

t. Asian who watches blacks and whites squabbling over identity politics. And yes whites are the worst offenders by FAR when it comes to identity politics, hence why they are so quick to anger when they think someone else is playing “their” special game

>> No.12266937

I thought states couldn't ban that

>> No.12266944

Do you even know what ebt stands for?

>> No.12267036

Shit bait

>honestly responding to shit bait

>> No.12267117

underrated post

>> No.12267151

Epic rebuttal retard

>> No.12267154

Whatever you say, Pedro. You still cant open carry without a permit, and even that right is only recent

Your state is a joke

>> No.12267172


>> No.12267173

>I can't afford daily needs
>You owe me extravagances
You've got the California mindset.

>> No.12267175

Not really. That's pretty much for handguns only. You can carry a gun with you pretty much anywhere in Texas unless you are trying to go shopping at a business that has their sign up.

Texas has no laws regarding the carrying of long guns (rifles or shotguns) in motor vehicles. Texas does not require a person to have a valid handgun license in order to carry a loaded handgun in a motor vehicle or watercraft if the vehicle is owned by the person or under the person's control.

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My lawn is my flag. It tells the World here lives a competent, trustworthy, Anon.

>> No.12267205

>a valid handgun license

Do you mean the 2nd amendment?

>> No.12267224

Your point is?

>> No.12267230

Do you really need it spelled out?
The point is that the 2nd amendment of the constitution of the united states of america is the only 'license' I require.
You are one dumb individual.

>> No.12267238

What state do you live In

>> No.12267241

Absolute Nirvana, my friend. It's wonderful.

>> No.12267257

The “armed” population that supposed to be in the National interest is simply not a concept contained in the Second Amendment. No real definition of a Well Regulated Militia is synonymous with an “armed” population. A bunch of people with guns aren’t a Militia, and they’re certainly not well regulated, they’re just a bunch of people with guns. This is actually an obvious fact.

>> No.12267259
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>Why are conservatives so obsessed...
Because it's my money that pays for their grape drank, cigarettes, and Doritos. My fucking money. That I worked to earn.

They should get a box of fruits, vegetables, and bulk foodstuffs and a packet of easy to follow recipes (that don't require the user to be able to read English or perform basic arithmetic). If they want Funyons and Cheetos, they can get their lazy asses off welfare, turn some tricks, sell plasma, rat out their cousin Ray-Ray for selling dope and collect some of that sweet confidential informant payola, whatever. And no fucking charcoal for "they cookouts", either.

>> No.12267273

based and transcendentpilled

>> No.12267278

>is simply not a concept contained in the Second Amendment

We're in complete concordance, it concerns the right of the individual person to keep and to bear arms, and how the government is not permitted to infringe upon this right.

>> No.12267290

But its not your money. Its taxes. If you ever bought anything that tasted good but wasn't packed with nutrients than you are hypocrite.

Studies show that poor people buying groceries for the home are actually really good about stretching their budget. There is absolutely no fucking need to try to constantly punish them and nanny them for being poor. Nobody wants to be poor so stop trying to take away any little pleasure they have.

>> No.12267291
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OP here, you're a bunch of fucking faggots and are completely off-topic. Discussing the second amendment and black crime rates, go back to your containment board. Literally no one even attempted to answer the question poised.

>> No.12267327

They aren't infringing upon it. You can buy a handgun, but if you want that handgun strapped In a holster on your waist while
You eat at the public whataburger surrounded by other people then yeah you "need" a permit. That's it. What's the problem.

You can leave your long rifle in your truck while your eating. But let's be honest here.. you walk into a place in Texas with a handgun in a holster and mind your own business no one is really gonna say anything to you about it or ask you for your license. We grow up with guns in Texas. It's part of the culture. No one is going to say anything to you except maybe the liberal single mom with tattoos and nose piercings eating salad with her kids that's scared of everything or the random dick state trooper. We only pay attention to the blacks and browns with guns.

>> No.12267340

>What's the problem
The problem would be that the 2nd amendment says that I don't need a permit, and that it is an unlawful infringement of my constitutional rights to require one.

>> No.12267341

Literally everyone answered your question and opinions dipshit

>> No.12267348
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>But its not your money. Its taxes.
This is why our country is doomed. Morons like you honestly don't understand that producers like me are what pays for everything... TAXES ARE OUR MONEY YOU STUPID SHIT.
>If you ever bought anything that tasted good but wasn't packed with nutrients than you are hypocrite.
Why? It's my fucking money. I earned it, I can buy whatever I want with it. D'Andre, LaMarcus, Quanisha, Jose, and Juanita didn't earn the money that's paying for the food that is meant to keep them alive, so they shouldn't be allowed to squander the funds by purchasing crap.

