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For me it’s the left twix, the far superior twix of the two.

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I'm gay btw, not sure if that matters

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I agree but ffs you're going to get us invaded by /pol/

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this is not me probably a false flagging right twixer

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Oh and btw, i'm gay

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There's a goddamn Twix thread up already, fuck face.

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shut the fuck up

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Dumbest ad campaign in a long time
Is it supposed to be anti-humor?

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>le text
you werent here when that soyboy bourdain killed himself lol

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i dont see a left twix anon you mong.
theres only upper twix and lower twix, the upper twix being the patrician

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Is this single handily the worst modern marketing campaign ever?

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Well it’s advertised as left and right so you are actually wrong.

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i have eyes, theres no left or right, so youre wrong bucko

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uh haha sure buddy

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