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What's the only thing that keeps you from craving human flesh?

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Mostly the fact that I dont want to kill and eat someone's mother/father/son/daughteur

I think the only time I would do it is in some apocalyptic scenario in an act of extreme vengeance

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I don't eat meat at all.

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it tastes like saltier pork

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the fact that I would probably end caught for it and sent to prison, even if I don't kill the person

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I don't want to be accused of crust cutting

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The fear of eating an AIDS ridden nigger

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kuru :(

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Why do you pretend you have eaten human flesh? Does it makes you feel mysterious or interesting or something? Do you like to feel edgy and different?
When you can't even get to eat some alive pussy.
Why even bother to reply to your fucking post, I hate people like you that think they are cool saying things like "Yeah bro, I've eaten human flesh" fuck you

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anon never even said that he ate any. please calm down.

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Someone looking for attention... on an anonymous image board...
Anon you are triggered as fuck.

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Quit being pussies. Cut off a tiny piece of your own flesh and eat it. Be like that dude that wants to be an amputee so he freezes his own feet off, but unlike him just freeze off tiny parts of fat (I know you cunts have plenty to spare) fry it up and eat it! Lose weight by eating yourself!

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the fact that i am part of a species that has always seemed to bury their dead instead of eating them.
perhaps seeing grief as a better motivator than hunger.

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