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What are the best books about healthy food,nutrition and diet??

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Gary Taubes Good Calories Bad Calories

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dont listen to that tard watch vegan gains videos gives reference to the best literature not bias to meat / diary industry

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The Torah

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why do you need a book about healthy nutrition and diet tho
just eat healthy bro

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These guys have good stuff.

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>just eat healthy bro

What exactly is Healthy eating?
Dairy products? Dark bread?
What say science now

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If you buy a book and choose to only get info there, then you’re limiting your choices. Just use the internet for a million free sources of info, try what works for you budget and digestion wise

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Read How Not to Die

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>the internet for a million free sources

for example

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Pretty much this, OP. Greger's work is definitive when it comes to diet and longevity. Here's a handy one-pager that supplements the book that shows you what you should aim for in daily intake.

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Maximum living.

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must be pretty hard being this technologically inept, huh?

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World's Healthiest Foods
Nourishing Traditions
Wild Fermentation
Gut and Psychology Syndrome

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thanks to

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very helpful, thanks

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Why did they misspell guys

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