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>"WHAT? You put CREAM in your carbonara? You absolute idiot, the Italians clearly said we weren’t allowed to do that!"

A carbonara with cream is infinitely more superior than one without. Yet still, the average yuro starts seething at the thought of cream in carbonara because it is not "authentic Italian" (as if that is an argument).

Why is that? Are yuros obsessed with the illusion that their "genuine" food is superior to other food? Or are they simply retarded?

Or maybe their outdated dishes is all the yuros have left and now they throw a tantrum at anyone who dares point out that their food is mediocre at best.

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I think it's better without cream. I accept that you do not. Now calm down, you fucking ape. The aversion to it is a result of the general aversion to the general vulgarity of Americans and American "cuisine"

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>more superior.

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You seem to care just as much anon. Most of us don't give a shit. Eat what you want to eat, don't make such a fuss about it, jesus.

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>what, you put greentext in your bait?

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>Any restaurant "carbonara"
>most likely pasta with a shitty bechamel and if you're unlucky, ham instead of bacon

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calm down, it's only pasta

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>doesnt have a poached egg on it

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I don't give a fuck if it's authentic or not but cream just dilutes the flavor.

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Just like Alton Brown said, if you want great buffalo wings don't eat it in buffalo. People who cook dishes from their own region never try to improve by going outside the box.

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if you put cream in carbonara, it's no longer carbonara.

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That sounds like utter bullshit

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Fuck Alton Brown, Buffalo is the best place to get wings. End of story.

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Cumming in your mom did not stop her from being your mom.

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Mate you can put cream in your pasta dish if you want but it's not a carbonara.

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no. that's how she became my mom, obviously. before that she wasn't

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It's bacon spaghetti, stop pretending it's high class.

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fuck alton brown, dumbass has never been a cook or a chef or anything. all he did was follow instructions from the teleprompter that his writing team wrote.

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Son, I...

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Fuck you. We are just as annoyed with their constant BS as you guys.

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You think we're fucking with eggs on the line? I don't make carbonara rn but I can see us using a morney with pancetta. That's probably what you're used to. Authentic carbonara is home made.

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Yea seriously once you start adding other shit to a specific dish it's no longer that dish anymore.

Spaghetti and meat balls or pie, or pizza, etc, can have tons of variations but its a broad term. Carbonara is what it is, because of the ingrediants used and methods to cook.

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A carbonara with egg is genuine food. A carbonara with cream is genuine food too, but it's not a carbonara.

I used to eat carbonara regularly when I lived in Italy, it's one of my favourite pastas. Then I moved to a different country, tried a carbonara here and found that I just can't stomach it. It's not just about how bland cream is, people seem to show a preference towards using heavy or double cream and that just makes the dish heavy and unpleasant.

To make matters worse some places add mushrooms, garlic, onions, sub the pancetta for ham, add chicken, and barely add any parmesan or pecorino. At this point why would you even bother to call it carbonara? Carbonara isn't just an umbrella term for white sauce pasta.

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I'd also like to point out that the carbonara in OP's post is authentic.

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Samefag and namefag, kill it with fire

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Adding a minor ingredient to a dish doesn't change the name of the dish. Putting paprika in your spaghetti doesn't make it not spaghetti. You don't have to appease people by calling it "Spaghetti with Paprika" or something.

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you are essentially talking about a vocal minority of retard purists. do what you want, call it what you want but no one in italy will tell you it's carbonara because quite simply it is not but that doesn't mean you cooked bad food.

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it's not that cream in carbonara is bad, it's that it is a crutch. If someone puts cream in their carbonara their cooking skill is suspect

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Egg + pecorino + pastawater = cream

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i'm inclined to agree with >>11943341 >>11942498 >>11942826 >>11942860
afaik, carbonara is a pasta dish sauced with egg, some kind of hard cheese, some kind of fatty pork, and pepper. Maybe you can add mushrooms or chicken and pass it as carbonara but I think adding cream fundamentally changes the sauce into a besciamella or mornay and so its no longer a carbonara
>ultimately >>11942468 this though

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It depends on the dish. If you add paprika to spaghetti al ragù, it's still spaghetti al ragù. If you add paprika to spaghetti alla bolognese, that's not part of the recipe - bolognese ragù is a specific type of meat sauce, so if you make changes to it you're no longer making bolognese sauce.

