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Alright /ck/, red pill me on Rice....

Is it really as deadly as people say it is????
Almost a decade ago it was considered health food, but now all of a sudden its worse than hitler.

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All carbohydrates are poison.

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it's a secret WMD to wipe out the majority of asian population

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Everything is deadly

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shut the fuck up, ketofag

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Calm down grain brain. Go eat a donut or something your blood sugar is getting low.

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that's a donut.

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Rice is fine. Keto is a retarded fad diet we'll fortunately hear less and less about as the fatties kidding themselves with it start dying from abnormally early age cardiovascular problems.

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It’s just a fucking grain. No worse or better than wheat, semolina, quinoa, barley, corn, ect.

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It's just because white rice is high gi and can be comparable to white bread. Just buy brown rice if you want to be better about your insulin release.


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