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How do I stop drinking these things?

>> No.12187852

Don't buy.
Close mouth.
Insert nose in asscrack.
Open mouth.
Accept feces.

>> No.12187862

Drink water. I managed to fend off the sugarjew, surely you can do it with the a worse tasting drink.
Think of a reason why it's better drinking water
>healthiest thing you can drink
>taste is not overpowering so you can pair it with nearly anything

>> No.12187873

>drink 5 of these
>go to sleep
>wake up
>immediately puke on the floor
>live through worst hangover in your life
here you go, from this point on you'll buy only regular beer or high proof liquor instead of this college girls killer

>> No.12187883

Already done that. It stopped me for about a month, but here I am again.

>> No.12187919

Switch into a more nutritious alternative
*unzips dick*

>> No.12187921

Exercise, then enjoy some nice cold water in the afterglow

>> No.12188213

It takes a while for the hangovers to finally due you in till you graduate to everclear

>> No.12189003

How can you drink that garbage, are you a freshman?

>> No.12190506

I'm a 23 year old basement dweller.

>> No.12190811

CUTE HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.12190952

Tbf, white appendages are flat out ugly.

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