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What is the best tasting vodka?

Also a friend of mine told me I was a swine for keeping my vodka in the freezer for 4 days before drinking it, he thinks only lightly chilled is acceptable. Is he right?

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Vodka is shit tier anyway OP. Tell your friend to get fucked and drink how ever you want.

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You and your friend are both plebs, the proper way to enjoy a bottle of vodka is to boil it on your stovetop and hold your face above the pot to catch the alcohol as it evaporates.

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Drink whiskey or tequila, rum/gin/vodka are fucking disgusting

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>he doesn't hot knife his vodka
never gonna make it

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Don't listen to this faggot OP.
What you want to do is pour your vodka into an oxygen tank and pressurize until it turns gaseous. Then hook that up to one of those anaesthesia machines and enjoy.

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only acceptable way to drink vodka is shots to get fucked up

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Probably the only Vodka snob on this board but if you want a nice vodka to sip then you don't have to spend lots of money. Russian Standard. Beluga Transatlantic. Chopin Wheat. There isn't much difference in quality unless its dirt cheap rubbing alcohol trash.

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That sounds like a great way to never wake up again. You be the judge on whether that also means it's a good idea.

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Also don't waste money on any of the "high tier" brands. You won't be getting a superior product 99% of the time. But I would stay away from Potato Vodka, that's just my opinion

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All vodka is potato vodka

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Hammer and Sickle vodka is one of the only vodkas that I've ever enjoyed straight more than as a mixer

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Ooh Hammer + Sickle is definitely a good choice

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most of it is made from grains

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Nope. Sometimes you get interesting stuff like this brand, distilled from whey as a byproduct of cheese-making.

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Someone should try and make Vodka from diabetes urine

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they make this babyjesus-tier vodak from pineapples on Maui....amazing, for vodka, and clearly has a fruity tropical overtone that makes it pleasant to sip

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Wouldnt that technically be Brandy?

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The cheapest vodka that doesn’t taste bad and not make you sick the next day I recommend New Amsterdam. Absolute is great when you are out drinking. When you get high quality expensive vodka then you do t have a lot of taste with it and you get drunk fast not knowing you are drinking alcohol so it’s not worth spending a lot of money.

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It's apparently distilled from sugar cane. Wouldn't this technically make it cachaca or rum, depending on whether they ferment the cane juice or molasses?

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Brandy is made from fruit, not sugar cane. It would be more accurate to describe it as rum/cacacha.

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huh....that’s weird, ‘cause I stood in the distillery watching them throw pineapple husks into the mash; I guess they have to supplement somehow, and the sugarcane industry is essentially dead in Hawaii, so maybe that is how they keep it “local”

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These are for mixing too. I don’t drink straight vodka. I’ve also heard high quality vodka you don’t t want to be very cold either.

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absolut or smithworks

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But it says its made from pineapples?

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Ah, you've posted the wrong brand. Ocean Vodka's 'organic sugar cane' is one of their selling points, and they tout their product as the only vodka distilled from cane. This is a bit deceptive, since all you'd have to do is label it 'vodka' instead of what it technically is.


This is the pineapple vodka you're thinking of:


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fuck me, you’re right....I’ll kill myself now

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LVOV is decent and relatively inexpensive.
I drink it room temp straight from the bottle. It comes in a stupid-big bottle.

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It all 'tastes' the fucking same. The only difference between cheap and expensive brands of vodka is how smooth it is/the similarity to paint stripper.

Keeping cheap vodka in the freezer can help with the smoothness. I used to drink decent vodka but then realised that bottom shelf vodka is just as good if it's from the freezer.

And honestly, you're only drinking it straight regularly if you're an alcy, and at that point you don't give a fuck about 'taste' anyway.

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sobieski imo
also your friend is a retard

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Five Lakes

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That's a meme. All good vodka is made from grain.
.t every Russian I've asked about it

The one didn't even know that was a thing people thought, he compared potato vodka to actual backwoods Virgina moonshine.

