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Based HowToBBQRight uploaded a new video

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Kinda half assed. Nashville hot chicken is crispy breaded fried chicken, but the whole thing that makes it special is the homemade chili oil made with LARD.
They completely skipped this single item that defines the recipe, so discarded.
Instead they use some proprietary "let me sell you a premade mix because you cant possibly mix spices yourself", and mix it with fucking mayonnaise? Fucking failure. I want my ten minutes back, and I hope these low IQ southerners are in a coal mining accident.

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>double bread with breaded meat then double bread
Given that this is Nashville I'm guessing a lot of people need their insulin after this carbfest. This looks like British collaboration, where are the beans?

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>no cayenne lard drizzle
thank you for your post
I was about to watch the video, but now I know not to waste my time
what an atrocity

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what is this bread even called?

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secessionist bread

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texas toast

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but what if you don't toast it?

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that is a califorina cut loaf

typical texas
steal it from somewhere else and then try to claim it for your own

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Looks like shit desu

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