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Pure heat is for people who need to hide the flavor of their food, share your best flavorful hot sauce.

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Anal Angst is good.

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Everything in that picture is garbage. For me, it's Wicked Tickle hot sauce. I bought pic related and liked the taste of them all so much I basically drank them out of the bottle.

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Pepper Plant California-Style checking in. Tastes like jalapeno-garlic, it's amazing on potatoes and eggs.

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Love this sauce, its extremely mild but the taste is great

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In all that jumble, they don't even have the best sririacha. Thank you based mexican water bottle!

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Personal favourite of mine.

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I really like that blue sauce they had on hot ones. A friend of mine brought some too the last cook out I had. Also the green dragon sauce from trader Joes is pretty good. I use it when I make eggs.

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shit is so good. so. damn. good. i feel bad the rest of the country can't taste this.

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I had one of these and it was way too sugary, even more sugar than sriracha, yucky

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CaJohn's out of Columbus has a wide variety of decent sauces, although it seems like they've gone pretty corporate lately. For an everyday sauce I'm all about El Yucateco, any variety.

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Anyone know a sauce that's like tabasco bot hotter?
I heard family reserver is a bit spicier, but looking for something that's more that just a bit

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This is my absolute new favorite, it's got a solid bite but actually tastes great on everything. I've never tried the normal zombie apocalypse so I can't compare, but son of zombie tastes fantastic

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Forgot the pic

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This shit is the bomb

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why that nigga on the right shootin flames out his dick

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it be like that some times

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>T. Low test.

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I have their two other ones and love them...how does this one compare?

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Hot Ones has turned me on to some good ones, but pic related is my favorite

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mysterious Aartvarque

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This. I like that you can taste the oak flavor profile.

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saw a bottle of that in a postcard store in colorado and laughed for a good 45 mins

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Spencer Mackenzie's.
Do whatever you can to get some.
Goddamn its good.
Caribbean heat one especially.

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Susie's hot sauce. Of of their flavors.

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Cutlerylover's range was great.

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This shit right here.
Tried it at a firehouse subs. They keep a lot of hot sauces at the counter for people to use. I never used any and asked for a suggestion, and they recommended it. The manager said this is the only sauce he has to order by the case and not the bottle.
I've bought three since, I could drink this shit.
It's a stronger vinegar taste, with a nice heat that gets stronger the more you use, but not overwhelming.
I highly recommend.

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Wtf, my pic didn't post.

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Me? NC. I like trying all kinds and cultures of food, and Charllote has opened that up some.
I just never went to a firehouse.
The sauce? Florida.

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Best hot sauce

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these two are so good plus the green sauce in pic related was the best Fuego Box I ever got

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oh, i'm from tx and thought that sauce was local. i dont like it much either way

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>inb4 lol bacons epic maymay xD
It actually doesn't taste much like bacon, just has a nice smokey flavor
It tastes a lot like a hot version of bufalo salsa clasica

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About the upper limit in terms of hot. I tried some other anal butt blasting devil diarrhea sauce and figured that flavor is also important to hot sauces.

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based chinatown

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This and the one with the peanuts are basically the greatest chili pastes known to ma

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For me, it's the vark

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Is the green one crazy hot, or some good flavor too?

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If your favorite hot sauce is sold in a plebeian grocery chain, your taste is objectively shit.

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rip fiery chipotle

i have that right now, it doesnt taste amazing and is way to hot to put on most things

that shit is delicious

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Kys faggot

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it's mild to slightly hot but the flavor is amazing!

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Honestly, Frank's Red Hot is pretty good for the price and availability. It's got more 'flavor per heat' than Tabasco or Texas Pete (which is trash).

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