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gamer fuel thread
rate my dinner lads

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the fries look cripsy but thats a lot of burger

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heart attack/10

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Imagine eating three burgers.
Fat fuck

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it's always jealous eurofags

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A fork? What are you, gay?

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Hold my partially gelatinated non-dairy gum-based beverage.

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fat people don't know what they're doing because of their lackluster brains
>i-i'll g-g-go on a d-d-iet next week!

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OP's picture is German though
Not that it matters, he's posted the same thread before.

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That'd make me fucking go into a grease-fueled coma.

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>not having the based Munchy Box

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>git gud

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I eat 4 burgers, a lot of fries and down them with pop.
I'm not fat

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actually he is from germany

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I would say "based" but what's this disgusting thing oozing from under the meat?

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I wish muchie boxes were a thing in the US. i am glad that our fast food places have recently started doing "5 dollar fill-up" boxes where you pay 5 dollars and get something like a buger, fries, nuggets, apple pie, and a soda (medium)

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meanwhile, in yurop...

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>using a fork for the fries when you're gonna touch the burgers with your hands anyway

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That's only for you? Woah, last time I went out with my sister we shared one huge burger from bk as we couldn't eat a full one each

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I want some really shitty fast food right now desu

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You need to put some fried eggs on those burgers, anon.

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meanwhile in europe

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>this is an original image
Every part of this looks like it would have been considered disgusting in 2005 when it looks like it was taken.

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Fries are greasy, bread is not. I'd use a fork for the burger, too, were I eating it without a bun. I'll bet that your keyboard and controllers are smothered with grease.

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Looks delish. But, I'll take one now, maybe another in an hour or so.

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did you eat it at the same time and end it with a sloppy burger kiss

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Still better than transfat (((food))) amerigoblins eats

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I love me some burgers but jesus fuck, dude. 1 is enough.

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One slip and you lose a few fingers. That's a NOPE from me.

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Name a fast food place within 30 minutes of me right now and I'll go and order whatever you say to.

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you should have pineapples in those burgers too

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Two double stacks, a medium fry, and a small nugg. Water if you want something to drink.

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Taco Bell
Get 6 Loaded Nacho Tacos with fire sauce
I'm gonna do this in a bit and pig out

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I would give it a try ngl

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Large wendys chili x5 and 3 large pepsis

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No, we took turns taking a bite while we were going back home

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Fuck it, 2 stops then.

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I must really be an amerifat, because the OP doesn't seem all that crazy. I only weigh 130 lbs.

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Duck Confit, anyone?

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You're an all american. Keep doing White God's work.

My main squeeze is diced, seasoned, and baked taters in a tortilla with spinach, onions, maybe rice, and some louisiana hot/bbq sauce. Easy n filling

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god i wish that were me

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I love fish on everything.

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How fat are you?

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Potatoes AND rice? For what purpose? Switch the rice with some chickpeas or diced fresh tomato.

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Don’t be so hard on OP. He’s two of the finest guys I know. When he sits around the house, he sits AROUND the house.

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heart attack on a plate.

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Unless he's getting paid by the pig, that's stupid.
Then again, maybe he's just showing off and people do some really dumb shit to show off.

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I think you mean freedom attack on a plate

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Goddamn Anon, I'm fat and I'm only getting two and a tostada.
I think it's the beer that makes me fat.

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Filler mostly, and I like rice (jasmine in house currently). If I switch the taters for chickpeas/other beans I fry the tortilla shut and put the sauce on top. Also delicious. I gag on fresh tomats, never understood why.

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I ate three of them and a cheesy gordita crunch yesterday with some beer
Gonna go wild today and even if I don't finish them all I'll have leftovers at least

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If 3 burgers is gonna give you a heart attack you have some SERIOUS health issues. You’ll feel bloated and that’s it.

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looks like some kind of mustard based sauce.

your fry to burger ratio is weird. looks good otherwise.

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No, you're just a redneck.

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>moved to /ck

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the hell is that?

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The future

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Get the fuck outta here you yellow teethed uggo English muck & fuck your Queen

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>He didn't get the soda

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I liked the little pump action at the end :)

I am gay

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I guess that is true, but if you ever work in a profession that involves a saw that doesn't happen very often. People get used to using the saw and become fast with it. In fact if you are a carpenter you would be mocked if you took a long time to saw something

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>t. Doesn't game
Small crackers and candy are eaten with a spoon, all applicable food is eaten with a fork, and drinks require a long swirly straw.

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>People get used to using the saw and become fast with it.
And that's how people get hurt. Complacency.

Think about how many people die every year because they get complacent about driving a car and then crash because they do something stupid like text/phone/eat/makeup while driving.

