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Thoughts on this?

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Unironically good

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i have an opinion but i am not sharing

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Goes best mixed with black cum for a delightful hot and savory fry sauce.

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>plastic bottle
>a meme

it's shit fuck you for ever convincing me to buy this.

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Everybody who's actually tried it thinks it's great. Most people who hate it have never tried it, or ordered a bottle for $20 and were expecting some million scoville hot sauce because they're retarded and felt burnt that they spent so much on what's just a really solid table sauce.

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Thanks I'm never buying this

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kinda tomatoey; i like mixing it half-half with ketchup and dipping my frenchie fries in it

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Saw some guy holding a bottle of this in the parking lot with a grossed out look on his face and a pile of french fries on the ground like they gad been slammed onto it. I walked up to him and he looked like he was fighting the urge to vomit so grabbed it out of his hand and threw it in the dumpster. He thanked me and asked "Hey, how'd you know?". I just winked. "Garbage belongs in the garbage, my man."... and he just smiled back and nodded.

We're still friends to this day.

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btw i'm gay

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btw you're banned :)

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That sounds pretty good, Anon.
I'm gonna give this a try soon

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Bought it.
Tastes like hot/fire sauce from taco bell, with some more seasoning.
Nothing impressive at all.

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My wife’s boyfriend said it was nasty and threw it away. I hid a bottle under the hood of my Prius though. :O

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>vark sauce isn't popular
>/ck/ adores it
>vark sauce gets popular
>seekay hates it

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got some just to live up to the meme, actually a staple in my fridge now thanks seekay

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Unlike your wife, huh?

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Haha based!!

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Packaging is cute

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It's a shit and you should feel bad for this post!

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bought it and hate it. only 10 dollars but i regret it, it taste like Valentina with more heat. But i fucking hate Valentina, give me this vomit taste flash back from the first time i got blackout drunk and nearly drowned in my vomit. fuck both of these sauces.

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It tastes nothing like Valentina...

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it gave me the same vomit taste as Valentina

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Sounds like you have an allergy to some common ingredient and also have defective taste buds.

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possibly. everyone seems to love both of those sauces and i just taste puke and am confused. maybe it's me.

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I like how thicc it is compared to the runny shit that's usually recommended here. It reminds me of Taco Bell fire sauce, which I love, but a little more garlicy. Not super hot as others have noted but it won't overpower stuff so it's a winner in my book.

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It's not terrible, but it's a bit too sweet. And I never found any food that I preferred using it over any other hot sauce, so it just sits in the cupboard and rarely ever gets used.

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easily one of the best hot sauces around

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the only hot sauce I've ever tried that earned a permanent place in my fridge is chipotle tabasco

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super-tasters are especially sensitive to bitter and sour tastes. I find many sauces too vinegary.

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Valentina is just cheap Tapatio-lite

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My guess is like all store bought sauces it's gotta have shelf life, and is made with vinegar, which is sadly the last ingredient that should be in hot sauce to begin with. I wish there were more options for real hot sauce that I didn't have to fly to San Diego for or make at home.

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Huh, I can only find white colored cum. Do you ned to ferment it like black garlic or something?

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Nice level of heat, not overpowering but definitely not mild. Lots of tomato flavor and slightly sweet. I find it goes well on a lot of food but my favorites are pizza and stuff like tacos/burritos/nachos. /ck/ hates it because it's a meme but it's actually a sold and versatile hot sauce.

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did you really not know it was in a plastic bottle before purchase?

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>another hot sauce thread

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