>> No.12267391

No. It doesn't. It speaks of well regulated militias in 1789

The United States never had any law that required all able bodied citizens to be “armed”. Nor has any law ever existed that would require all such armed citizens to report for duty in defend the nation. If our government wants to compel military service it has to institute a Draft. Citizens who own guns have never been required to engage an enemy in combat. Again, the US constitution explicitly created a standing Army and Navy to defend the nation. They never passed a law, or amendment, or Article that in any way could require citizens to be “armed”, and to report for military service with those “arms”.

>> No.12267418

Do you even know what Heller was?

>> No.12267430

That you don't need a permit for what? A handgun, a semi automatic, a bazooka, a cannon, a grenade?... Yes, please go walk into a local place a business with your AR 15 and start explaining your rights under the constitution.

>> No.12267443

>That you don't need a permit for what? A handgun, a semi automatic, a bazooka, a cannon, a grenade?
Yes, now you're getting the hang of it.

>please go walk into a local place a business with your AR 15 and start explaining your rights under the constitution
That's private property, the owner of it can dictate whatever rules they please for entry.

>> No.12267444

Yes. What does that have to do with having to have a permit for a open carry handgun permit in a public place.

>> No.12267457

Exactly. So what are we arguing about here? A permit is required for open carry. You can keep that gun concealed

>> No.12267465

yeah, i don't think you know what that case actually decided or how it decided it.

>> No.12267475

Yeah, I don't think that you do either

>> No.12267482

>So what are we arguing about here?
Look, I'm going to stop responding now, becuase evidently you are one doss cunt n-word who is incapable of holding a coherent chain of thought for more than a few seconds at a time.

It was clearly explained previously that my postulation was related to the right of the individual to keep and bear arms, and to not have the government infringe this right.

Check your carbon monoxide detectors too.

>> No.12267486

Based Trump starving all the poor people.

>> No.12267487

k. you go argue in a federal court that you dont need carry license in a state that requires one because "2A is the only license i need" and let me know how that goes for you

>> No.12267488

Beans, rice, sale meats, discounted old veggies, flour, eggs, spices, coffee, sugar, milk. Sometimes a kombucha.

>> No.12267497

Ok bye.

>> No.12267502

Idk, I seem to remember someone trying that at Comet pizza. That seemed to work out ;)

>> No.12267503

I'm not arguing that you need a permit. The other guy is

>> No.12267514

my b anon, the reply chain makes it seem like you were that guy. in any event all yall can fuck off and suck antonins ghost cock some more

>> No.12267566

You sound like you live in Denton

>> No.12267604
File: 69 KB, 400x400, 1551568687620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God Bless Texas

>> No.12267701

>muh profits
>muh soda muhfugger'
>muh freedums
yeah it's not going to happen

>> No.12267714

Based Trump starving all the *NEETs

>> No.12269114

>OP gets gimmedats from the govt to help him get buy
>gimmedats are intended to be used for bread, milk, vegetables etc. normal people food
>OP uses it to get M*nster energy drinks, doritos and taco bell

>> No.12269871

So yeah, inferior to idaho and montana, for starters

All talk no walk, the texas way

>> No.12269979

the max you can get is like $169 per person per month. i don't feel bad getting or using. the american taxpayer is fucked on such higher levels elseware you just don't hear about it because "muh welfare queens"

>> No.12270013

Decent food is expensive and the people that rely on food subsidies likely won’t be able to make 2000 calories per day if they’re restricted to non processed, healthy shit.
It looks good on the surface, force the poor to eat right or starve, but in reality it’s just another way to save money and fuck over a big segment of the population.

>> No.12270039

I like how 90% of the text in this post is fabricated nonsense.

>> No.12270061

>t. has never walked into a grocery store willingly in their life

>> No.12270314

Not completely. Only the major providers (Optus and Telstra) range ban 4chan. Most other providers, it's not a problem.

>> No.12270362

What a fucking faggot Reddit-tier response.

>> No.12270366


>> No.12270371

>t. has never paid for groceries in his life

>> No.12270421
File: 39 KB, 720x540, don't.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cigarette juice and other flavored beverages — would also be included in the banana

>> No.12270555

>guys it's okay when the government tells you what to eat as long as you're poor
>well tax money is paying for it so you're damn right they should tell them what to eat
wait until you find out all your food is subsidized with tax dollars. without those subsidies ground beef would be $20 a lb and you wouldn't have about 2 varieties of vegetables to choose from at the store. Good thing you're okay with the government telling you what to eat. I think they should ban sodas and junk food for everyone. Don't fight back though, because you just said you were okay with it.
>inb4 faggots try to use their fee fees to overcome my superior logic.

