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>farts in the car with your cold food you paid $4.99 to be delivered an hour ago

When did you stop falling for the delivery meme?

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Why do you keep making this thread?

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I never fell for it
It's the worst of both worlds

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That's exactly why I tip

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Because im sick of those faggots begging for a tip at my door

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Jokes on you I would have paid extra for the farts

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Pizza Delivery Driver here;

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where'd it all go so wrong for you bro

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Haha I bet you like totally smoke a bunch of weed and listen to super cool music in your car while delivering fresh hot 'zas

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then don't invite them to your door.

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If it's cold, is cause they are dumb asses and don't put it in an insulated bag. I do food delivery and I always do this. I don't get other drivers don't it's like $8 for 3 huge bags. You even get a free one for door dash. Also I don't think we are suppose to ask you for a tip.

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I lied retards

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gottem lol

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based trickster

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>When did you stop falling for the delivery meme?
I never started it. Even as a kid I realized delivery was a huge waste of money. Why waste money on having food delivered when you can make something simple for yourself and save that money for vidya instead?

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because cooking is 50% chopping and 49% cleaning

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>paupers and cheapskates itt

inb4 'rice and beans' lmao

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do you rub your cock all over the pizzas?

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By that logic
Farts, sweats & spits in your food while preparing it - falling for buying prepared food meme
>Inb4 heat kills bacteria

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Literally no reason to pay for delivery (plus tip!) when you can just go pick up the food yourself. Many places will actually give you a discount on your order with an in-house pickup special. And even if I lived way out in nowhere and I had to drive half an hour to get a pizza, I'd sooner make my own pizza than add 30-50% onto my order for deluvery and tip.

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They deserve it far more than wait staff, I can tell you that.

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All videogames are free to me

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>I take food from the kitchen to the table I deserve 20% of wathever you just paid

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delivery drivers get my only tips. they don't have a company car, and the "delivery fee" doesn't go to them. i still pick up 99% of my own orders but once every year or so i'll be drunk and see a commercial

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>the customer is responsible for picking up the company's slack in paying the employees

When will this meme die?

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>implying I wouldn't want her to fart all over my food

nigga I would literally let her fart in my open mouth

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burgers everyone

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Totally worth the $4.99 if she farts in my car

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Based brapposters!

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if you're an adult then driving with a plate is in no way more deserving of compensation than walking with a plate
these wretched beggars need to stop leaning so hard and get an actual skill

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You must be a zoomie then.
Fair enough, replace "video games" with anything else you might want.

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baste and fartpilled

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thinking about driving for ubereats what am i in for lads

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>Thank you for your order
>What would you like your delivery driver to eat before leaving?

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really? cant make enough even delivering all day?

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There aren't that many orders outside of lunch and dinner time, and there are only so many orders you can manage to fulfill in those periods.

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God I want to fuck her. More?

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how new are you lol

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Hnnnnnnnngggg, I tip you, tip you big hon!

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Never fell for the meme. In fact, the meme is unable to reach my house away from civilization anyway.

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>When did you stop falling for the delivery meme?
When I learned to cook.

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What do you drive?

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Piece of shit thunderbird

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Usually around the same time I sober up

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Probably a 90s model? It might be a POS but at least it isn't a cuckbox like I was expecting

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I'm OK with it depending on how cute she is

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i've ordered lots of food from uber eats/doordash/seamless/etc. (never grubhub because their CEO is a faggot). you are paying for convenience, but it's hardly justifiable when you're paying through the nose and teeth. the worst experiences i've had are:

>food smells like smoke/perfume
>driver goes to restaurant only to find that it's closed or that the order didn't go through, have to talk on the phone with pajeet for 5 minutes in order to cancel order
>driver is completely incapable of finding address even though their app gives them an exact location on the map
>food is cold as fuck
>food is completely wrong because the restaurant owner partnered with the app without getting their POS system right
>food takes an hour when the restaurant is 5 minutes away

ultimately, it is a money sink and a bad habit that the app creators are probably getting filthy rich from. the markup can be atrocious ($20 for a deli sandwich).

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>not wanting cute girls to fart on your food.

Jeez maybe lay off the soy and bull cum for a while anon

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MGOT - give me my pizza, get the fuck outta here skank cunt with your dirty mouth of lies.

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I think the only chance I would ever use their services is if I was layed over in some city I wasnt familiar with, hungry, stuck at a hotel the airline gave us comps for... and room service was canceled. Even then I would just use the candy machine till I fell asleep to go home.

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>(never grubhub because their CEO is a faggot

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i’ve never waited more than 20 minutes for skipthedishes

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>work at a restaurant
>doordash is always lowest priority for not tipping us
>as soon as I see one of these people come in I say
Table for one?
>they reply with no I'm here for pickup
>pause look confused and I say
Table for two?
>they get mad every time

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POV is annoying because you never see them kiss.

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Cool. I guess you can piss them off all you like because they're not really customers. It's not up to them who people order from.

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>When did you stop falling for the delivery meme?
I never fell for it in the first place.

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why does these companies upcharge everything. my local chinese place does doordash and for whatever reason doordash's prices are like $2 more then the stuff when you go in store. what a rip off

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Can I have some sauce please??

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how about you, redditor

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Honestly doing doordash while I'm home from school is the easiest money I've ever made. It's like pokemon go but you get paid for it. The worst part isn't even the customers, it's the fucking restaurants that are incapable of processing orders and end up having you sit at a bar waiting for food for 20+ minutes wasting your time that you could be using to do other deliveries. Regardless though $15 an hour including gas is not bad for a college student. I'd laugh at anybody trying to do these services full time

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Plus wear and tear on the car. 15 isn't shit with how much time and gas you're using up.

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one time the delivery girl tole me she wassa viringian so she put her peridot in the sauce After I complaint it dry and bad brah. we marriages in 2016.

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It can be a huge pain in the ass for a small business thats not trying to change its whole operation.

By upcharging you can guarantee any added volume is worth the trouble, while discouraging the volume from overflowing current operations structure (no need for extra staff or changes to floorplan).

Some restaurants get 50% or more of their business through doordash, and it changes their operations a lot. They may need to redesign the menu, devote a section of the restaurant to assembling bags, and appoint new staff to deal exclusively with delivery.

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here you go

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