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What's the best blender to buy?

Nothing ridiculously expensive, I just want to make smoothies

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What do you want to put in your smoothies? If it's only soft foods then any cheapo will work. Nutribullet and Ninja are better than most.

If you want to put tougher veggies in your smoothies then you want something more powerful. Blendtec and Vitamix are the gold standard, pricey but well worth it if you cook. They have a bajillion uses in the kitchen.

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Friends with Blend-tecs never shut up about them. Plus they have never had to replace them.
I just have a shitty Magic Bullet that I got for Christmas years ago. It's the absolute worst and is on its last legs. But it's lasted this long.

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>you must have made nothing but smoothies if you think a Ninja is passable after getting a Vitamix

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I've been considering getting a Vitamix
Kinda expensive but I've heard good things about it
I chose the op image randomly

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I've never used a Blendtec so I can't speak on how it compares, but I got my Vitamix at Costco ("last years model" type deal) and while it's definitely still expensive that thing is a fucking beast. It also doesn't have all those cheap moving parts like the ninja and is really easy to clean. If you're just making smoothies I can't imagine it not lasting you decades.

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