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American classic, and a great sandwich

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And so many potential variations.
>apply garlic herb butter to the exterior of the bread
>apply thinly spread alfredo sauce on the interior of the slices
>apply mozzarella, provolone, and romano to the interior
>serve with tomato-basil soup

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I make mine with tuna.

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We make grilled cheese with ham and call it “handy toast” where I live.

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That is a melt. It is also a great form of toasted sandwich, but it is no more a grilled cheese than a Reuben is.

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is the mayo on the outside thing any good?

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Yes, it toasts very crispy without the greasiness of butter.

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Based purist. How do you.feel about Mayo on the outside instead of butter?

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Why does my grilled cheese only melt on the edges? Do I need to use a smaller hob?

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Cooking too quickly at too high a temperature.

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You’re a fucking melt, anon.

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I think I should stop using the largest part of the stove. On med-low it's still hot as fuck

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reddit comment

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I put leftover pasta in mine

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Best way is to toast the bread with toaster, place single slice of American cheese in middle, nuke for 10sec

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Do it with Hollandaise and you're set.

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based and good taste pilled

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How to make a grilled cheese:
1) Buttered white bread
2) Greased pan
3) American cheese
4) Cut diagonally

How to make any other sandwich, melt, or open-face:
1) Do anything else

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Sometimes, your cooking surface is non-ideal for tall elements like a grilled cheese. Here's the fix: if you're cooking in a pan, find a cover for that pan. If it's on a griddle, find a metal object that will cover the item being cooked.

Then, splash about a tablespoon of water into the pan or onto the griddle, and immediately cover the water and food item. Wait a minute, then uncover and continue to cook normally. The heat transfer from the steam will have perfectly melted any stubborn cheese.

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I like mine stuffed with velveeta. It's a bit ghetto but it's my childhood.

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American cheese is terrible for grilled cheese. Sharp cheddar or bust

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Is he trying to trick me into ruining my toaster?

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Sharp cheddar is too sharp, overwhelms the toasted buttery bread and the tomato soup. Mild cheddar if you need to be a douchebag, but American is best.

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Velveeta slices were engineered for grilled cheese. There is no shame in consuming such a sandwich.

Split sharp cheddar with low-moisture mozzarella is outstanding. Shred both into a bowl, toss, and apply to the sandwich. The moz fixes the poor melt properties of the cheddar.

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