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Is anybody else here just awful in the kitchen? I fucking try my best to cook, but every time I try something, it always takes me FOREVER to put together or it just gets fucked up.

I followed Todd Wilbur’s “Mrs Fields” chocolate chip cookie clone recipe. It has lots of great reviews. I followed the recipe exactly, my house does smell like the inside of a Mrs Fields wrapper, but my cookies were undercooked and made my belly hurt.... I just put 2 more in to test again. But my belly hurts :(

Pic- the god damn dough

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u gotta pick that stuff up and work it anon, you cant mix cookie dough with a sspoon.i have no idea if ur recipe was good or not because the dough isnt even ready.

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>I followed the recipe exactly
>my cookies were undercooked
the baking time in a recipe is just a guideline. you need to leave the cookies in until they're done. you should also get an oven thermometer and calibrate your oven accordingly.

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>they were undercooked
>made my belly hurt

Why did you eat them if they weren't cooked enough?

Are you incapable of conscious thought? Did the idea of cooking them longer not cross your mind?

Cooking is something that, while not requiring a whole shitload of it, does require a LITTLE BIT of thought.

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make it into a sausage in a plastic wrap
put in the fridge
tomorrow unfold from plastic and slice 1cm thick slices while cold
put on baking tray evenly spaced, dont put too many because they will likely spread a lot
you're welcome

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I'm sure OP is using the spoon to scoop out the dough, not mix it.

It looks mixed well enough to me.

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This guy is right, but after slicing the log you might consider freezing them; bakeries and the like often do this partly to conserve product, but also because it leaves the baked cookie with a better texture.

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I didn’t mix it with a spoon, I used a whisk. I washed the whisk and put the spoon in for when I put it on the pan.
I have an oven thermometer. I made sure it was the right temperate internally and I even put it on convection
I don’t know :(
I’ll this later

These weren’t cooked either :(( I’m going to put them back in

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How to make based and fieldpilled cookies:
>chop up a chocolate bar and add that to the dough, they melt better than chocolate chips
>chill or freeze the dough before baking them, it seems to make the inside of the dough chewier when they bake
>when the cookies look done, take them out and let them one cool on a cooling rack. If it’s not done, put them back in for a couple more minutes
Either way eating an undercooked cookie shouldn’t give you a stomach ache, eat more raw cookie dough until you become man enough to handle an underbaked cookie.

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>eat more raw cookie dough until you become man enough to handle an underbaked cookie.
No.. no no no... I learned my lesson from this. Every time I’ve eaten cookie dough, brownie or cake batter, my stomach will not process the raw egg and I will be fucking miserable at like 1-4am. I will be laying on the floor in the bathroom throwing up until every gooey bit of egg comes out

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the fat fuck prolly ate 20 cookies at once that's why his stomach was hurting

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>I don't know

Oh, sorry, I assumed you wanted help. But with a completely garbage answer like that, which gives nothing to work off of, it's clear that you don't.

Apply yourself.

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I ate 1

I don’t know how I’m so shitty at everything I try to cook bake. I put these cookies back in for 3 extra minutes and they still don’t seem right

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>I used a whisk
how long did you beat the butter, eggs, and sugar? creaming usually takes at least 5 minutes with a mixer.

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I mixed them until there wasn’t many chunks left in it and it was smooth

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They look fine to me, let them cool completely and try eating them again.

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They were a bit better. But my belly still hurts from before

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Maybe you're just a little bitch?

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that temp is too high, cook at a slightly lower temp for slightly longer

im a baker irl btw

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I did exactly what it says here https://topsecretrecipes.com/mrs-fields-chocolate-chip-cookies-copycat-recipe-1993.html

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like what was previously mentioned your ovens probably fucked and either doesnt maintain a constant temp or the internal thermostat is wrong, You gotta learn to feel your oven and become one with it

baker again btw

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Ok. I will try to extend the time. Thanks baker

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>I did exactly what it says here
>I mixed them until there wasn’t many chunks left in it and it was smooth
that's not creaming. beat the butter more.

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