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How do you catch your fish? I shoot em with my karabiner, i simply trap the gäddor into small river streams, block off the exits and shoot em, really easy.

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I just pretend to be stupid and they jump right out.

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I use a hookless fishing lure. The fish still try to eat it, but quickly let go after a tug or two.
Use it to scratch that occasional fishing itch that occasionally pops up.

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Based 4channel Larper

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Trips checked. That’s pretty based. There’s hundreds of fish on my property I might have to try this if the desire strikes.

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I use a sword to fish them out, then I yell at them till I get tired and I feel like theyve been sufficiently humiliated

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Can gladly recommend it.
Been thinking of attaching some form of fishfood to it, but not sure how or what.

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What sort of prideful fish dare to challenge you on land? I only get carp, catfish, and exceptionally large pike during certain weather. What sword do you use?

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For me, it's the McGladius

Only the sword of an emperor is fit for lytting uppity fish SAVAGES back in their place

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you can always just make a bargain

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I don't get it

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I use explosives. Started doing this as a kid with firecrackers timed just right being thrown into a larger pond.

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It put my penis in the water and wait for a bite, ahah.

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I just go to the aquariums at Walmart, buy up a few dozen neons for cheap then take em home and mash em up with a roller then finally bread them and fry them into fishsticks. They taste good and also their floursent coloring cooks into the breading and easily a fun and enjoyable meal for the whole family.

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