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Does this meme any weight to it?

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Well I put some butter on there too. Other than that sandwiches are often breakfast/lunch, add some fruit for lunch too.

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>America represented by a classic 2 2 2 (with extra side of sausage and hashbrowns)
absolutely based.

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Canada's breakfast needs ham circles.

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Throw in some cold cuts and maybe a little fruit and it's pretty accurate.

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>Ham circles.


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Germany go away

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looks to be dennys. I'll take the canadian breakfast

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I like the spirit of this meme but the pics on the left are not of very good versions of those countries' breakfasts. Especially the American one looks really bad.

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nowhere was he talking about mett

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holy mother of BASED

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>go to sweden
>order pancakes
>they're literally crepes

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