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Imagine how many fingers that thing has taken.

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What am i looking at?

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what's he listening to, /ck/?

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>americans actually do this
and to think, people wonder why there's so much cancer in america

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>After you've surpassed all the smaller obstacles on the road to US citizenship you must defeat the final boss.

>> No.12138917

>Americans hating on Euros
>Not teaming up to take down the real enemy, the Aussieshitters

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>toilet gin
>tonic more sugar than tonic

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you can eat burgers while playing videogames, it is better to eat while watching a movie or something.

By the time you eat the 2nd burgers its cold already.

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i eat a burger and fries like that almost every day expect only 1 burger and dr pepper or water

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Mmmmmmmmm, Berders....

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Did someone say... gamer fuel?

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Four Finger Death Punch

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this poorly drawn face reminds me of the miser brothers.

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Indirect kiss, still counts, INCEST CONFIRMED!

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>all that bun

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What is that meat-looking stuff in the lower left corner?

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The FUCK is that?

>> No.12140795

looks like döner kebab meat to me.

>> No.12140800

that would be really good

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This is how they make soccer balls.

>> No.12141023

this better be futa semen or i'm killing my dog

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the mayo ruined it

>> No.12141465

Funny enough, 3 homemade burgers probably has about the same amount of calories as a double whopper.

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Im in thailand right now.....

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>gamer fuel

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im a fat fuck and I made burgers for myself with less toppings and managed to eat 1.5 of them and still felt like I was about to keel over and die

>> No.12142788

People from the midwest say pop too

>> No.12142791

its really good but literally trash food

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Pig Destroyer

>> No.12142804

mix 1 tub pasta salad and 1 tub potato salad
eat with tiny plastic spork or ur'e gey

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God I wish that were me

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Post your hands you fat bastard.

>> No.12142894

That's a German. You have to own up to this one yuropoor.

>> No.12143388

whats that maggi for?
oherwise nice burgers, kamerad

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>doesn't know about donair sauce

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>an american recipe book

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Foreach $X in [dat bread, dem potatos, sugary catsup, the activity of gaming]
The $x is really bad for your body. | appendTo-Shitpost

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This is why band saws give me nightmares

>> No.12143502

But even with carpentry saws you normally have some safety precautions, while in the video you have a totally unprotected bone saw and the meat cutters arms are protected by nothing but rubber gloves while here in germany it's standard that butchers work with chainlink glove on the non cutting hand when taking apart carcasses with knifes.

>> No.12143547

chainlink glove is OK for use with knives, but gloves are a no-no around bandsaws or rotating machinery. without gloves the machinery can cut you. With gloves it can catch the glove and then rip or break your entire arm/or hand. Gloves in this case are a very bad idea, unless they are very thin ones meant for sanitary purposes only.

That said, FFS lower the guard on the damn saw.

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>Chaos ruler
>Hair dryer

>> No.12145434

Gayest image I've seen today

>> No.12145441

Looks like shit

>> No.12145476

>eating that
water you doing?

>> No.12145568

Brit here, never heard anyone call it pop in this country.

>> No.12146014

is that you pink himalayan salt anon?

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Why go through the trouble of cooking a whole steak for breakfast if you're just going to pair it with frozen Eggos? Are waffles really that much harder to make than steak?

>> No.12147189

what a badass
That webm made me really tense though

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Brit here, everyone calls it pop you fucking liar.

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>Are waffles really that much harder to make than steak?
Waffles that don't suck require you to make the batter the day before so the yeast has time to work.

It's entirely possible that anon doesn't own a waffle iron either.

>> No.12148618

midwestern murrican here. you must be up by chicago or somewhere in wisconsin because any further south people start calling it soda instead of pop.

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>> No.12148697

Only a Northern Monkey would be stupid enough to call it "pop".

>> No.12148725

Der Krautmeister :3

All Hail the Krautmeister!

>> No.12149056

I bet you fuck the same boyfriends too
*god I wish I could smell your asshole*

>> No.12149062

Brit here. Only old women call it pop

>> No.12149066

Tonic water is awful and anybody who drinks it is a damn alien

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>With ketchup

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Once a week, I just want a damn nice burger with fries. Screw fast-food tier.

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>> No.12150640

They use long chain gloves to do that here

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>> No.12152265

dun right

>> No.12152466

Try eating only one next time, fatal fatso.

>> No.12152492

Real authentic Italian cuisine

>> No.12152505

Futa is gay.

>> No.12152600

Is that peanut butter?

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>> No.12152938

your keyboard is so fucking greasy. Clean it

>> No.12153021

No raccoons here, coon.

>> No.12153148

fuck you retard

>> No.12153512

It's gaymer time.

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