>> No.12270737

I can understand shopping daily if it's next to your house or along the way to home, but what is wrong with buying in bulk? It can save you a lot of time in the long run and time is fucking priceless

>> No.12270782

low IQ

>> No.12270785

On who's part?

>> No.12270787

>not chilling with your buddies at Walmart because it's the only free form of entertainment in town

>> No.12270789

maybe if you didnt use all your fucking money going grocery shopping every day you wouldnt have to resort to free "entertainment"

>> No.12270792

I would do bad things for 20lbs of free beef my dude.

>> No.12270816

this is what happens when you give people vouchers/money to spend on food instead of giving them, you know, food
fucking gotta pad that bureaucratic system with redundant jobs and shiet
imagine how hard would these fucks cry if they had to pick up food rations instead of whatever they fucking want

>> No.12270823

basic carbs are NOT expensive
vegetables and legumes, especially locally sourced, are not expensive
meat and fish is arguable and location dependent but poultry and dairy is sure as fuck not

people keep saying this shit but never explain WHAT is expensive and HOW they define decent and your inability to procure cheap food doesn't mean it doesn't exist

>> No.12270828

looks like Frito pie is off the menu

>> No.12270834
File: 18 KB, 395x387, 1341436889514.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you're entertaining yourself wrongly!

>> No.12270945
File: 6 KB, 235x215, myrnal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Every fish market (and lots of party stores that sell hot food) have a "You buy, we fry," in their windows. That's how it's done in the Detroit area.

>> No.12270949
File: 9 KB, 320x480, canada-dry-club-soda-768463a184440f10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'd ban all soda

do you pop?
because I need my soda for my Scocth and sodas

>> No.12270952

this is only going to make unhealthy food more glamorous and popular among the poor

>> No.12270964

>Sweetened beverages — meaning alcoholic drinks added with natural or artificial sweeteners such as coke, fruits and cigarette juice and other flavored beverages — would also be included in the banana.


>> No.12270974

The store I work at sees niggers and white trash swiping EBT for soda, snacks, and candy day in and day out. It's fucking infuriating.

>> No.12270981

As high in sugar and calories as soda, but at least it has vitamins in it.

>> No.12270984

>I think they should ban sodas and junk food for everyone.
Same, the world would be a better place.

>> No.12270985
File: 54 KB, 500x456, riritookmysnickers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm on food stamps in IL, this bill wouldn't affect me. I mostly buy meat, pasta, rice, beans, potatos, seasonings, and water with it.

What is new is I have to do community service, job search, meet with staff at two rivers about employment training regularly, shit like that.
I live in a small town, so job search and finding employment that isn't through family or friends is nearly impossible. Hopefully this employment training person will help me get a job I didn't know was available.

I also don't like using my link card, but I'm kinda fucking stuck having too since it's been a year since I moved back to my home town, and I've only gotten one job interview at mcdonalds, they never called back.

>> No.12271034


>> No.12271046

As long as you can buy filtered water from those reverse osmosis machines with food stamps, I'm game

>> No.12271049

texas is such a nanny state

>> No.12271051

>be so useless you can't feed yourself without other people's money

>> No.12271062

So much freedom

>> No.12271063

I wonder if Rihanna sleeps around a lot

>> No.12271076

>Decent food is expensive
Retard. Take advantage of clearance racks (EVERY grocery store has one) and learn how to ask the produce department for free "trimmings" (e.g. greens and veg not durable for the produce table). Git gud. I make damn good money but know how to cut corners when it comes to food.

>> No.12271082
File: 68 KB, 497x830, 1546660183519.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The bureaucracy needed to put in place to enforce these requirements will cost more than just letting Shaniqua buy her 3 liter coke and Cletus his pack of Slim Jims, so fuck it.

>> No.12271087

>free trimmings
I'm pretty sure most grocery stores have a policy to throw away most left over food that isn't suitable for consumption
That's what happened at my old job until we petitioned to work on some sort of system to donate leftovers

So if you've found a grocery store that does that for literally anyone that asks, give me the locations

>> No.12271091

It really is. I'm a houstonfag...i can't buy booze before noon on sunday.

>> No.12271093

It's mostly an automatic process
Less bureaucracy and more data entry
Just remove all of the codes that link to items that are considered junk from the list of items that food stamps can be applied to
Most of the time, when you swipe a food stamps card, it automatically deducts the items that are applicable
It might take a month at most to roll out

>> No.12271097
File: 638 KB, 1224x728, 1545723597182.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But will any of this actually save the tax-payer money? I doubt the types of people who use their stamps to buy shit will improve much even if they are forced to not buy shit.

