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For me, it’s Yellowbird

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for me, it's Left Secret Aardvark

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Is Aardvark really that good or is it just a meme? I can't find the stuff locally and an 8 ounce bottle on amazon is 8 bucks before shipping.

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it's a meme, it'd be good if it was 3 dollars but it's basically watery habanero ketchup

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I bet it's not even genuine Manuka honey, probably pumped full of HCFS

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this poster isnt wrong but i like it regardless

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I hate myself, but this is honestly the pinnacle of sauces.

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Could you recommend a decent hot sauce then? Something that's got good heat, flavor and isn't priced so stupidly would be great.

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For me? Its el yucateco

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this is the correct opinion....all others fall short

seriously try it, and thank me later

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OP was right, Yelliwbird is the perfect mix of flavor and heat.

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Valentino OG or extra hot are excellent from both a flavor and heat perspective and are pretty cheap
If you want more of a purist vinegar hot sauce with formidable heat, Tabasco scorpion sauce is my go-to for eggs

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I'm never buuying it or even trying it, even if free simply because I had to filter these threads. One autist made 300 threads per day last year. Never, ever, ever fucking buying this gay shit.

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For me? It's McDonald™ Sweet Curry sauce.

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Tastes like shit, this and the purple sriracha.

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