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Reddit is better for recipes. Pic unrelated, it's a Chicago Italian beef.

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Then go there and never come back.

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Obvious fpbp, take a fucking hike

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On reddit there's just recipes. Here you have to sift though 30 meme posts about mcdonalds, vegans, bald men who only eat meat, gay btw posters, hot sauce memes, and /pol/ agendaposters

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How will /ck/ ever recover?

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You forgot about “huh?” and “based and redpilled” posters you racist cunt.

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>he doesn't know how to use filters

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By hopefully not being the opening board of clover in a future update.

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>Chicago Italian beef.
worst sandwich ever

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Those posts are what I'm here for

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OP is a fag.

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on reddit there's also rampant pseudo intellectualism for internet points that often goes unchecked and people waste their time writing soft essays arguing over subjective bs instead of just getting to the point and calling each other faggots.

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