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What's the most fart inducing food?

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If you're the average American, anything with a decent amount of fiber.

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the pic would be better if it didnt have the boomer-tier humor

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sunflower seed caesar salads

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honestly when i funnel 5 tablespoons of chocolate nesquik into 2 pints of milk (straight into the bottle) then down it i get farts like absolutely nothing else

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beer and pretzels
if i told you how many farts i will make in the next 12 hours of consuming these, you would not believe me so i wont even bother

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fried nigger

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sugar free candy or gum makes your rectum go full fukushima

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Eggs/chorizo burrito

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Lentils / beans / peas / onions / garlic

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garlic bagel with hummus

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This with a glass of milk.

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Literally, all Indian food.

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Vinegar doesn't necessarily make you fart, but it gives you some of the most putrid, foul scents to ever leave human bowels

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Coffee on an empty stomach makes my gas smell like it came straight from the opening of hell, nothing else is even close.

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Vegan food.
Every time

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I thought the beans was a meme but it's really consistent. A day after eating something with beans I'm leaking gas for hours. I started buying 15 bean soup and making it by the directions on the back with a can of tomatoes and lemon juice, makes a big bean soup, I fart for a few days. It's great.
it doesn't seem to matter if I wash them or soak them or quick soak, if they have skins or not

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Egg drop soup with lentil. Just have a roll of TP handy everywhere you go for a while.

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i once ate an under baked clove of garlic.
I have never had farts so rancid in my life, room clearing type of shit

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Protein powder and beer. It was my goal to get people to gag in the elevator on Monday mornings.

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Cajun food makes pure concentrated evil come out of my butt hole.

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Leafy greens

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You will literally fart mustard gas

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For me it’s lentils. Those little fuckers give me the best gas of all time I’m brappin all over the place and it feels great

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I member

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these niggas eating beans

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I ate a packet of dried sulphur treated apricots once. I am not sure if that was the most gas I have ever had but it was the smelliest for sure. I was farting along in my room for a few hours, then went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and then went back into my room. Holy shit it was like walking into a solid wall of stench, it was unbelievable. I had never experienced anything like that before and I have never since.

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Beans and Jerusalem artichokes

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Any other answer is incorrect, although we get into semantics whether this classifies as food or not.
Regardless, nothing comes close to protein farts.

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one of my friends once became a one man holocaust after having street vendor turkey

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Why are indians so obsessed with serving their food in metal trays?

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>IRA attack
Also true

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Easy to clean in large batches without much care or attention and they last forever

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I kinda like those things

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This brand specifically around 2010, I don’t if the formula is the same which I’m assuming it isn’t but I had to stop taking this stuff, my farts were so vile Even I couldn’t handle the smell

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Dairy if you're lactose intolerant.
Tuna sandwich made of canned tuna, boiled egg, pickle, mayo, and white bread.

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but crop dusting is funny

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Lots of fiber causes flatulence in everyone, ya obsessed mongoloid.
If it doesn't for you, see a doctor, because you are missing vital gut flora.

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Kek, based reddit incels.

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Honestly thought I was dying the first time I had a protein shake, I was farting so damn much and every single one no matter how big or small felt wet, heavy and the smell just stuck around for ages. And the smell holy fuck the smell, reminds me of a public toilet in the woods that hasn't been cleared in years and there is just a mountain of shit just stewing in there. Never ever again

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I had a tuna sandwich with hard boiled eggs yesterday, and Im still having egg farts.

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Sugarless candy. No joke.

Sugar alcohols are a high order explosive.

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Oh boy, one time I ate an entire package of these bad boys. Never in my life have I experienced such pain.

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Seems to be sauerkraut for me. Home fermented, not the supermarket shit.

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Same. I was on a family road trip once and they had to pull off the highway so they could get out of the car to escape it.

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I love to fart. I really love it. I cup my hand over my butt and I savor the smell.

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For me it would be raw onions, tons of sourkraut, a dark beer preferably Dunkel or bock and some delicious sausage. Farts so putrid they stayed in the seat cushion till someone else sat down

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These fuckers. Those Haribo gummy bears are a joke compared to Fiber One Bars.

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Everyone does that occasionally. I've always found it strange that even my own most rancid farts don't bother me but another persons mild smelling farts make me gag. Is that abnormal?

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kimchi. kimchi, rice vinegar, and a bunch of slowcooked black beans in sauce.

I make my roommate 'have to go study in the lounge' with my rips

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It's normal.

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Kidney beans unfortunately. They are delicious but not great on the auld butthole

>> No.12135029

Anyone got a link to the thread?

Asking for a friend

>> No.12135071

These and sea salt and black pepper potato chips turn me into a gas chamber

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These are unlabeled laxatives and people that eat them are fucking insane.

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I ate these in college because I had such a terrible diet and didn't drink much water and got horribly constipated all the time. Tasted fine but one of them makes you think your colon will rupture just from being so bloated. Nonstop, uncontrollable gas for hours. Better not be going anywhere anytime soon if you eat one of these.

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Raw cucumbers.
I sometimes forget and eat a salad with a couple of cuke slices.
Later that night, my bathroom sounds like Satan's Bullfrog battling an Atomic Tuba.

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Just be a man and inflate a balloon then push the air up your ass

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Believe it or not I know a girl who cams and she has a brap client.

The answer is roasted chickpeas

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>have extreme female fart fetish
>know that all farts described in this thread are from males
>die a little inside

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Why do we have this thread every week?

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I’m gay if it makes any difference

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This. I ate a whole bag of sugar free M&Ms and I was farting uncontrollably

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you can abuse the fuck out of them and they're cheap and last forever

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Maybe you should ask (your doctor) why you fart less frequently than that.

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/r/incels was banned so I don't think so

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This fucking crappy hot shit pizza place
I swear man not only does it give you a fuck ton of gas it smells awful every single time

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well, you're eating plastic and cardboard, what did you expect

>> No.12137135

This also applies to the trays.

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Bess "Big Italian Words" Kalb

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>15 bean soup
I didn’t even know that many kinds of beans existed

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indian subcontinent btfo eternally

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Is it weird that these don't give me gas? I think fat burritos are the only food item that really does it. I eat a good amount of vegetable and even binge eat several pounds of berries without exploding

>> No.12138554

I see you are a man of taste and distinction as well.

>> No.12138577

Any food I eat. My name is Big Mike and I have a problem.

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Lentils are the worst for gas. They turn me into a fart machine.

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These give me the most rancid braps

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what in the world

>> No.12139009

pork rinds, anything with maltitol if consumed in great quantities, cabbage

>> No.12139049

This thread is disgusting and you should all feel ashamed.

>> No.12139059

Dried apricots gave me insane gas and hershey squirts
Same when I roasted a head of garlic

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>> No.12140703

How many? Also, are you female?

>> No.12140952


You're this guy >>12135306 aren't you?

>> No.12140967

thread name?

>> No.12141670

I have IBS, so almost everything.

>> No.12141688

Beans that are about to go off and a night of binge drinking or jail rations.

>> No.12143096

I can second this. Apparently I haven't been changing out the water enough to prevent farts during the soaking phase.

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>gas you say?

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Frozen fries on cheap oil.

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