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The flavors....

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The bodies...

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Based wiens poster watching his newest vid right now.

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So moist, so tender, so juicy, so..



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mark wiens is the zodiac killer

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Is this marijuana man?

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Wiens is the choice of Pepsi
Wiens is the choice of /ck/

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why is the man so fucking horrifying jesus christ

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"Oh WOW"

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imagine saving up money for a nice trip to some quiet asian country and getting excited to try local cuisine and having wiens sit down across from you and having to watch him irl

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that dude creeps me out

i prefer trevor james, he's so much more genuine

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I'd be up for it and ask if he could take me along with him.

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good luck. wiens will spike your drink and you'll wake up to see his bug eyes staring up at your face while he slobbers all over your bonner bro

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seriously though, as fake as his reactions are his videos are still entertaining

And got damn he's raking it in, according to socialblade he makes around $6k/day MINIMUM in ad revenue

I'm mad jelly of his life, he does have freaky eyes though

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Yeah seeing him eat the Dan Dan noodles made me want to visit China

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I wonder how many nights he's spent on the toilet eating at some of these backwater places

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I don’t know who this guy is but I want to slaughter him

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I really really like these posts, keep em coming

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also with the vegetable police he seems to be the only bearable leaf

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Put back his eyebrows

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Why are youtube food reviewers so fucking awkward?
One guy looks like a pedophile serial killer while the other guy is an autist who flashes the thumbs up sign like a mongoloid.
Ironically the best and most charismatic and normal one is the Best Ever Food Review guy who looks like the stereotypical american.

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sorry about that

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