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what was the hottest food or sauce you ever tasted?

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whatever that sauce at taco bell was that one time

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This has to be the most American post I have ever seen here

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Famous Dave's naga jolokia
White btw

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Blair’s Ultra Death sauce at 1,300,000 scoville. What a miserable motherfucker although after about 10 min when the worst is over you get a giddy feeling. Ate it on cheese and crackers. Would recommend going over a million at some point in your life, but once accomplished I’m not sure there’s a reason for a return visit.

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Finally, a real spice thread. Pic related, they advertise it as over 3,000,000. They offer it as a challenge sauce at Pepper Palace, I thought I was good on the mouth pain because I had tried all the other sauces in the store beforehand, but I wasn't ready for the stomach pain. It felt like getting kicked in the gut over and over and I almost had to sit down
The hottest sauce I use regularly is original Mad Dog

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Wow. That must be a complete ballbuster.

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One time I went to the farmers market with my little sister and her husband and we visited a stand there that sold hot sauces. My brother in law demanded they let him try a spoonful of the hot sauce that was sold for restaurant useage (ie you would add a tsp of sauce to several gallons of food) and he had to go home crying, even after chugging a quart of cream from one of the dairy booths.
Probably unrelated, but sis divorced him soon after.

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Imagine rubbing your eyes after cutting one of these.

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>planted what I thought was a peppadew bush
>it was actually a scotch bonnet bush
Only found out after a severe gastric disaster.

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last dab is just too hot man
i received it as a gift from my roommate
its no joke man my stomach was fucked and i had some horrible shits afterwards

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number 6
the bhut jolokia ghost pepper

made chili with it and my anus was a ring of fire afterwards

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Some asshole back in high school had this bag of tiny dried peppers or seeds, can’t remember, and he dared me to eat some. Those were some hot fuckers, and it was that extremely gross tasting heat that isn’t even enjoyable. No idea what they were but fuck those.

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Please recommend something that's actually a good sauce and not made just for the meme-scovilles.

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Took a bite out of a pizza just after getting out of the oven.

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I grew carolina reapers in my backyard. Harvest was only around 10 peppers the 2nd year, then it froze to death.

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Me and my friends did Hot Ones on Christmas Eve and Da Bomb tasted like fucking poison and ruined our taste buds for the rest of the night. It’s liquified misery.

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I still want to get whatever that fucking one that alton brown liked. The clear bottle with the white top that didnt look anything like the other hot one's bottles.

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Mad Dog 357 is the hottest I’ve ever had. I love hot sauce, and use it liberally. But 357 lights me up every time.

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I've eaten Phall curry twice before, wouldn't recommend it. My dad could barely eat it and gave me half of his plate after a while. I could only eat it after taking small breaks after each mouthful. Just go for Madras or Vindaloo if you want a nice level of spice.

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I don't understand why anyone would buy Da Bomb other than a joke at this point. Literally everyone on the show says it's absolutely terrible.

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Boy oh boy, i was drunk when i had Ultra Death, so i just applied a generous splat to my Leberkäs' and chomped down, i felt like i was dying, for a few minutes my heart was racing and i felt a bit dizzy (might have been the booze tho), was fine in the end.
Also it tastes fucking GREAT, that is one tasty ass sauce

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This one salsa I had at a party. I was told it was spicy so I put a lot on my tacos and it was amazing.

Lady said it was 6 chiles, some lime juice, olive oil, and a bit of onion all blended together. I may be forgetting something but it was perfect.

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Flamin Hot Cheetos. Those things are actually pretty rough.

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Crossp posted because gookmoot won't allow sound.

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That frap looks disgusting.

But hot cheetos are my greatest weakness. I can eat a party sized bag all by myself in one sitting.

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>chopping onions after habaneros
>eyes watering from onions
>rub them
>can barely see out of one eye and the other can't open for 45 minutes

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I ate a Tien Tsin pepper once in china. The chicken it was cooked with was good but that pepper put me on my ass for a good few minutes. It was the first time I ever felt that I ate something too spicy.