>> No.12271100

>i can't buy booze before noon on sunday.
how do you live under such conditions?

>> No.12271117

Posting the same greentext over and over just makes you sound like a butthurt toddler

>> No.12271129

>tfw no government cheese

>> No.12271140

For the longest time I thought that just meant government money, not actual cheese.

>> No.12271227

That was my first post in the thread but thanks for the (You)

>> No.12271259

I can't in my midwest county, it really is tough if you're an alcoholic and start to suffer withdraws, but forgot tomorrow's sunday.

I'm glad I'm no long addicted, still would be really easy to fall off the wagon if I'm not careful.

>> No.12271302

>save money and fuck over a big segment of the population

>> No.12271310


>> No.12271313

the gubment peanutbutter in the big silver can was goat

>> No.12271554

Alright, I'll play along. What do you buy every week for groceries, and how much do you pay?

>> No.12271599

>Rep. Brisk Icetea
sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeid it's nigger against nigger in texas

>> No.12271694

>w-what if i want something sweet
>The bill would not ban items such as milk or dairy products, infant formula, beverages in which calories are not added by sweetener, beverages intended for weight reduction, fruit or vegetable juices in which no sugar has been added and products fortified with vitamins or minerals or contain a source of protein.
buy some fucking apple juice (most no sugar brands are literally 2.50 max), bake a fucking cake, or use the real money you're supposed to be saving by using food stamps then, you fucking faggot. you know you don't cook with cookies, soda, and redbulls right? how does this make it so you can only eat bland shit? nothing is stopping you from buying seasonings and cooking real food.

>> No.12271751

> social intervention
Food stamps (which, incidentally, I don't think are used by any peacetime nations other than USA) are a social intervention in the first place. The leap from "we should protect people from undernutrition" to "we should protect people from poor nutrition" is a small one.

>> No.12272049

Cheese or cheddar is slang for money, isn't it?

>> No.12272073

Unironically good for the people, but I'm not sure that I'm down with the government determining which foods/drinks people can buy on the program just because it could set a bad precedent.

>> No.12272095

>government's help indefinitely,
This is what retards actually believe

>> No.12272108

>decent food is expensive

>> No.12272118

>I think they should ban sodas and junk food for everyone.
based. they should

>> No.12272137

Is not "assuming people are incapable of taking care of themself", is knowing they can't.

>> No.12272320
File: 24 KB, 350x460, 1556892244164.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holly shit op
you are angy that a women is making 1200/ mo on welfare when she has 4 kids

you are angry she makes less then a fulltime minimum wage earner

conservatives not even once

>> No.12272345

Why does she have 4 kids if she can't afford them?

>> No.12272351

You didn't address any of his arguments and you spell like a dumbass.

>you are angy that a women is making 1200/ mo on welfare when she has 4 kids
He's probably angry that she's pumping out kids that she can't afford and in turn takes money from other people via welfare to feed them.

>you are angry she makes less then a fulltime minimum wage earner

>> No.12272561

Good maybe we can get niggers to stop spending white tax money on kfc and cobras

>> No.12272572

She is also getting 4 child supports, Tax breaks, heat credits, WIC, free college, section 8, and a full time minimum wage

>> No.12272608

Why are people acting like this is racist or something? If anything poor people will get swole, this is a good thing for low income niggers.

>> No.12272625

sounds like a great idea. people on welfare shouldn't be eating processed crap that degrade their health that they'll need more welfare to fix that other people pay for.

limit it to the basics, grains, beans, pasta, rice, unprocessed meats, fruits, veggies, spices and staples like bread eggs and milk.

>> No.12272626

>She is also getting 4 child supports
You could at least read the image, dude.

>> No.12272628

birth control is racist. I'm sure its cheaper to raise 4 kids than buy a box of condoms, get on the pill, or I don't know keep your legs closed.

>> No.12272655

facts are racist.


since you won't read it:
"43 percent of Americans signed up for welfare programs have been participating for over 3 years"

then they just wait and reapply after the waiting period expires. More than 1/3rd of all welfare recipients spend more than half their life receiving some kind of assistance.

>> No.12272677

1. welfare person gets ebt
2. welfare person sells ebt to normal personal for .75 on the dollar
3. normal person buys normal groceries 25% off
4. welfare person buys booze, smokes, drugs, lift for their car ect.

