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It's recently came to my attention during lunch with friends that I eat really quickly.
Apparently I've always done it, but they never said anything until now.
They say that with eating fast I'm not able truly favor the savor, but I only eat fast because the flavor is so good.
I tried eating slower, but it felt like I was punishing myself by not eating the food in front of me while I'm hungry.

Any tips on how to pace yourself?

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Mirror your company?

If they have half a steak left and you don't, you need to slow down.

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Are you swallowing air? Are you dripping sauce everywhere, making a scene? If not no problem. As long as you aren't eating sloppily, I say keep eating quickly. Were I you I'd tell your friends that they are not hardcore enough

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>Any tips on how to pace yourself?
don't eat high fat food?
Fatty food is extremely calroie dense.

If you ate more natural starches and vegetables, you could eat quick and still have plenty of food to get through before you finish, because carbs are less calorie dense than fat.

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Just a fork and knife or chopsticks
Don't eat food you can eat with bites like pizza or sandwiches.

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the only reason i'd see them saying anything is because you finished before them. did you?

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Recite Song Of Myself after every chew.

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It's hard though. If I'm eating food that tastes good, that means I want to keep eating it.
It just doesn't make sense how someone can take breaks in between eating food while they remain hungry.
It's like, if I'm hungry, why would I slow down if that doesn't solve the hunger problem. It feels very primal for me, very instinctual

I noticed myself doing it at home too. Basically I eat in loops. I'll eat food, drink water, wait until that settles and I feel clear, then I start the next loop of eating food and drinking water.


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I don’t really see a need to pace myself. I usually finish faster than everyone else, but I feed how I’m comfortable. So long as I don’t make a mess and don’t look like a slob I don’t think it’s a big deal. Someone has to finish first anyways

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Drink a glass of milk between bites. That should slow ya down.

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Do you chew properly?
Try to deliberately chew on your each bite, work it until there is nothing left in your mouth(grind it into mushy mix and autoswallow it, if you can still feel bits with your tongue, keep chewing).
When I tried it I found myself content after about a third of what I normally would eat.

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>They say that with eating fast I'm not able truly favor the savor

You should of called them fags.

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No. I chew too fast. Once it's in my mouth and I taste it, I chew it fast and once flavor dissipates I go for more food.

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start by eating food that isn't saturated with fat, sugar, or salt
take a mid-meal break. don't worry about taking too much or too little time between bites, but when the food in front of you is half eaten, just take a break for 2-5 minutes
you'll slow down and eat less in general if you do that

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>favor the savor

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it's considered rude to finish way before your fellow diners, which is why they brought it up. like others have said, try mimicking the others' pace.

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Then just keep on chewing until there is nothing more to chew on, only then go for a next bite.
Its both more filling because you give the food time to settle down more after each bite, and also oddly relaxing.
It may feel weird at first changeing the way you eat like that, it definitely was for me, but I learned to appreciate food more because of this.
Also it helps with not getting hungry after those tiny portions at restaurants.

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Tell your friends to eat shit

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I've always done this ever since I saw Major Payne as a child.

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>It just doesn't make sense how someone can take breaks in between eating food while they remain hungry.
You're not dying of starvation, you gluttonous fuck. It's called self control and civility. You'll have to start caring about things other than
before you can start becoming a civilized member of society.

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How many gallons of milk do I need to finish a meal if I go this route?

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Tell your friends to step it the fuck up.

I fucking hate slow eaters. In my family I would always finish first and have to wait for the geriatric brigade to finish before we could move on to the main course, and then again for dessert. This was ever since I was young, so of course I was a young child stuck at the dining table with nothing to do for five minutes while everyone caught up, so I would get bored and start acting out and then get thumped for it by my father because he was a retard who doesn't know how small children work.

The moral of the story is that slow eaters should be beaten like I was.

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I wish you got beaten harder.

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Tell those assholes to eat faster.

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You're just a subhuman barbarian with no manners or self control

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Some people just get more intense cravings than others and because it’s in their biology, if they have to hold themself back they will suffer for the rest of their lives. You can’t change something that is in your biology.

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its all in the genetics

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i eat in 30 seconds or less. End result is the same and you have more time to do shit

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You don’t have to polarize it that much, just because one get’s bigger craving doesn’t mean one has to get obese.

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So order food you don't like, problem solved.

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Yeah that's why I just chug five bottles of Soylent every morning.

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>tfw used to be a fast eater as a kid
>mom would make me sit at the table until everyone was done
>awkward as fuck
>learn to eat slower
>if i eat too slow shell just stare at me and watch me eat without saying anything
>learned how to pace myself and finish around when everyone else does bc of this
i dont really have the metabolism to eat fast anymore though

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I wish I had the same problem you do. Nobody gives a shit if you're the first to finish. EVERYBODY is annoyed if you're holding up the end of dinner. I have to apologize for my slow eating every time I eat in company. I take so long to eat that I can't have a real breakfast or lunch, and just have to drink coffee and smoke cigarettes to feel some semblance of fullness until evening when I can finally eat at my own pace.

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I eat very quickly as well
I've theorised that is an epigenetic thing
that your ancestors went through regular periods of starvation so you have a genetic drive to eat any food you see as quickly as possible because you never know if it will be there later.

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I'll also add, OP are you Irish?

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>Tyrone and Achmed, what do you have to say about the rape of 37 women across Norway, Denmark, Germany, and France?

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I hate eating things that are better warm with people that eat slowly.
I dont mind with certain types of foods but if I'm having a stew for example and its starting to develop a film from having to slow down to appease faggots who cant stop checking their phone instead of eating, then I'm gonna be mad.

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Drink between bites
Cut your food in smaller pieces
Pur fork and knife down when you're chewing

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>meet Chinese girl
>only person I've ever met who ate more slowly than me

it was a bizarre experience

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I used to think I ate fast and then I hung out with some military guys

They're fucking vacuums

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Im a fast eater too, I dont think I can ever slow down unless I eat a large meal.

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Get the fuck off my board you fat fuck

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They were calling you a fatass you dense motherfucker

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Fuck them OP eating fast keeps your teeth white.

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I have the same problem. When I'm chewing (which I don't do enough of) I'm already preparing the next bite to put into my mouth immediately after swallowing. Often big bites too. I don't really engage in conversation.
Friends have noticed other food obsessive behaviours in me as well.
When eating with a group, I always stop talking when the first plates start arriving, whereas others will merrily continue talking not even noticing that the waiter is holding their plate.
When the menus arrive, I will stop talking and focus on the menu. Conversation will resume once I've made my decision.
I am trying to slow down a bit and be more mindful of my company, but it's hard.

On the other side, friends have also noted that I'm very good at picking restaurants, and if they really don't know what to get off the menu they'll just follow me and it usually is the best choice.

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Well satan, I guess it depends on the persons mentality.
You see restaurant as a place you go to eat, not socialize.
When foods on the table, its time to eat.
Eating with food in your mouth is bad manners, can't fully enjoy the conversation when you have to stop every sentence to get a bite, and while you talk the food is getting cold and unappetizing.

I see no good points with conversing over the food, talking can take place after the meal.

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