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fairly spicy since it's got habaneros as the second ingredient, but the best flavor out of any i've ever tried

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It definitely burns worse once it reaches your stomach. I got some bad cramps from this stuff. Pretty tasty though

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Prep h is heaven for burning shits

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Ex wife bought this for me once. Touche

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thai hot, was too hot. this is what i use normally on morning egg. am white of course.

also it must suck to not be white and not be able to enjoy strong artisinal cheeses, well, not enjoy them for very long anyway. got some pedrozo black butte reserve, finnish squeaky cheese and raw milk monterey jack today, i can't imagine not being able to eat this ambrosia.

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Blairs mega death sauce


I like it a lot the first time I had it it was just a new taste and I thought it was a little too spicy but after the second time I went through it in like 3 weeks lol.

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I hope this sauce doesn't use extracts, because that's cheating. Any idiot can make weapons-grade pepper-spray by adding a few drops to their mix.

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I ate a Carolina reaper. Second worst pain I’ve ever experienced.

>> No.12060730

Has anyone here been pepper sprayed? It’s pretty lame.

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This shit.
Took me 3 days just to eat a single fucking packet.
Obscenely spicy.

Blair's Ultra Death is 800,000 scoviles.
I've had a bottle for like 2 years and still only 2/3rds through it, this shit is lethal...
You only need 1 to 3 tiny drops mixed into a meal, 1 is enough... 3 if you've got a death wish.

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blazin sauce at buffalo wild wings is actually really good to me, it's pretty brutal though. 300-350k scoville ghost pepper sauce, i eat spicy food all the time but i can't really handle more than six
probably the hottest thing i've eaten along with level 10 spicy ramen at a place in LA and extra hot pad thai

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I have. It wasn’t pretty bad.

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>David Cross is a total chile wuss.
He kept shoveling that shit in his cockhole. What did he think was going to happen?

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what are those fat dudes on the bottom left? just some kind of chili? are they very hot

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Ive had the one below beyond insanity and it was okay. A lot spicier than I expected. Everyone I know IRL whos had beyond insanity says its not even like a hot sauce its just makes a painful mouth feel.

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What fucking "enjoyment" do you get out of burning your fucking asshole out and basically macing yourself with stupidly hot stuff? Is it a masculinity thing? Are people needing to prove something to someone?

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underrated post

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Hottest I've had was a jerk sauce with scotch bonnet peppers that I overloaded and left overnight.

I also had a hot sauce with a Trinidad Scorpion, but I feel like they had made a balance that made it less powerful than the habenero sauces I already had.

Honestly, I'm not sure I want anything more powerful than the Arizona Gunslinger Habenero.

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I like ghost pepper jack in my chilli or burritos mmmm.
legit gives me a buzz, which I had to look up to confirm if it was just me and it's common.

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What sort of "enjoyment" do you get out of yelling and getting wet on a theme part ride? Messing your hair up and spending money? Is it a pride thing? Are people needing to prove something to someone?

It's delicious. If you can't handle heat then don't eat it.

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It's fucking stupid

>> No.12061269

That label design is top tier with that name, and the wax seal is just class. I'll have to try this, and get a second bottle to occupy a spot of honor somewhere
So many other bottles are just obnoxious with the scorpions, skulls and explosions

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You sound like you have a case of sour grapes going on.

>> No.12061333

What the fuck is the trainer doing? I thought it was talcum powder or some shit but its dissipating
I get the player is probably just acting like he caught a cleat stud directly to the asshole

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red jalapenos

>> No.12061343

unironically the hottest sauce that Buffalo Wild Wings sells.

>> No.12061563

That korean black chicken ramen.
It was really fucking painful because i didn't have any reasonable heatness resistance at the time, the most i dealt with was a couple drips of Tabasco.
I nearly fainted after hyperventilating the heat off, but i somehow finished it

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Dude blazin wing sauce is pretty hot I was surprised a chain sold stuff that spicy

>> No.12061598

For me it was an unexpectedly hot salsa that I put on a bowl of carnitas my dad got for me.

See the thing is, this porky goodness was from a place 30 minutes away, that really knows how to do its shit right. And when carnitas are good, they can absorb a lot of heat and tang without either of those two becoming overpowering.

This salsa must have had a mutant habanero or something, because it's spicier than the normal stuff, and worst of all it was a slow burn. I'm halfway through my bowl until the burn starts flaring up, though I'm lucky enough to have horchata and yogurt in the house. Unfortunately not only did they not help, the carnitas are so good I can't stop myself from eating them, even though I know they will cause me more pain. My mind is now trapped in a pleasure-pain loop cycle where I want the pleasure of more pork taste but the pain keeps reminding me that my ass should really stop. I start to laugh, and then cry, because this stuff is too good but hurts too much, until I finally decided to give up and wait for the pain to stop.