I kind of miss living in chicago, it was like a 25-50% discount on everything I needed. Actually I think I'd rather pay full price and not get shot at.

>> No.12272682
File: 165 KB, 500x647, 1510280386423.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he thinks someone who lives near me or works any real job can qualify for welfare

>> No.12272696

They are going to move it back to 10am, gotta love our legislature. Fuck those dickheads.

>> No.12272721

wrong, unless you are retarded you only need to shop once a week for all you'll need and none of it will go bad by the time its time to go shopping again, this includes the meats, greens and fruits. And I say this while living with 5 food ghouls who eat all of my damn food.

>> No.12272724

>its not your money
>its taxes
I pay a shit ton of taxes, so yes it's my money. cutting this program would literally put money back into my pocket, so yes i should get a say on how to program works, and people who don't pay any taxes shouldn't because they don't have any skin in the game.

>> No.12272741

bruh you always have a backup handle. ALWAYS

>> No.12272744

Why does everyone on the internet act like they're the only person who pays taxes and they should personally dictate every single penny spent by state, local, and federal governments?

>> No.12272756


>> No.12272760

I want to watch you die, commie

>> No.12272767

I don't have a problem with junk food being banned. I was on EBT for a couple years, and yeah occasionally I'd buy chips or something, but most of my purchases were real groceries.
I worked at Dollar General once and a LOT of people would buy fucktons of junk food, I'm talking almost a hundred bucks worth, on stamps, and that's sad, because it's a free ride to unhealthy living.

Also, OP, why did you post a bunch of made up nonsense that isn't in the article at all? Was that supposed to be some kind of bait?

>> No.12272774

because even if my contribution is less than half a penny to that program, I should still have a fucking say over the "people" getting free shit

>> No.12272795

That's not how this works. You sound like those people who throw a hissy fit and end up on YouTube because a business ran out of some loss leader item. "Waah muh munny, muh munny". I'm paying taxes too, most likely more than anyone in this thread, but I don't feel the need to constantly mention the fact because unless you are literally talking to a child, it's understood. Government programs are paid for by taxes. It is unnecessary to constantly mention YOUR tax money as if YOU have some special say in the matter over and above hundreds of millions of other taxpayers.

>> No.12272844

Food deserts mostly. It's a great idea, but only if there's an actual food supply for them to use.

>> No.12272877

>You do know that white people are the biggest recipients of food stamps in the country, right? This is gong to affect the poor NEET white bois on ck just like the poor negros

You do know that white people are the biggest racial group in the country right? Look up "per capita" you brainlet faggot.

>> No.12272900
File: 76 KB, 890x960, 1544670678262.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The bill doesn't address the real problem; juggling funding sources to stop what's purchased. People on welfare have a mix of cash and welfare to purchase food with. It's not just pure welfare. They have the option (albeit more limited) to buy the junk food with cash and the rest on welfare.
The solution would be to ban the purchase of junk food entirely if you are on the welfare system meaning if you buy any junk food you can't get such assistance. I can see people attempting to get around this by making "two-trips"; one to use welfare and the other to use cash. Always the cat-and-mouse.

>> No.12273096

Literally irrelevant. Cletus, Billy Bob and Sally Sue are being punished at a 3:1 rate to Tyrone, Jamal and Shaneeka. The irony is, the former support the people fucking them over.

>> No.12273120

We should just get rid of welfare for white people they dont need it anyway

>> No.12273130
File: 118 KB, 600x600, Adora Coffee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just admit this is a /pol/ thread and head elsewhere.

Food stamp programs are probably the least wasteful government spending program, and worrying about how to fix how the recipients spend the relief money they receive is absurd. The federal government pays for 100% of snap benefits, and state only has to pay a PART of administrative cost (those 3 people in welfare offices that don't answer their phones). Whine about some other federal spending?

>> No.12273178

When you count welfare only about 35% of the US pays any taxes at all, and its heavily skewed to the top. I'd be fine with a percent based system, I get to allocate what I pay in with my rules. It would be a lot easier to fix a the massive scam of a system though. The US budget would fixed within a year if there was a you don't pay in you can't vote on anything related to expenditure law, instead we get GIMMME MORE FREE SHIIIIT from the jobless who never do anything economically productive.

>> No.12273185
File: 199 KB, 358x243, 1507396876256.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he thinks hundreds of millions of people pay in more than they get in subsidies.

