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Is this really how british people live?

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Fkn Seppo's

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Poached chicken breast with Mayo .... lmao

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Looks like a londonfag menue.
>soup of the day

The absolute state of London.
Soup of the day doesnt cost more than £4.50 where I live. Especially on such a shit meue like this.

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If the shit is good, i see no problem

This could be a s restaurant, a student menu or a food truck

Context you retarded ass pirate

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This is a lunch menu from a place in clubland (2nd tier)

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>£6.50 for a fucking cheese sandwich
That's $11.90 in kangaroo bucks. What in the actual fuck, why are you retards paying that much for a CHEESE SANDWICH?

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>no toast sandwich
no genuine british m8

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yeah, sounds about similar to my local eateries. same prices too.

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Looks like some standard hotel menu, I'm not British but it's pretty much no different then what we have in NYC.

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No club sandwich there, so I'd go for the roast beast w/horseradish.

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Is fancy cafes selling overpriced food really an alien concept to you? Are you from Mongolia?

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>Twelve whole freedom dollars for a roast beef sandwich

Holy shit, Engerland.

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No you fucking spanner
Cook your own food

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As an irrelevant island country, I think their currency isn't really worth a lot, so it can't be as expensive as it looks

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Exceptionally over-priced but menu looks acceptable.

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>I think their currency isn't really worth a lot

£1 is approximately exchanged at $1.30 or E1.16.

The GBP is one of the better currencies worldwide.

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It's doing better than the dollar or euro atm.

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Because we live somewhere with a higher cost of living. I swear to god I don’t want to be judgey but everyone from povvo places seems to be economically illiterate.

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>an irrelevant island country


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GBP is the 5th strongest currency in the world, after all the oil countries' dinars.

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Check out these Titanic menus...

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Notice the cockie leekie

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Gimmie some of that gruel!

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i got a leekie cockie right here for ya

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I like how simple even the 1st class menu is

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second class actually looks like the best menu though

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They fed us gruel...sandwiches. Plus you could eat your own hair.

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that gruel was better than anything those filthy British peasants had ever eaten before

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is that a woman or a man?

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>Cocoanut Sandwich

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Where can I find this fine establishment? I'd like to know in case I ever visit the UK.

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Sometimes men get pregnant. Don't be a bigot.

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I have a couple of old timey menus but they're pretty bad quality.

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very cool, thanks anon

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tfw no cocky leeky

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