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Now that the dust has settled, what is the general consensus on Red Vines?

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Red vines are licorice. Twizzlers are not.

>> No.11968092

If it's red it's not licorice.

>> No.11968098

all candy is garbage

eat fruit

>> No.11968153

That's not true. What about good candy?

>> No.11968451

no such thing.

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Red Vines are the most vile fucking candy I've ever tasted. Everything about them, the flavor, texture, fucking everything is garbage.

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love 'em

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No u r

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What dust?
When did it settle?

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red vines are and always will be the superior fake licorice candy. Twizzlers are waxy and disgusting
pic related. get the hell off my board you fucking tastelet

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red vines are better stale. buy them at dollar tree where all the candy is stale

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The more I look at this picture, the more wonderful things I find inside it.

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Ugh why can't people just eat black licorice? It's not that bad

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Can you Imagine there was once a point in human history, where flavor and candy were so scarce, that someone invented black licorice, and it was not only accepted, but celebrated as candy. Glad I was born in the right century.

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Is there another candy I can use as a straw for my Dr. Pepper? No? Got it, Red Vines still king.

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mr pibb and red vines equals crazy delicious

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American candy is fucking horrible.
It all tastes like soap.

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This. They're better chewy. I buy a package, open them, leave them for a week, then eat them

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Nigger feed.

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>Now that the dust has settled
kill yourself

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Razzles are the over wieght accountant that waited until his mid fifties to start transitioning to a woman and thus is so unpassable and unconvincing he kills himself a week after the surgery when his toddler nephew asked why his new aunts so ugly and manish looking version of candy.

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based and redpilled
cringe and bluepilled
retard who doesn't know what he's talking about
cringefest USA
Racist asshole

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twizzlers are better, but I'd still eat red vines if I was hungry. also wtf, >>11971568
razzles are fucking good. you're just projecting your weird insecurities onto them.

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>KINGS Candy cigarettes
i'm surprised the Democrats still allow this
>Boston Baked Beans
i'm thinkin' bout those beans desu
what are those? I remember them that one Seinfeld where George turns blue

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Excellent as a straw for blow. Fits in your nose perfectly

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