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I've never had Chipotle (or moes or any mex fast food) is it worth it or can I just make it at home for half the price?

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worth it for the convenience. who keeps all those ingredients ready to go in their personal kitchen?

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im a simple man i only like lettuce and sour creme on my tacos. it would probably be a waste to go to chipotle and pay $10 for a tiny empty taco

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I don't know of any store that will sell, say, a single tortilla or any of the other ingredients you'll need to make a similar burrito in small enough quantities for the cost to be worth it. If you're up for making them in bulk then hell yes you can make them far cheaper.

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Chipotle went downhill and I wouldn't recommend it.

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Depends on what you want. A simple chicken burrito with rice and beans and whatever is 7$ which really isnt terrible for the halfway decent quality. Everything else is too expensive imo. And the quality varies from location to location.

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what about the yearly food poisoning stories

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The place sucks, been there twice. I figured I'd give it a second chance since it was near where I worked. Both times sucked and I'll never go to one again. It's more fun to get out of an office, find a dirty water dog or a kinish and chill out for a while. Standing in line for some chipotle shit just isn't the way I do things.

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Just from looking at the title and seeing her face I am 100% certain I would hate her in real life.
That being said, I would smash the fuck out of that

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Literally happens at every establishment. Chipotle is just reported on because it's supposed to be "high end" fast food and fresh and all that dumb shit

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do an xray on /r

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Also the health violations, and there's morons with nothing better to do but stand in line and order using some stupid terminology like programmed robots.

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She's just Greek that's all

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I liked the first pic better..

Still would

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I'm greek and i can sadly say our women never age well

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They all end up looking the same

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My best friend in school in NYC was Greek, his mom was was pretty cute. The only annoying thing was that if I was chilling out and studying with him, his mom would always try to push food on me. It would be rude to say no, so sometimes we just ended up studying on fire escapes. Good times, we weren't fags or anything we both just wanted to be away from our parents watching us 24/7, that shit gets annoying, fast.

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they either get moon faced or 200lbs with pencil thin eyebrows and over stylized hair
yeah the food things is rough sometimes. I have dinner at my yia yias sometimes and she always tries to get to me have a 2nd or 3rd helping when i clearly dont want any more

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...Then there're neighbors watching too.
Listen and learn you younglings, when your parents aren't around anymore it can be a lonely world.

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Moon faced? That's a new one, kind of the opposite of raccoon eyes? Some chicks make that a profession.

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moon faced as in large round cheeks even if the rest of them arent super fat. typically you see moonface on short chubby girls but not always

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Nice trips. Given that description, I've seen moon faced chicks. I just don't deal with them, they always look dodgy and weird.

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if you look up actress allison pill, thats a good example. just a very round face

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Yeah you're right on that one, how about this one...

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it sucks compared to west coast hole in the walls. sauce and rice is bland, no onions, and the meat is second rate.

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>sour cream

Most of these things keep quite a while and aren't hard to come by.

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Taco Bell is much better and easily a third of the price. If you want Chipotle you might as well just go to a real fucking taqueria.

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For taste, local joint. For convenience, Taco Bell

Chipotle has no reason to exist in my world paradigm

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it's take-away food from a chain, a bit on the junk side but not nearly as bad as McDonald's.
Ok once in a while when you leave work late and are just too tired to go out or get real food.

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That's a sad excuse for going to chipotle.
You should feel sad and cry in a closet like a democrat in a fetal position because Trump won over shillary.

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Here's another moon face example

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>easily a third of the price
Not anymore

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haha, looks like some stupid hippy bitch.

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I'll see that and raise you this dumb cunt.

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She really looks like the type to stand in line at chipotle. Moon faced and stupid, maybe some middle manager type that does nothing but suck off someone and gets paid nothing for it.

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This thread has gotten way off topic

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