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Daily reminder that Budweiser is the king of beers, and there is nothing you can do about this.

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The self-proclaimed king of beers a shit.

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Out of my way biatch

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Enjoy your "beer" man, Budweiser is the best tasting beer in the world, and is selling across the globe! No wonder why it is known as the king of beers.

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I will thanks (tips fedora). It even comes with a champagne style cork to pop. Does your piss water do that?

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No but at least our beers come in 24 packs! meaning that you can save a party in no time!

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better beer

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A friend of mine did some work at a Budweiser brewery and told me to never drink that shit after seeing the conditions it was made in.

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*Blocks your path*

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Really? What are the conditions like?

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He didn't say, but it sounded like it just didn't have a very high standard of cleanliness.

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based and budpilled

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Yeah? Sure.

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>Budweiser across the world
Source? I have never seen it anywhere except in the US

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It smelled so yeasty

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This is the REAL Czech Budweiser, not the pale US imitation.

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I have one word for you.


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Move over, coming through.

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Based czechs, unironically my favourite everyday beer.
Too bad it shares a name with the American pisswater.

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I've drank so much of that in my youth that I can't stand it anymore
It's really popular with young & poor people here in Germany.

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Based and czechpilled

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I'm drinking it now! In the UK it's become very popular and doesnt break the bank (about£1.30 a can). It's quite malty which I like and actually has a pleasant flavor.

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Cheers mate. Goes down really well actually

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Get out of the way, the Danes around coming through

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I tried plain Bud the other day and it's actually OK for a beer beer. Definitely better than PBR and Rolling Rock.

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Can't stand the stuff

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What are you, a Swede?

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well, i didn't vote for him

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Nope, I'm British.

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Out of my way pleb filter here

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what the fuck, I was in prague for a month and never bought budvar because I assumed it was the american shit. god damnit

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Don't worry, there is lots of other great beer in Prague, Budweiser just is one of the few exported ones.
(I miss Prague and being able to buy beer for a smaller price than water.)

IIRC, Budweiser (US) somehow managed to win a lawsuit to keep their name, even if Budweiser (Original) literally is one of the first Pilseners in the world. Fucking yankees.

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I can not drink it.

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nothing better than a CAN of ice cold bud

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Oh, that’s a relief. I’m a total beerlet but still enjoyed the offerings there way more than I do in america

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it's another "the world" meaning "america" episode

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what is the point of light beer? how is it so popular, especially at parties where people are trying to become drunk?

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Because a lot of that crowd can't stomach real beer for real men

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And this is the Champagne of Beers

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unironically the best cheap American style lager you can buy, followed closely by Hamm's and Busch.

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Tastes like fizzy rice

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When I worked in an off license my favourite American beer was Miller Genuine Draft.

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Like drinking raw pizza dough

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it goes down easier if you dont really enjoy alcohol. Its easier for these people to chug 12 light beers with 3.8% alcohol than 4 8% high quality beer.

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>drinking green 4 lokos while working at the gas station
i hope nobody can tell

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they can tell.

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Come again?

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what does that even mean?

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Beer makes you fat

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As opposed to where?