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Holy shit this is the best ranch I've ever had. It's pricey, but it's worth it.

Also, general condiment thread.

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cucumber and dill is tzatziki not ranch

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i like this guy's ketchup, i'd try this

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Since we're on the topic of sugar free sauces, here's the best bbq I've found.

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And this shit is amazing. I actually like it more than the regular stuff.

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I get the Heinz no sugar added stuff, and I like it better than the sweeter stuff.

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Get a bottle and join the #varkgang

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Stubb's has sugar in it. I think it's alright. Not bad, not great.

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I used this for a while, but it has an off taste.

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>only 2 carbs per serving
what the fuck am I reading

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>sugar free ketchup
>Raping ketchup with artificial sweetener
Yikes. Literally just eat fewer calories in general. Unless you're already diabetic, then maybe this sort of monstrosity pseudo-condiment is justifiable.

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As much as I hated vark' posting I really like the always varkin' pictures

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>spit lubes it first
Clever boy.

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I'm kinda sad it died down, i didn't even realize until now

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The Heinz no sugar added kind has no artificial sweetener in it. It's tangier and less sweet of course. It's good for people watching their sugar intake without being some artificial abomination.

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No it's not sad at all it died down. It was a fucking plague last summer. The always varkin pictures were literally the only good thing about it. The rest of it was just summerfags parroting "jokes" every single day.

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Mary Sharp’s hot sauce. I want to kill myself for not finding out about it earlier in life

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This is some plebeian level hot sauce. Mary Sharp’s is the only answer.

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this shit

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