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This stuff is so good with rice and a fried egg on top. I am now addicted to this stuff

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Same senpai. I like adding this to some rice and unflavoured cooked tuna.

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you can really taste the gutter oil

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if that's what gutter oil tastes like, I'm all for it! Go China!

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Laoganma ballz

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This shit is amazing for adding flavor to almost anything.

I like to toss my steamed veggies with a teaspoon of this stuff and a bit of sesame oil.

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Black beans in chilli? Gonna try it out, thx an

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I even add this on my fucking spaghetti nowadays. There's no way back.

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I liked it for like a week but now it makes me sick

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How much were you using? The stuff is pretty strong and should be used to lightly season your food.

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>corn syrup...

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every apartment with an asian ive ever viewed has had this condiment.

but it always looked pretty old.
they may not like it much

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since my addiction began my shits are roughly the same volume and consistency, but instead of one solid turd I produce about 12 small ones.

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>buying the small jar
you're not addicted, you pansy.

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I would, but the zipperhead market where I get them don't have the larger jars. Apparently they also make this with penuts in it? How is that?

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the chili crisp and black bean in chili oil are great. You can have some 5/10 takeout Chinese and use some of this on the rice/soup to make it much better.

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You need some oyster jesus, anon.

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Honestly? Underwhelming. I had high expectations, but it's pretty meh. The blackbeans however are very salty, but also very good.

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