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>street vendor preps the food quickly
>someone finds this impressive enough to film it and share

I don't get it, /ck/.

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I think most people film that kind of thing because it's exotic and new to them. They aren't used to seeing food prepared, and the food is probably something very different from what they eat at home.

That said, if you cook and that's all you get out the videos you aren't paying close enough attention. You can learn a lot from street cooks. They're usually fucking amazing at what they make because that's all they've been doing for years and years. Look at the details: how strong a heat are they using? what sequence do they add ingredients in? what are the visual or auditory clues that signal when the next ingredient is added? what does the texture/consistency look like? When is the food tossed or flipped, and how is that done? Etc.

I think you can learn a lot more watching street cooks than you can watching a spoonfeed-me youtuber. You just gotta pay attention.

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>you can learn a lot more watching street cooks than you can watching a spoonfeed-me youtuber
This is definitely true, but I don't think most non-industry anons will pick up on any of the stuff you're talking about. I like watching pros because of those little, non-flashy things. Then again, most street vendor videos are pretty mediocre; it's not like egg fort sandwich is anything mind blowing.

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it's hilarious how highly kitchen bitches on /ck/ and in general think of themselves

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so what I am hearing for you OP is :

YOU don't understand why someone else finds delight in the work and skill of some one else who is exceptional at what they do …

so by contrast .. YOU don't listen to a rock bands music or a rap stars songs because YOU don't get why people listen to them
you don't go see a movie or watch sporting events because YOU don't understand why other people would enjoy seeing the actors play their roles or the athlete's compete against one another with seamless excellence,

OP I feel sad for you ..as YOUR life and your existence must be bleak and unimaginative ..

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>people who do thing professionally think they are better at thing than people who dabble in thing as a hobby
Yes, hilarious.

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given what usually gets posted here, can you blame them? even the most lowly commis could cook circles around the fast-food apologists, the jack fanboys, etc.

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I think that's the funny part. That they come here to feel like big fish in a small pond.

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>eating is a hobby
lmao this is exactly what i mean
get the fuck over yourself

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you think that's their motivation for coming here? strange projection.

I'm here because I like anime and cooking.

You missed the point. We're talking about pro vs. hobby cooks.

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I remember being fascinated by chinese street food vendor videos because a lot of it is new looking and I enjoy watching how it's done. I like to try to figure out the ingredients and what they may taste like together.

I mean, it's food and entertainment in one video right? Why you hatin', OP?

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Don't forget morons standing in line for it in NYC just near the Hilton hotel. They're pathetic... who the fuck stands in line for that shit, oh and it's halal, so from people who want to blow us up.

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you're missing the point thinking "industry anons" are the only anons who recognize proficiency in a basic life skill

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Of course I'm missing that point. The post I replied to said nothing like that.

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why you chirp into a conversation you're not following?

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\Sometimes the prep is a performance that's part of the experience, and that's why people film it.

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>street vendor preps the food quickly
You misspelled "interestingly and entertainingly."
On purpose, I suspect. So stfu

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Yeah, some street cooks do entertaining little shows or whatever, but most don't. And plenty of the stuff you'll see people record and post online has no theatrics.

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>hurr durr why do people appreciate skill hurr

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So you charge extra for the "experience" of your prep for customers? Do you know how stupid that comes across? Do you really think that some customers really give a shit about "your experience?"

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Yes. The whole point of eating out is the experience. If it were about nutrition and efficiency you'd be eating at home.

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>this guy spins the food when he prepares it! it's amazing and entertaining!

Must be the same kind of retards that like "salt bae" and that fake-smiling turk.
Literally the mind of a child.

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