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What's good for somebody that's never had any alcohol before? I've tried sake and it tasted like cough syrup.

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if you don't like the taste you can soak a tampon in vodka or something and insert it rectally

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next time you rinse with mouthwash, don't spit

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No way

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So you have had alcohol before then.
Just drink a beer at first or maybe a simple mixed drink like a rum and cola or a gin and tonic or screwdriver. And don't pour a shitload of boose in them either when you're new. Get to know your limit slowly and reasonably.

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Cats alre deathly intolerant to alcohol. Do not try this.

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Start with these bad boys

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Ask yourself "Why?"

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2 beers. That's all you need, just push through those bad boys and you'll be drunk in no time. Make sure you don't have to work til laye the next day. I usually start at 8pm since I have to work at 1pm.

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dont know why people say they're terrible hangovers, never had a problem. maybe just make sure you drink a lot of water with it

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Here's a secret for you bro, alcohol tastes like shit. You're not going to enjoy it starting off. Give it some time and you'll get a taste for it.

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Any cheap red wine, they're all good.

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Hard cider.

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Get some rtds most places have some where you can quite literally not even taste the alcohol, just tastes like a fizzy drink. Just be prepared to be made fun of when drinking if you're at a party or something

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you need to be 18 to post here. Reported.

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>somebody that's never had any alcohol before?
>I've tried sake
>never had
>I've tried
forgive my autism, but does not compute

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watching someone drink whiskey for the first time then destroying their sense of taste for 3 days never gets old.

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not sure how much liquid can be absorbed in a tampon, but it would probably be enough to cause alcohol poisoning

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Apple cider, any light/fruity beer, sweet mixes, creams in coffee/hot chocolate are all easy way to get started with alcohol. Once you're used to the alcohol taste you can try just about anything, though wine is it's own category imo so don't associate your wine experiences with other drinks.

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If you're a woman, try wine coolers.
If you're a man, beer and neat whisky are your only acceptable choices.

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it's now a dead cat
idiots are cat killers

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rum and coke
buy a pitcher of whatever cocktail a place is serving
chug a bottle of sourz

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inbe4 this turns into an alcoholism thread

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put down a couple natty daddys. After that try anything else and it'll taste fine

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