Fucking read something once in a while. 60% of people get more than they put in. 60%, thats more than half. How about only the 40% paying in get to vote?

source: https://taxfoundation.org/60-percent-households-now-receive-more-transfer-income-they-pay-taxes/

>> No.12273206

Really immature post, don't even know where to start with this. By the look of this you are under the age of 20, or if older (God forbid) very, very childish. As a grocery store cleark I have a lot of problems with the current food stamp system, I see what people buy with it. But if you want people to take you seriously, you can't attack certain people with rash generalizations and ad hom. You post is all over the place.

>> No.12273258

It could be simpler. That being said, get food money from the taxpayer, abide by government rules on it. You’re being anal all because the system doesn’t want poor people to blow money on fried chicken and kit kats.

>> No.12273270

>grocery store clerk calling others manchildren
You’re working a job reserved for downies and felons bub. Stay in your lane.

>> No.12273273

is that 13 or 16 today, Boss?

>> No.12273287

He might just be working as one while in school or something. No reason to be a cunt to him, bub.

>> No.12273405

doesn't go far enough.

>> No.12273512

>Food stamp programs are probably the least wasteful government spending program, and worrying about how to fix how the recipients spend the relief money they receive is absurd. The federal government pays for 100% of snap benefits, and state only has to pay a PART of administrative cost (those 3 people in welfare offices that don't answer their phones). Whine about some other federal spending?

Listen to you assuming I object to the spending part. No, you presumptuous ultrafaggot.

I object to EBT allowing people who already struggle with impulse control to buy fucking bullshit food that will just make them even fatter and more unhealthy, therefore suffer more.

I object to public money being used to buy extremely unhealthy products made by the likes of Coca Cola who think it's their right to deceive children and parents about the danger of their products, and who mercilessly exploit poor people in this country and abuse loose marketing laws in 3rd world countries to make those poor people unhealthy too.

I object to public money going to corporations who praise MUH FREE MARKET while lobbying congress to be allowed to serve their dogshit in our country's schools, getting around parents who have at least started to wise up.

I have no issue with EBT being repurposed to permit only whole foods purchases. And I would support expansion of the program, perhaps offering tax credits to supermarkets selling fresh food in food deserts.

>> No.12273541

Yeah and most families receiving SNAP and EBT have at least one family member working. Maybe if the corporate oligarchy class emboldened by l'orange paid a reasonable salary since they pay no taxes anymore, your minuscule tax dollars wouldn't be required to subsidise workers, the people that actually produce goods and services.

>But the reality is, many people (44 percent) who rely on SNAP — the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, as food stamps is now known — have at least one person in the family working, according to the latest figures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

And when it comes to families on SNAP with kids, a majority — 55 percent — are bringing home wages, according to USDA. The problem is, those wages aren't enough to actually live on.


But stay stupid, mourning becomes Electra.

>> No.12273555

nobody forces you to work for someone else if you want to get paid more make your own job thats what I did

>> No.12273595

lol texas a nanny state now
montana is how texas wishes it was

>> No.12273627

Who uses it for food anyway Irather buy beer and hit up a few pantries.

>> No.12273635
File: 443 KB, 800x1280, 1551313252904.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get that nigger some white cock.

>> No.12273640

unironically really makes me think
it might just be faster turn over then, which could potentially be worse

>> No.12273650

>And I would support expansion of the program, perhaps offering tax credits to supermarkets selling fresh food in food deserts
Seems like a pretty small market. Still, though, ultra based for wanting to help weary travellers.

>> No.12273662

>I think they should ban sodas and junk food for everyone
Ban alcohol, too.

>> No.12273674
File: 26 KB, 227x340, Batman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>EBT cycle
>Coca Cola exploitation
>3rd world
>public school lunch purveyors
>EBT for my definition of wholesome foods
Christ, go share a concrete floor warehouse with 20 other barely informed socialists. It's trending in California.

>> No.12273752

What the absolute fuck are you talking about? Do you live in 1962 or buttfuck nowhereville where there's no computers? I've been on food stamps you dumbfuck. They literally scan your items, you swipe your card/give it to them, MAYBE show ID very, very, very rarely (literally happened only once). It's definutely not a long process AT ALL. It's barely any different then paying with debit. The only time it gets hard is if big momma bertha/laquandisha are trying to pay with 4 different cards. Other than that, no one gives a fuck. The total of non-food items is calculated after you swipe your SNAP card. You are either talking out of your ass or talking about some shitty hippie coop grocer without a functioning system (aka cherry picking).
By the way, yes, you can buy fresh herbs with food stamps. Hell, you can buy potted herbs with them. You can buy almost ANY food item that isn't hot, even cooked shit that's not technically "hot". How the fuck is this punishing the poor, by the way? I literally never bought junk shit with it because I liked saving my money on real, good food. It's so nice having an extra 200 bucks just to spend on half-decent ingredients. This fucking bill wont even ban shit with artificial sweeteners. It's just stopping tyrone and family of 8 from getting beetus from their 6 2 liters of shasta that they buy every fucking week. You can still buy shit to make snacks, naturally sweet drinks for your kids, (i.e apple juice) and even flavored sparkling water if you fucking want a replacement for soda that you can spend your gibs on.

