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Week old oyster sauce. Got this white thing growing on it. Is it fungus?

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Sure looks like mold to me.

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How'd it get in, with in a week. Even shut it proper.

What's the proper way to store fish sauce and oyster sauce?

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in the bin

>> No.11892953

In the fridge?

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I keep oyster sauce in the fridge.
Fish sauce can stay out, it's far too salty for anything to grow in it.

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>Is it fungus
absolutely looks like it. toss it.

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Yet I've seen mold growing near the cap and opening

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t. not Asian
Asian families keep all of the sauces in the fridge whether you need to or not.

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Did you keep it refrigerated? If you did, it might've been contaminated already. Throw it away though, or return it for a refund.

>Fish sauce can stay out, it's far too salty for anything to grow in it.
It'll still keep longer and maybe retain more flavor in the refrigerator though.

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it was prolly contaminated from the start. Wasnt properly sealed or something wasnt properly cleaned ect

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no shit its fungus you retarted faggot

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if it's not fungus (it is) then it's algae (it's fungus) but op is algay

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thanks you reply added nothing

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it added about seven hundred pixels, faggot.

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That's the pearl. Idiot

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Just shake the sauce and it'll go away.

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Nigga it's my first time using this shit. Sometimes the salt makes a layer in some products, or maybe I thought out turned like that because of the cool weather.

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Yeah nah, double check to see if that's just salt crystals.
Oyster sauce definitely is something you'd put in the fridge.

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Nah thats just crystalized salt, stir it back in and you are good to go.

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>week old oyster sauce
Jesus, imagine the smell

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