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the answer is beluga
pay no attention to the plebs

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we got a tough guy here, i bet you drink black coffee and smoke cigarettes and eat your tendies without dip. I bet the only rum you've ever tasted was captain Morgan

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>actual backwoods Virgina moonshine
is actually some of the best spirits you'll probably never taste. distilled in a proper copper pot still and nothing but heart
t. west Carolinian

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if you bought it at a store its not moonshine, its cheap grain alcohol

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>a friend of mine told me I was a swine
Did he hit you with his rifle and kick you in the groin?

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Rum or cachaca would be better

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were you in my /b/ tread awhile back?

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>>12206573 meant for

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Citrus Vikingfjord. It's like $10 and tastes better than it has any right to.

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Just a reminder that clear spirits are for women

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no one cares about, notices, or remembers you

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Pure vodka is better if it tastes less. But here's a vodka I drink that pleases my taste-buds

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That looks pretty good. Does it actually taste like grass?

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It has a herby, refreshing taste and aroma, I think it has some of the same herbs as jagermeister but here they're much lighter/more gentle.

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Its got a fruity aftertaste, goes amazing with apple juice.

Only shitty thing is that you can not buy the legitimate version anywhere in the US or Canada

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why is it chugging water in a vodka bottle?

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>run any vodka through a brita filter three times
>tastes like a $40+ bottle of grey goose, etc.

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These faggots never even heard of IV vodka

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>West carolina

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as it should be, back on topic though diabetic piss rum

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Get a handle of popov/ box of tampons
Put in butt

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Fuck Popov.

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we don't consider ourselves part of North Carolina seeing how were left to fend for our selves out here in the smokies while the mid/east steals our tax money and doesn't send a dime back for our infrastructure. Its a good thing we don't pay our taxes otherwise we'd be spitting mad

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what Russian drunks drink

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What a fucking champ

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That isn't true anon

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>People in Appalaicha have an income
Fentanyl/meth sales don't count, Billy Bob.

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I'm so glad my roommate wasn't the type of person to take pictures, I was in a shitty apartment with him for a year or so and this was probably me every other night.

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You can't pressurize alcohol until it turns gaseous. You can rapidly reduce the pressure on alcohol and some fraction will vaporize though.

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All these faggots need to get out of here with their clear vodkas, which are only suitable for getting drunk quick or mixing. Hunter's vodka is the best, if you're gonna drink straight vodka.

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no tax on trade. erybody grows, shoots, or builds whats needed and trades it for they don't have (shine)

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That's a gays drink bro

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Worst vodka
Best vodka

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For cheap vodka I buy Taaka [$11) and drink it room tgp with Gatorade as a chaser (to keep hydrated)

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>You can rapidly reduce the pressure on alcohol and some fraction will vaporize though.
And what do you have to do in order to rapidly release pressure?

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Why not get vodka from this crazy motherfucker?

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>giving a shit about taste
>giving a shit about how cold it is
>not just drinking whatever fucks you up

spotted the pussy faggot

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Vodka is garbage.

>> No.12210147

seems like all the youtubers who buy this as a joke end up really enjoying it

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hes dead

>> No.12210163

It's legitimately pretty good stuff, I've had it before.

>> No.12210183

If it's good enough for Russians it's good enough for me

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Beluga Vodka and Ketel One are arguably the gold standards of vodka.

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So what exactly are we arguing about here besides the label?

>> No.12210721

Fun Fact.
That was actually vodka he was drinking

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That shit it complete trash tier, like 99% of all vodka it's just generic flavoured spirit, except this has a bit of grass in it. Tastes nasty af too

>> No.12211350


Wrong. I always keep a bottle in my freezer. Also the best is Russian Standard. Sobieski Polish vodka and Grey Goose are good, although Grey Goose is not really worth the money. Everyone always say Stolichnaya and while Stoli is good, this is not American Psycho. We're not in the 80's.

>> No.12211355

Yeah, he's right when it comes to quality vodka. It's fun to chill cheap vodka to the max, though.

>> No.12211357

You think you know what you're talking about but you don't.

