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only in Amer*ca

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Is it vegan?

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Anything is vegan if you're a fucking liar

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Why not just use real cheddar cheese?

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Why pay full price when you can buy this shallow fraud of an imitation for probably half the cost?

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Does it melt tho?

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My preferred brand.

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>Now Melts!

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And I'll bet you idiots have never tried it.
Which make you super qualified to comment, your vast experience speaks volumes.
Just shut the fuck up and skip this thread if you have never tried such a product and can only speak from your brainlet assholes.

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>process topping

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Why are you so mad at people saying an imitation is not as good as the real product?

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Because they have never tried it before. What makes them qualified to say it tastes bad when they have never tasted it? Its a serious flaw in logic, and only proves they are stupid.

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How do you know they've never tried it? I mean that stuff is widely available.

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AIDS is widely available, I don't need to have it to have an opinion on it.

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I heard somewhere that you are stupid, so it must be true!
Okay Einstein, get in line for another award.

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>valu time products
Nobody buys this shit.

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