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How do I get drunk on as few calories as possible?

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Straight vodka or similar clear spirits. A bottle of vodka is about 1600 kcal and it's pretty much all from alcohol.

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Use phenobarbital instead

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dude I'm high on life, you might try it sometime!

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Everclear. It's like 90% alcohol or something right.

If you drank 3 shots it would probably be the equivalent of 4-8 shots of some other drink. Those aren't hard numbers but you get what I mean. Taste will be hard to choke down though same for the burn of the alcohol will be more intense.

Better off just drinking vodka.

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Butt Chug. 0 calories

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Don't eat, and drink vodka. Has a faster, stronger effect on an empty stomach, but it might give you a stomachache too. And don't overdo it, easy way to become an alcoholic and develop a ton of problems.

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Thats a relatively simple to answer question, isnt it? Drink the drink that has the highest alcohol content. Also will help if you drink in a fasted state/dont have anything in your stomach.

Do keep in mind that alcohol still has 7kcal per gram, which is more than protein and carbs (which have 4). So even if you drink pure alcohol, you will always get calories.

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I'm never sure if people like you are trolling or genuinely retarded.
Alcohol has calories. If you get drunk on it it's because it's in your blood stream. If it's in your blood stream you are deriving calories from it.

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Mate, getting drunk occasionally will not be the thing that causes you to lose weight. Only if you do it all the time or have an unrelated dietary imbalance will you gain weight.

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*getting drunk occasionally will not be the thing that causes you to GAIN weight

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This is bad advice. One shot (1.5oz) of Everclear 190 proof would have 190 calories but the 80 proof vodka equivalent (about 3.6 oz) would only have 152 calories.

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barbiturates and pure ethanol.

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durrr yeah, take a couple of tylenol first too then it will really hit you!

NO. Retarded advice. Drinking on an empty stomach will give you ulcers and ruin your livers/organs way faster than drinking with a full stomach.

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Have as little bodyfat as possible.

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Butt chug

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OP didn't ask for the safest and healthiest way. If he did it once, it won't be a big deal. And I told him it will cause problems if done too often.

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Alcohol up the ass
You don’t digest any of it so it’ll go directly to your blood stream

The only issue is that it might have a relatively high chance of killing you by alcohol poisoning

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>You don’t digest any of it so it’ll go directly to your blood stream

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Don't drink too often so your tolerance stays low. Alcohol isn't my favorite thing, so I don't have it too often, but when I do have it even just one or two beers have a noticeably strong effect.

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Drink on an empty stomach.
Google says whiskey is lower calories than vodka.

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Nope nevermind, I must be dyslexic.

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Reminder that this dude blew his head up with fireworks

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Drink moonshine

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yeah, nah

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Nobody sets off roman candles like Gaston.

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>>40% ABV
Wow, you really are a poser aren't you?

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Everclear and powdered sugar free beverage mix.
Sounds like a good way to get the shakes and see pink elephants, though.
I'd be dead if I drank like that, pretty sure I've already gone into ketoacidosis a few times binging.

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The difference is where the calories come from. Ehtyl derived sugars will destroy your liver and make your piss sweet more than making you fat.

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this or
>do not eat for a day
>do not drink water for a day
>start drinking vodka

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Go to getdrunknotfat dot com.

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If you wrote that, motherfucking bravo.

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Calories are the measurment of stored energy and we just blindly thought its the cause of obesity because oil and oily foods are highly caloric, most oils can be used in old NA diesel engines as fuel and coincidentally our bodies store oils as fuel
but we can't store alcohol in our bodies so it won't make you fat

>inb4 beer belly
have you ever drank 6 small bottles of water in one sitting and then thought to yourself that you are really fucking need something fat to eat?
now replace water with beer and you have pretty common situation

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Beer bellies are real. The fucked up part is it comes partially from swollen organs. They used to call it pickled.

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Is this OC? literally what the fuck guy, you should get signed to a label homie

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Just start drinking in the morning before breakfast when your stomach is already empty.

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this post is insane and wrong but you got dubs so I guess you're based

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Get a syringe, the sell them for teeth irrigation
Get some Everclear
Fill up the syringe
Lube the outside of the syringe with KY
Squirt the E up your ass
EOTH is absorbed from your colon directly into your bloodstream
Bypassing your stomach and small intestines
100% absorbtion, not the 20% your stomach normally does
Drunk off your ass, literally, in no time cheap and easy

Warning: If you have Anal Fissures or Bleeding Internal Hemorrhoids, DO NOT USE THIS METHOD

If you are really poor and need the peace that a good drunk will bring, you can also stuff alcohol rubbing pads up your ass, this type of alcohol is really bad for your liver, but if you are really desperate, well why not

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Pure ethanol.

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>How do I get drunk on as few calories as possible?
Think low carb diet!
Avoiding the sugar, so the virtually only sugar left is the actual alcohol content. Vodka wins.

Vodka, diet mixers or seltzer water, twist of lime.
Vodka cranberry (minimal cranberry)
Vodka mojito. Again think more lime seltzer than actual lime juice or sugar. Load up on the mint leaves

Michelob Ultra beer. They worked really hard to get a decent flavor for only 2.5 carbs and under 100 cals.

Wine spritzers if you stick to dry wine, keep the sugar low. Dry sherry (not cream sherry), can be dry.

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