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>Is she back to being /ourgirl/ ck?


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ill get her period going again if you catch my drift
if you know what i mean

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The fuck is wrong with her face?

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actually, no. That makes no sense because when women are pregnant their periods stop.

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yeah i know
what im driving at is that because i am gay i will NOT fuck her
on account of the fact that i am gay

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So strict vegan diets make you more masculine. The soyboy lie confirmed as false.

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>At the beginning of the video, Yovana explained she still believed in the benefits of the raw vegan diet despite having to stop it for her body.
>'I believe it because I felt it,' she said. 'Six years ago, I adopted a raw vegan diet. Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.
>'I was able to overcome addiction like alcoholism and smoking cigarettes.'
I wonder if she ever considered that giving up alcohol and cigarettes might have been what made her feel so much better.

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I have poor facial recognition so I have to ask; is this the same chick from that webm with the vegan sushi that sometimes gets posted here or a different one?

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I believe so.

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Not Emmy, also what the fuck is up with brow/eyelid?

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>she wasn't a real vegan(tm)
>if she was a proper well educated vegan she could have avoided this
>you can get all the nutrients you need if you stick to {my meme vegan diet}

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this isn't so bad but what the fuck is that dip

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I want her to totally 180 to a raw meat diet. God damn the absolute asspain that would engender from her followers could power the US for a year.

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