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>Due to Trudeau's nationalization of our grocery stores, Canadians have resorted to only eating cheap foods (Kraft Dinner). The insanely inflated prices of our grocery products were the direct result of Trudeau's bold new strategy to combat rising prices in his nations markets.

>But also due to the liberals cutting back on natural gas production, nobody but the rich uses stoves now. Canadians are resorting to making their Kraft Dinner in their kitchen sink. A trend dubbed "Tub mac", which started in 2017.

>Canadian health advisory has recommended that this is not a healthy or sanitary way to cook a meal, and has urged Canadians to not participate in this new trend.

Pots are fucking expensive in Canada. Each family has 1 maybe 2 good pots big enough to cook for a family. You burn them and its tub mac from there on out.

A typical meal in most places in Canada is either deer meat or tub mac. Sometimes moose if you live close to a first nations reserve because if your white you cant legally own a licence to hunt moose.

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where's the source for this? can't find it on google.

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how do you heat the water without a stove? how do you drain it when the noodles are cooked?

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Making Mac and Cheese in the sink is basically a tradition here. What the fuck are you on about dumbass.

Keep your fucking sink clean and use soap. Nothing at all wrong with it faggot.

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>how do you heat the water without a stove?
Microwave boiling water and pour in
>how do you drain it when the noodles are cooked?
Stick your hand in and open the drain. Zero clean up.

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>using literal DISHWATER
lmaoing at ur life desu

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Jordan Peterson's twitter

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>forcing yourself to wash a pot for no fucking reason when you can just use your sink

Fucking potlets I tell you...

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>washing 1 dish is worse than washing a whole fucking sink compartment

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A friend in need is a friend with Kraft Dinner.

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i cant find a source on this either

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>Microwave boiling water and pour in
jfc this sounds grim af

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