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Theres something truly eerie and upsettling about this video, as if reality isn't entirely real.


>Gordon looks like a PS3 character
>Gordon heavily seasons 3 patties and puts them into the grill
>Seasons 2 buns and puts them in too
>Seasons 2 slices of onion and puts them in the grill
>Pushes over a bottle of olive oil
>There are now 2 patties, 2 slices of onion and 3 buns in the grill
>Now theres 4 buns on the table
>Gordon talks about his restaurant in Vegas and now there are 5 patties and 4 slices of onion in the grill
>Seasons the patties again, seasons the onion, seasons the grill
>Opens the grill again, there are now 6 patties and 5 slices of onion
>Gordon puts mayo, lettuce and tomato on his 3 burgers on the table and seasons them
>Assembles 3 burgers and leaves 3 patties and 2 slices of onion in the grill
>The burgers he made are even thicker than the infamous "cowboy burger" which he criticized for not being able to fit in his mouth
>Stevie Wonder next door can smell his burgers
>Kim and Kanye are coming over

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He touches everything with his dirty hands after the raw meat too, like the salt and pepper, don't see him wash his hands and he handles them again and touches the cooked food

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>The burgers he made are even thicker than the infamous "cowboy burger" which he criticized for not being able to fit in his mouth
Gordon getting upset with other people's cooking on his TV show is 99% of the time fake drama meant to make the episode more exciting. If he wasn't a celebrity and wasn't on camera I'm pretty confident he would have some very different takes on these meals he's flipped out over.

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when you ask him why you're losing money and you give him a huge burger, he's going to have an issue with it
gordon could sell one that size no problem

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>Gordon's head raised slowly from the line of cocaine as the doorbell rang
>he'd totally forgotten that he was doing a video today

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now that you mention it, it is kind of fucked

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Moments like these

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Yea but Gordon cut the burgers in half and also served them with a steak knife. The cowboy burger was whole and did not come with a knife. It's almost like serving things that are too large to take a bite out of with a knife suddenly makes it acceptable.

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>Gordon Ramsay makes Pasta
>Puts olive oil in the water

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>Gordon Ramsay is a professional chef with 30 years experience and a family that loves him
>anon is random nerd butthurt on 4chan

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You can't accuse Ramsey of hypocrisy considering he was not actually present in the second video

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He was, it was just him from another reality
The whole video was shot in another reality

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No shit. The other guy called him Ramsey but it's actually Ramsay.

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Can someone post the PS3 box art?

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Gotta admit, that was weird.

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Yeah, it's weird. It all goes to shit as soon as the bottle gets knocked over. Not really getting what you're saying about Gordon looking like a PS3 character though.

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>So eeeeer, I found this video on Youtube, right?
>>Oh god, hes been on the internt again...
>And there is this puffy-faced blone bloke init, right?
>>If he turns out to be a chimp I swear to god we are never doing this again.
>Apparently some chef fella from the telly, doin burgas and that.
>>Does he have big hairy arms, Karl?
>No, listen. He starts shoutin "ON" an "PIPIN HOT" at the food, right. Srtarts goin mental, knockin over pots and pans -
>>Karl, you must know thats rubbish. No legitimate chef would be so clumsy and shout random words at food.
>So anyway. Then he starts throwin loads of salt at everythin, and 'e did it like nine times... which annoyed me. Like... do you need that much salt, know what I mean?
>>WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! At no point would a chef season their food nine times! Were you watching a mental patient?
>So he put a bunch of salt at everything, right. And said that Stevie Wonda is comin over for lunch.
>Right, so he finishes the burga. And turns out... raw in the middle

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>Gordon Ramsay is a professional chef with 30 years experience and a family that loves him
>Puts olive oil in the water

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what's the /ck/ consensus on ramsay?

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He's fucking raw and can't compete with Knorr stock pots.

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Are his cook books worth looking into?

I want to get into cooking but it's so fucking open ended my retard brain doesn't know where to start

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they're hit and miss, sadly. The beginner-oriented ones are good. So are the ones about French and British cooking. The rest of it? very iffy.

Pic related is a god-tier beginner cookbook IMHO. It's great for many reasons: step-by-step photos for every recipe. it won't teach you bad habits like using box mixes, etc. none of the recipes require specialized equipment, expensive or hard-to-find ingredients. get a hardcopy, pdf, whatever.
(btw, don't waste your time with any other Jamie Oliver cookbooks--they suck. This one is fucking great though)

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Thanks my dude I'll check it out

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Based Carl poster

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amazing that they're still putting out games for a 10 year old console

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Dont forget the bun was small for a patty that size

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brilliant post
if this was reddit i would be giving you all my gold karma

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>The burgers he made are even thicker than the infamous "cowboy burger" which he criticized for not being able to fit in his mouth
They are not. Even in the thumbnail when they're right in front of the camera they look smaller than the cowboy burger and that's because they are, half the amount of meat.

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He's fucking with you.

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Whoever this is needs to die of aids

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