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Which is better?

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>using non natural syrup
>using syrup in general
>not using honey

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Are you even trying?

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>corn syrup A vs. corn syrup B
Why even have a competition? They both taste like shit

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Aunt Jemima is a fucking slut. Mrs. Butterworth ftw.

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For me, its Mrs Butterworth

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Based as fuck.

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Mrs. Butterworth. The only syrup that beats her would be Golden Griddle... Too bad thats just a memory of breakfasts past.

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Jesus christ this thread is a horrorshow.

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>this is what burger king is called in australia

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Real stuff

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for me, its caramel color and high fructose corn syrup

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this is the only correct answer

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Blackstrap molasses is the only syrup for me. Oh, you may like your maple syrup or your Mrs Butterworths, but I say you can keep them. Give me the blackstrap molasses every time.

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>oh look it's another amerifat industrial sugar glue food comparison

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Yankee go home

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Those are both beyond disgusting. Pole syrup apologists deserve the rope.

Real maple or die in a fire. Sorghum or molasses are acceptable too. Imitation flavored bullshit is never to be coddled.

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Sorry no pic, but I like Vermont Maid. It's cheap as well.

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Excuse me while I throw up violently.

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van gilse

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Real Maple Syrup

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corn syrup

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The fuck is wrong with local honey? You a monsanto shill trying to recover from your multiple million dollar judgements breaking your ass?

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Ice-cold Aunt Jemima straight from the fridge is the best syrup. It's so fake but so good.

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The absolute madman

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When i hear/read about maple syrup, i think of the TV-series Riverdale.

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Better than the real thing

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>The fuck is wrong with local honey?
it doesn't taste good on waffles. it's too sweet.

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aunt jemima. real maple syrup isn't sweet enough unfortunately

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yes it is, you're just a fat soda drinking fuck

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>real maple syrup isn't sweet enough

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Butter Lite is where it's at. It isn't as sickenly sweet as the regular syrup and the butter consistency is vastly superior to the plain syrup. Tastes great on sausage.

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>blocks your path

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I win this thread.

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sugar content != sweetness

Some of the sweetness of maple is offset by bitterness.

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I get pancakes, sausage, and scrambled eggs on my plate. Then I cover it all with Jemima. Fucking lethal in more than one way.

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Let's get one thing straight here- I wanna make sweet sugary love to aunt jemima

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You're like the whitetrash kid in "To Kill a Mockingbird" who Scout ridicules at lunch and gets her ass spanked by the negress maid.

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Damn, Momokun lookin like a snack

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Mrs. Butterworth. She dummy thicc and she have that rich buttery flavor that get me singing Mariah Carey while I eat.

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>honey is too sweet
>give me that other viscous substance composed entirely of sugar instead
perhaps try not putting so much on it?

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This is banned in Boston on account of a bunch of dumb people getting drowned in a flood of the m word back in the day. It's a respect thing.

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I had a bad experience with my (well-behaved, chill) dog on Howard University Sunday around noon. We were walking through campus when a group of students started screaming at us that dogs weren’t welcome on campus. One girl yelled, “This a closed campus, I’m going to call the cops on you.” The students continued to scream at us and follow us for around five minutes.

Is there a policy against dogs at Howard?

I’ve lived in the neighborhood for five years and regularly walk my dog on campus. I always pick up after her and have never had an issue.


I used to live near there and once had this told to me (by someone who appeared to be a professor or administrator, not a student or a security guard). I decided that it is a college campus and I want to respect their right to use that space how they prefer (not to mention the history of using dogs for violence against black people given that this is an HBCU), so I would comply without asking any more questions. I continued to walk her near the campus (i.e. the public-use sidewalks within the bounds of the school), but never again through any of their grassy areas and I never had any further problems.

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The fuck are you on about? Like 20 retarded people drowned in a flood of molasses (the m word, not the n word) on the streets of Boston in the 19teens from a burst molasses tank so molasses has been banned ever since out of respect for the victims. What do your nigger dog training schools have to do with the m word?

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I'm saying that respect due to past tragedies has a broad scope including not walking dogs on the campuses of historically black Colleges and Universities.

