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This sauce any good???

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fuck off

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I tried a bit of it on rice and then threw it out because it tastes like a deer's asshole. Stick to franks, you won't regret it.

>> No.12022555

Never seen it at a grocery store, do want to try though

>> No.12022557

fell for the meme, bought it and used about 1/10th of the bottle before chucking it
i'll stick to crystal and el yucateco tyvm

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Why do you know the taste of a deer's asshole?

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No. It's just some sweet sauce. Try YellowBird's Habanero it's really good.

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It's decent,but cholula is tastier and cheaper


Might as well just use pure vinegar

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I was considering this one, what's the $/oz where you got it

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My nigga, that shit is so based. It's like Tabasco's older brother that drives an '87 Trans Am and doesn't afraid of anything.
Cholula makes this awesome pineapple habanero sauce, keep an eye out for it if you havent tried it. It's a little fruit forward more than spicy, but it goes great with shrimp and grits or southwest dishes

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I bought that shit off amazon because whole foods is $7.99 a bottle. A couple weeks later I saw it at world market for like the same price

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based question asker

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Fuck off

>> No.12025743

real talk it's pretty good
pretty watery too
think of it like spicy ketchup

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i unironically enjoy it. if youre the kind of person who goes through a hot sauce bottle in a few weeks i'd take the plunge

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its pretty tomato forward; i mix a bit of ketchup to thicken it a bit and dip my fries in it

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Fuck off salesman, they don't even sell that shit near here

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Good for you to shill with, but utter crap otherwise.

>> No.12026543

How much to you get paid to shill that crap pajeet?

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