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In the Netherlands, we drink really tiny foamy beer

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Congrats, unironically, good job man

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nederlandets are a joke of country just like their tiny foamy crap bier

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I toured the Heineken factory in Amsterdam. They tried to justify both of these things. Made me laugh. We only got two small glasses of beer at the end. I was informed that they used to provide unlimited drinks back in the day.

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It's not a shit idea so the beer stays cooler. Just have 25 instead of 12

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Hey dutchfag, why is popular dutch beer called Bavaria? I didn’t get it.

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Did you cry? Because I want to drink your tears

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This is why Grolsch is superior, stuck up Amsterdam folk try and squeeze out tourists all the time.

imo Bavaria tastes like shit

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Holland (kingdom) is just part of the Netherlands you fucktard.

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They would be extremely salty

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Because /his/

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Bullshit. You've got big beers too.

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Kölsch in Germany is served in a similar manner.
This is done because it would get stale pretty fast in larger glasses and the beer head is more stable when served like this.

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Because when they started the brewery they named it after the Bavaria region in Germany which is known for specific kinds of beer (lager and low fermentation. That is the kind of beer Bavaria strives and identifies itself to.

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you are large

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I read that as Neanderlets and keked.

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Hertog jan best beer

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Bavaria is just popular in one certain region, i'd take Jupiler or Palm over bavaria any day.

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May as well drink any random no-name brand, you'll have 50-50 odds it's the same or better.
Never quite understood how it got as popular/widespread as it did, but I guess being bland and inoffensive can be strong points on occasion.

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I feel similar about it. It’s very drinkable and not very strong. When I went to Japan they couldn’t get enough of the stuff, almost every bar served it. Japanese beers are also pretty light, so I guess that’s just what they like.

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too small for me....

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Looks like a Kolsch

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Is Heineken the European equivalent of Coors/Bud?

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>not nederlandlets
So close

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Yes. Only the most degenerate alcoholics drink heineken. Mostly from scheveningen.

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Dutchbro here. Evade pilseners except Hertog Jan and just drink craft beer.

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Don't care. Holland sounds better than Netherlands.

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I remember that tour. I walked through the whole place wondering why it smelled like horse shit in a stable. Turns out they did turn part of it into a horse stable, as those draft horses pull a cart with barrels advertising the factory tour in Amsterdam. Honestly, a great place I found for a small beer and some jenever/fruit brandy/liquor was a place called Wynand Fokink, in a tiny alleyway right off of the red light district. Apparently Wynand Fokink was a jenever distillery that was around for a few hundred years and somehow survived into modern days. I need to go back there again.

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> one of the largest caucasians around
> landlets
No such thing.

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