With recipes that call for specific ingredients adding, swapping and removing ingredients unequivocally means that you're no longer making the same dish.

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cream, peas, ham and kraft cheese

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>Noodle niggers actually argue about this.

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If you wanted alfredo, just make alfredo.

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I'll one up your salt.
In Asian countries, they call pasta with canned mushroom sauce carbonara.

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came here to post this

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This is OP by the way.

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why did you find that?

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majority of /ck/ is female and a lot of them are chubby little south east asians so that would make sense

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just no
it was "invented" by americans in france during wwII

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Carbonara for the lazy fucks out there:


Use guanciale, pancetta, or bacon. Wa la ya filthy animals

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Spaghetti is a name of a noodle, not a dish. Also, spices can make or break a certain dish. Adding paprika to Carbonara would change not only the taste, but over all feel and even look.

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Are you to retarded to even google it's origins?

It's a Roman dish. As in Rome Italy, been around ever since semolina noodles were a thing in Italy.

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>now melts

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"authenticity" is all they have to cling to since american culture has eclipsed all but few cultures across the world. euros wear our clothes. they eat our food. they watch our movies. they listen to our music. they read our literature, view our art.

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>sous vide carbonara
you got to be fucking kidding

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god italians are such faggots

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Just sous vide that cream/eggs so retards don’t over cook the eggs in the pan.

Personally even though I have an SV, I prefer the pan method. Much quicker

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I hate italians and MUH TRADITIONfags, but creamless carbonara is better by miles.

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Once you use cream, it is simply no longer a carbonara. You can do whatever you want to your pasta dishes, but don't them things they are not. You can enjoy your creamy pasta, to each their own. But it's not a carbonara if it uses cream.

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But don't call them*

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Jesus christ

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>add cream
add some butter aswell while you're at it

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what happened to /ck/? it was kind of boring but it was comfy
you don't see /an/ doing this kind of thing (outside of the pitbull threads at least)

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suck it down you stupid euro cucks

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before I watch this let me guess what he's going to add:
・stock pot
・olive oil

edit: yup I was right

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>"there's no real recipe"
>My Italian mother

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>i had an Italian mother so putting oil in water must be a good thing to do

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what the fuck this is absolutely horrifying. why would you ever do this? an actual carbonara is so quick and easy to make. Cheaper with less ingredients too.

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is there anything more cucked than unironically using a sous vide technique?

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>majority of /ck/ is female

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using a wojak

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ok, now THIS is epic.

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Maybe that or you know being a three star Michelin chef

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I'm a euro and I prefer creambonara, it has a better flavour and texture in my opinion, however I wouldn't impose it on other people.

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how bout some vegan carbonara


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>women can cook

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ill give you some cream-boner-a

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>italian dish
>all yuros
Seething american detected

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>go to italy
>there's no alfredo sauce in fettuccine alfredo in italy
Absolute meme

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I add peas to mine, it's how my dad makes it and if i don't add them it feels like something is missing

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Your dad is gone. Just let go and move on. Peas don’t belong in carbonara.

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moms carbonara is way better than any restaurant carbonara ive had

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he probably had some with capers in it and didn't know what they where so when he made it at home he just put peas in there cause it looked right

>> No.11947804

Nah he likes capers, so I doubt that is the case, I'll see him tomorrow so I'll ask him

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Arguing about THE recipe for something like that is retarded in itself. there are as many recipes as there were households. Some will have used cream, some won't. Andthat will be the case today as well.

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Italians are a scientific experiment to determine if the world's most insufferable group of people can be created just off of a love of mediocre food.

>Slavish devotion to their shitty grandmas who probably just stewed everything for six days
>'Respect' for ingredients that they stole from literally every other place around the world that uses them better
>Insistence on preserving their 'culture' which basically consists of being the roman's inbred sister-fucking cousins

fuck italy and fuck you for supporting italy

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