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do 'mericans really eat this?

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Yes, they do.

Thoughts on what? Ja/ck/ will die soon. She will find another man to fill her butthole with cum.

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No, fly overs do this type of shit. The Midwest is s lawless waste.<div class="like-perk-cnt"><img alt="" width="160" height="160" src="//s.4cdn.org/image/xmashat.gif"></div>

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I am 100% convinced ja/ck/ has the same eating disorder as the Terrare

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What the fuck, why so many ingredients for something that probably tastes that disgusting. I'm an American and I make a lot of food that I know I shouldn't be eating on a bi-daily basis but at least I can say it tastes good. That shit looks fucking awful.

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>I'm an American
Stopped reading there<div class="like-perk-cnt">😂</div>

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Bongs seething they can't use automatic knives.

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>not having a drum mag for your auto knife
why live?

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I think it looks pretty nice<div class="like-perk-cnt">😃</div>

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You're a fag lmao<div class="like-perk-cnt"><img alt="" src="//s.4cdn.org/image/skeletons/2.gif"></div>

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