Once my dad gets home, I told him about how the salsa made me cry like a bitch, and he laughs at me because he loves spicy food and thinks I'm exaggerating like a little pussy. When he gets to my leftovers though and tries it out, within a few minutes he's hiccuping and sweating and admits that I was not kidding about that shit.

Broke my taste buds because of some hot sauce one day but that's another story.

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I use this shit on the reg. one bottle usually lasts about 4-5 months. some days I'm very heavy handed with it. other days I use a pinch. I hate my life if that matters.

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This stuff right here. I can stand the first couple of chips, but then I have to stop and usually wind up eating the rest of the tortilla bag dry just to cool it down. The rest is just sitting in a sealed container in my fridge until I figure out something else to do with it. Was thinking of using it in a beef stew of some sort to dilute it.

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Habaneros are the end of the line for me. That 's as hot as I can go. Some of those hottest peppers look evil just looking at them.

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I was in HK and I went into some small noodle shop in a centralish district, I think on the island. I ordered a bowl of noodles and it was 30-40 dollars, despite the place being a dump. The noodles were very bland, I don't remember what was in them, I think maybe fish balls. On the table there was a red squeezy bottle of sauce. I added quite a lot to my noodles to jazz them up a bit. I was completely unprepared however for the intense heat. It was spicy as hell and the steaming hot temperature of the broth made it almost unbearable. I wasn't very well off at the time though and, determined to get my money's worth, struggled through the entire bowl, with the help of a lot of tissues. Each bite burned my mouth and made me wonder if I could continue. After leaving the restaurant I honestly had a strong feeling of light-headed dizziness that continued for about a half hour. I wish I knew precisely what the sauce was. It looked basically just like ketchup but lighter in colour. I've had sauces like it since but never anything anywhere near as spicy.

Another time I was in a Sichuan restaurant China and there was a rooster dish made with lots of fried dried chilies (like la zi ji). As a challenge, a friend ate one of them, so to upstage him I ate three. I chomped them up and swallowed them but it was incredibly hot and my mouth started producing a constant stream of saliva. Since I was in public and didn't want to embarrass myself by dribbling everywhere I half-ran to the bathroom, locked myself in a cubicle, and proceeded to dribble into a toilet for about 5-10 minutes until it stopped. It was a real walk of shame returning to the dinner table afterwards.

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Garden habanero (not a grocery store habanero).

I have hot sauce in most of my meals and I consider my tolerance pretty high after years of capsaicin addiction, but that habanero kicked my ass. Popped it in, chewed it up, tasted great, hotter than I expected, but not unreasonably so. Swallowed, five minutes later I started shaking, sweat started pouring off me, then I shit my pants, threw up, and lay shivering on the bathroom floor for a while. Drank half a gallon of milk trying to calm my digestive system down. Burning hot coal in my center for a couple of days.

Grocery store peppers are selected for shelf life, not taste or hotness. Garden peppers are the way to go if you want to get fucked up or make sauce that'll fuck you up.

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is this some whypipo can't handle spicy copypasta?

>> No.12063295

I know it reads like a shitpost but it's a true story. That farmers market (6th ave, tacoma) closed down about 2 years ago I think. Sad.

>> No.12063367

>tripping on acid
>someone I know offers me dip, not knowing I'm tripping
>eating handfuls cause I haven't eaten much yet
>5 minutes
>all cool
>instant flash of heat
>sudden out-of-body experience
>just watching myself on fire
It was fun in a weird way, don't know if I'd try again. I think it was ghost peppers or something

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This is the scene where Kang gets sent home early.

What is the sauce he adds to his C ration? Is that tabasco?

>> No.12063530


That is the second hottest thing I've found in the store after actual peppers. I used to put it on everything. PAQUI ghost pepper chips are pretty spicy too.

>> No.12064303

Vegetable curry from my favorite Thai place after they randomly switched cooks. I used to get "Hot" there because it was more like a spicy Medium, then one day I ordered my regular and it was so horrendously spicy that it took 2 days of me mixing it in with extra rice and coconut milk to eat.The next time I ordered I asked about it and they said so-and-so took over the kitchen. I toned it down to Medium after that but oh once in a while it was worth it to get Hot... now they're closed and I weep for all the times I said "ehh I'll just get medium today."