>> No.12273773
File: 200 KB, 800x800, 1489883985492.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>shopping every day like normal people
city folk... smdh

>> No.12273774

mad because a working man is shitting on your bad life choices, tyrone?

>> No.12273781

>buying for the year at once
or they could be shopping for a family of 3+ people for the month, you sheltered fucking retard

>> No.12273789

>I wonder why this single mother has so many items.

>> No.12273790

>Soy or soy-based beverages are not grouped in with this definition, according to the bill.
This is a fucking psyop, the govt is trying to make us eat nothing but soy and insects

>> No.12273969

Cannons are completely unregulated, they're not legally firearms.

>> No.12273981

>I noticed the local "fake news" weather report said we were going to have storms but when it didn't rain and planes were dropping chemtrail group think chemicals I ran and hunkered in muh bunker.

>> No.12274011

Our country's regulations are several flavors of fucktarded, and I'd rather them stay away from firearms. Treat the illness, not the symptoms, sprees of shootings don't suddenly pop up for no reason if the technology didn't change.

Here's a hilarious one though.

>> No.12274308

>objecting to corporate welfare and lobbying is socialism

How much of a cocksucking shill are you that you're defending coca cola?

>> No.12274352

>Amazon pays 0$ taxes
glad we got our priorities straight

>> No.12274360

>hitting 2kcal
Are you by chance, retarded?

>> No.12274600


>> No.12275207

Fuck off, we have enough problems with alcoholics without them being able to buy 24/7

>> No.12275209

Lay off the Fenatyl anon.

>> No.12275309

What the hell is wrong with Americans

>> No.12275335
File: 36 KB, 250x250, 921.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy fucking based Texas.
I hope they go through with it.
The day of the diet has come, Amerilards.

>> No.12275357

We tried to do it in maine a few years ago. But the federal government poo poo'ed it.

>> No.12275365

>poo poo'ed
do americans really have this phrase in their vocabulary

>> No.12275395
File: 853 KB, 1200x854, 1549844997355.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you for asking OP. I am waiting for Walmart to open at 6am, where I will go and purchase 1 red baron pizza, 1 pint of bluebell icecream, 1 pack of coconut cookies, and a soft drink of some kind. No I am not overweight(6 feet tall and 165 lbs) and yes I am a NEET that is not even trying to find a job. EBT was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

>> No.12275431

Alcoholics go to meetings. I'm a drunk. Learn the difference and fuck off with your fucken Quaker version of sharia law.

>> No.12275483
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>> No.12275504

morally i'm inclined to agree with the proposed bill (because from personal experience i've seen a lot of people do nothing but spend it all on redbull and gas station candy), but to understand the drawbacks you have to analyze how poor people, especially those already on the system, shop.

They tend to buy in bulk. Not really "Costco" level bulk, but it's always one big day dedicated to shopping every few weeks or a month. part of which is thanks to time constraints, and partially because income only allows for grocery shopping (especially items that can't be bought with food stamps) to be done after all the major bills are taken care of earlier in the month. So to offset that these people tend to try and buy as much as they can at one single time and store it all until the next month when they get the next allotment and can afford to repeat it all again.

So what exactly are they buying in bulk then?
usually pork or cheaper forms of beef. so long as you have enough room to freeze it it'll last for a good while which means it's usually safe to buy in bulk (presuming you'll be able to go through it fast enough)
>Side dishes
things like boxed pastas, potatoes, frozen veggies, etc... If you've been working all day the last thing you want is to come home and spend hours trying to make every part of your dinner from scratch, especially trying to feed a lot of people at once. So boxed/pre-made side dishes are incredibly popular.
most common drinks are usually kool-aid drink mixes, tea mixes (or tea bags in the south) and "sports drinks" mixes like the Powerade powder. All of these are _perceived_ as better alternatives than soda (which is just blatantly false, they're all just as bad if not worse). The key factor is that just about all of these drinks can be stretched for longer than soda could


>> No.12275512

This is welfare not disability you fucking inbred.

>> No.12275520
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sounds great desu

>> No.12275528

Will you eurofags and your poor "ifyoueatmoreyougetmorefat" education leave this board? Go learn something about the metabolism otherwise stop posting on this board and letting people know just how stupid you are.