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Mrs. Buttersworth is just a bored housewife looking to lay in the missionary position for another man. Aunt Jemima is definitely a horny widow who will sit on your face and let you lick her feet. Jemima all the way.

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But what does that have to do with syrup?

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Molasses is supposedly banned out of respect for past tragedies. Walking dogs on HBCU campuses is banned for similar reasons.

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Yes, but molasses is a kind of syrup. HBCU are not syrup.

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Syrup marketing contains a legacy of hatred and caricatures against people of color.

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>not using butter and powdered sugar

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How much does maple syrup cost for you guys? It is ridiculously expensive here so I'm stuck with corn syrup sauces

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>sugar content != sweetness
You're right, but as a leaf I've regularly eaten maple straight from the can my whole life and it's insanely sweet with no bitterness. Maybe it's the artificial sweeteners in aunt jemima that are responsible?

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~8$ for a 540ml can at the grocery store

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canadian dollars btw

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Is maple syrup supposed to be Canadian gold?

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>maple flavored corn syrup

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>arguing logically with retards

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we should do this more often

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>powdered sugar
Disgusting shit made for appearance only. It's filled with raw cornstarch for anti-caking and it tastes like it.

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tfw no Aunt Jemmima incest clips4sale vids

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I dont eat hotcakes enough to justify real syrup that goes bad fast

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Powdered sugar takes seconds to make.
>REEEEEEEEEEE CORNSTARCH *guzzles orange vanilla coke*

If knowing that a restaurant might have used shelf-stable powdered sugar from their supplier where some cornstarch was added as an anti-caking desiccant is enough to ruin your meal, why the fuck are you eating there? If YOU don’t care enough to ask the chef to take a minute to substitute some blended cane sugar, then why the fuck should anyone else care how you feel about it?

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I know /ck/ is part of an elitist Cambodian dress embroiderer forum, but you know damn well next to breakfast restaurants put cane sugar in a blender for people, nor would that turn out well in the blenders most kitchens have. Not every place has a vitaprep/vitamix, just a low speed stirrer.

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>It's too sweet
And maple syrup, and corn syrup isn't? They're equally make out of almost entirely sugar
Although corn syrup is less sweet than honey due to it's chemical structure, for being entirely sugar

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>never made powdered sugar before
>LARPing on cooking board
>asking server for fresh powdered sugar unimaginable due to human interaction required
>Silent crusade against commercially-prepared variant of powdered sugar

Great job with your life so far.

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>has probably never worked in the industry before
>calls other people LARPers
I wish I had never started you ass. I've worked in 4 places that served breakfast and I'd never try to put sugar in their blenders to make powdered sugar.

You gonna get some mix of powder and crunchy granules through a sifter? Last place had a Vitamix but we used it so often we managed to take it out of commission just 3 months in. Hooray for warranties though.

Yeah great job with life, I admit to making a mistake.

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>refers to failed dishwashing job of regret as “industry” position to score /ck/ points
>brags about fucking up sugar and blenders
>can’t be seen from hole dug raging against boxed powdered sugar in pancake syrup thread

Oh fuck, you’ve got me on the ropes now.

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Jesus you sound like an angry /int/ poster for some reason. Go there or to /r9k/, or youtube where you clearly heard the other half of this shit. I didn't come to argue, nor do I care anymore, beyond not wanting you to misinform.

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>When syrup has been around too long it will become thicker and darker than when purchased. But, does maple syrup go bad? - not really... Pure maple varieties may begin to crystalize when they are getting old, but they can be re-heated just until boiling to restore its original consistency!
Do you only eat pancakes once every five years?

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fresh whipped cream and jam/preserves

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>I dont eat hotcakes enough to justify real syrup that goes bad fast
real syrup lasts for years.

It's not the sugar that's gross, it's the artificial flavoring that makes the imitation syrups so awful. It tastes fucking disgusting, a bit like the way burning plastic smells.

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lmao based and redpilled

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I'm know not to bring dogs onto college campuses and I'm 6'4"

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Good pure maple syrup comes in glass containers
The ones in plastic are just corn syrup

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