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I am gay btw

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I grew a carolina reaper. When the wind blew just right you could smell the spicyness coming off the plant. I nibbled a small piece off the bottom of the pepper. Never again. Call me a little bitch if you want but i've never shit like that

>> No.12064450

Should have fermented a hot sauce with them if you weren't such a bitch. They mellow over time you little pussfag. Are you white or what?

>> No.12064458

unironically sriracha

>> No.12064480

i split one with a buddy who grew them. two bites and then it was on. he immediately went into a hiccup fit and i just clenched my buttcheeks and salivated. the first flavors you taste before the blinding heat are delicious, but this isn't your dinner pepper to be passed around.

>> No.12065805

It wasn't a sauce but when I was working at a pizza place three years ago the manager there bought a bottle of Blair's 3AM Reserve pepper extract and cooked up a bunch of chicken wings for the crew to eat on a dare that were absolutely smothered in the stuff.

I've never been pepper sprayed before but I'd imagine eating that wing was something close.

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That shit is the hottest natural sauce I've ever tasted. I don't really like extracts. I was traveling in Auckland and went to a bagel place, accidentally grabbed this not knowing what it was and slathered it. After I regained consciousness I immediately bought a bottle and brought it home. Still can't put more than a couple drops on anything.

>> No.12065822

I bought a bottle of this in college, could barely use 1 drop back then. I feel like most dishes I had in thailand would give this a run for its money, though.

>> No.12066709

Farmers market 3rd Street..they have a hot sauce store there..good one to shop tho

>> No.12066728

had that and atomic bomb two days ago..atomic bomb, better flavor, mad dog was intense, but lingered and stayed on the tongue for a good 10 minutes after consumption..over all I would do again..didn't have any severe stomach pain, went to the restroom a few times..nothing painful..would do again
Just take little bits with bread to ease into it..I'm by no means a hot sauce master..just adding to the thread

>> No.12066831

carolina reaper (chip of the actual pepper)
ghost chilli
Orochon spicy ramen challenge in Los Angeles

In that order.

>> No.12066838


I use this on my salads at work. Shit is mellow

>> No.12067408

Dave's Insanity was painful misery for forty five minutes from a half drop. Never had anything like that before. Hottest pepper ive had was a homegrown Pretty Purple Pepper. Fuckers taste awful and are hotter than habenaros I've grown.

>> No.12067409

Anyone else fucking love these?

>> No.12067414

Nevermind it was a Prairie Fire Pepper. Look very similar.

>> No.12067451

I like the final solution, it has a sweeter flavor to it.

>> No.12067469

Some wing joint that was on Man vs. Food and had a spicy wings challenge. In hindsight it wasn’t that bad, I was like 15 at the time, but I do remember my face burned for a good hour afterwards

>> No.12067725

A fresh Habanero straight from the plant.
I was literally unable to speak for at least ten minutes, and the pain endured for at least half an hour.

>> No.12067930

I love just about everything flaming hot except the peanuts since those are too salty. the xxtra hot are near the top but if eat too much my anus figuratively prolapses the next morning

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I ate the hottest blazing wings at buffalo wild wings with ghost pepper in it.

Pretty hot. 2nd hottest was this Indian goat curryi asked for the hottest.

My half Mexican friend posts white ppl can't handle spice memes but thinks the mild at buffalo wild wings is too hot. Such a hypocrite. In fact most American Mexicans are pussies when it comes to spice. But maybe Texan white people are just too powerful.

>> No.12068031

>Texan white people
Um, I hate to break it to you, but texans don't fit that description. Now go whip up some guisado with frijoles and tortillas on the side, Billy Bob Pedro Hernandez.

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Whiter than you m8

>> No.12069135

Not sure if's weaker or stronger than Ultra Death sauce but I tried Sudden Death sauce. It's got a really oily base so the chili stuck to my lips so they were just on fire for ages.

I brought it into my office to join the hot sauce collection. One of my coworkers vowed to finish it before the end of the year and had it with every meal and looking totally miserable but had to quit with 3 months to go when it started making him bleed rectally.

I like hot food too but there comes a point where it's just self-harm.

>> No.12069321

are you a jew zombie?

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