>> No.12211359

Fun fact stoli and grey goose use the same premixed base spirit which is in turn the same shit they use for Costco own brand vodka, paying any premium for them makes you a retard

>> No.12211531

nothing beats ice cold grey goose

>> No.12211661

but what's on the headphones?

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it should taste like nothing according to the U.S. gubment

Pursuant to the Code of Federal Regulations (27 CFR 5.22) defining the standards of identity for various alcohols, Vodka is in the class of neutral spirits and is defined as follows: "neutral spirits so distilled, or so treated after distillation with charcoal or other materials, as to be without distinctive character, aroma, taste, or color.”

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Russian Standard, Moskowskaya, Danska, Absolut, or Wyborowa. Grasovka if you want the bison grass taste.

Stay away from the expensive stuff like Beluga, Five Lakes or Grey Goose - you won't taste a difference, it's just marketing. "It's four times the $$$, it MUST taste better!" - Well, it doesn't.
The 'good enough' threshold for Vodka is relatively low.

You can drink good Vodka at room temperature; lightly chill or take it on the rocks if like, but it's not necessary. The really bad swill is only drinkable when frozen, that's true; but a good one is ok at higher temps.

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No he's not you freaking newfag.

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Shit tier and only good for mixers

>> No.12212654

I prefer the clear.

>> No.12212703

Wiborowa is the best

>> No.12212790

idiot or shit palate

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There's a lot of things in this world that 'should', but aren't. If vodka really was completely tasteless, then it'd all be the same, yet there are subtle flavour nuances that are often intentionally left in or even introduced by the distiller.

>> No.12214544

Just get new Amsterdam it's $10 a bottle and tastes just as good as the more expensive ones. I drink mine with tonic water and fresh citrus juice, like grapefruit or lime

>> No.12214743


Which is why I only buy Russian standard (:

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This post reeks of rock bottom alcoholism

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Sobieski is v. good for the price

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Top tier

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I have this in my bar but haven't tried it. Is it any good?

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I get Finlandia for $14 or Stoli for $18, and both are pretty smooth. I'd buy either of those over Absolut. Kettle One is pretty good, too.

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Oh and as for chilling vodka, I used to do that but don't anymore. I put vodka in a shaker over ice, then whatever other mix-ins aside from something carbonated, and shake it really good until the shaker is very cold and the ice has melted a bit. Then I'll do a small taste test keeping in mind that I'll be topping it with cold club soda or maybe sweet soda and adjust if necessary until it's right. The I fill a 20 oz glass halfway or 3/4 with ice, pour the drink over the ice and top with the carbonated beverage. Sometimes I just do ice cold water to thin out a strongly sweetened and flavored syrup.

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The closest thing I know related to inhaling gaseous vodka is "vaportinis" which are glass spheres with just a small opening to funnel in vodka then put in a metal straw. You put the sphere over glass with a small candle in it. When you start to see vapor you inhale it.

>> No.12217231

I went to an event at a liquor store where he was signing the bottles and specialty box it came in, but I've never opened the bottle. I'm tempted to buy a small one for my bar.

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Good vodka doesnt have any taste at all and barely burns as it goes down.

>> No.12217488

Platinum 7x is the smoothest cheap vodka and it's only about 20 bucks for a handle. Your friend is a dipshit and also wrong, vodka is perfect when it's kept in the freezer.

>> No.12217504

Wrong, idiot.

>> No.12217520

Whichever one I can get that has the highest ABV for $10.

>> No.12217530

>4 days
It's at temp after 2 hours

>> No.12217668

Why is he crying while he's partying?

>> No.12217686

titos is pretty good

>> No.12217830


>he thinks only lightly chilled is acceptable

Your friend sounds dumb as shit. Vodka is one of the few spirits that isn't supposed to have a distinct flavor. Unless he drinks shit tier Vodka it shouldn't taste like anything other than rubbing alcohol chilled. It isn't refined to enjoy that taste, it's stupid.

Tell him to enjoy something worth savoring like Scotch, whiskey or even tequila.

>> No.12217850

That's just the way he looks. He has those sad puppy eyes.

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