>> No.12275532
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>Amerilard too stupid to understand thermodynamics
And no one was surprised.

>> No.12275536

I admit I sometimes regret not going to law school but I’m making more in tech than my mom did as a lawyer so not really sure what you think I should have done differently? Also who is Tyrone?

>> No.12275541

I’m not rude to people who are not rude first. You don’t get a free pass just because you’re working poor

>> No.12275550

absolutely based

>> No.12277384

I support this 100%. Fuck the fatties living off of my dime.

>> No.12278903
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>> No.12280659


>> No.12280675

>which is just blatantly false, they're all just as bad if not worse
How are tea bags as bad as/worse than soda?

>> No.12280744

The ethical thing to do is just kill them in their sleep if they’re at breeding age. We don’t need them making more kids who will also be on welfare because of bad genetics and parenting.

>> No.12280753

>be texan
>rule out natural selection
Makes sense. Those guys hate science.

>> No.12281126

It's a little cattywumpus, but yes, it's in our collective lexicon.

>> No.12281172

Wait, you could have bought e-juice with food stamps? Why didn't anyone tell me this?

>> No.12282036

>tfw your state only allowed liquor stores to be on on Sundays a few years ago
At least they can open at 8

>> No.12282094

>give poor gibs
>they buy shit food, alcohol and tobacco with said gibs
>poor people end up diabetic, with heart disease etc.
>now poors need more gibs for healthcare
>even more gibs given because the 'health' industry needs its cut and won't work for free
>now poors dependant on gibs for food and healthcare
nice welfare system you got there

>> No.12282188


>> No.12282394

the chinese built a lot of this country but they aren't asking for handouts

>> No.12282745

>you can tread on those poor people though
Nice to see conservacucks upholding their values

>> No.12283349

>Guam WIC Program
there's your problem, you're in the most retarded and corrupt part of the country and probably working at one of the nepotistic fuckin' Payless. stores.

>> No.12283370

I don't live in Guam, it was just a random screenshot of a rule list from a basically identical program.

>> No.12283387

If someone is poor and on foodstamps, they usually don't own a car. When they shop for anything that needs to be in the fridge or freezer it generally requires a favour from family or a friend, or they have to take a taxi home. That's not feasible more than once a month for most poor people

>> No.12283400

The grocery store I'm referring to is a 5 minute walk from the projects. Anyone who can afford a taxi to avoid a 5 minute walk definitely does not need public assistance.

>> No.12283427

wholeheartedly agree, the rich white Texans always spouting Jesus shit, but then shit on poor people white and non white.

>> No.12283438

>I also don't like using my link card, but I'm kinda fucking stuck having too since it's been a year since I moved back to my home town, and I've only gotten one job interview at mcdonalds, they never called back.
Illinois you say? My own clone. You are fucked if you move to rural IL, there is no job market.

>> No.12283688

>it's government provided food stamps! IT'S BASICALLY IDENTICAL at least when you ignore the fact that there's completely different rules, regulations, and is almost entirely independent from the government program we're ACTUALLY referring to. :)
Ok retard. Have you ever been on food stamps? The main rules they have are no non-food items and no hot food. For fuck's sake, you can even buy Papa Murphy's with it.

>> No.12283709

I've seen the rules and regulations. The exact words are different. It's still the same byzantine nonsense designed by a mentally ill control freak. The fact that I posted a screenshot of an essentially identical rule set from another part of the US is irrelevant and your getting hung up on minor technicalities like "it's a different UPC code" is a sign you have no argument.
>b-but you have to be on food stamps to understand
No, not that either. Also if I had been you'd be saying "well you can't talk about it because you have skin in the game".

>> No.12285172


>> No.12285400

>Work shit job that pays minimum wage.
>Broke as fuck so no air conditioning.
>Also have to walk a couple miles or more to work.
>Hot as fuck most of year.
>At least you have food stamps so you can actually feed yourself.
>Drink Gatorade or other similar drinks to deal with muscle cramping from dehydration.
>Government says “No Sweetened Beverages”
>Get cramps and pull muscles because of cramping.
>Start being shit at job.
>Medical bills you can’t pay.
>Wind up on wellfare because health issues cause you to loose job.

>> No.12285407

Whole Wheat is poison, and will likely cause sickness rather than increasing health in a number of Food Stamp recipients.

>> No.12285647

nigga there's water enriched with electrolytes and the exact same shit gatorade has in it. I'm pretty sure there's 0 calorie sweetener gatorade too (allowed by the bill). if you're too dumb to know that you deserve your misfortune.

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