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My dad owns top right.

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this is weird
you're weird

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Those are autism shoes though.

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>letting someone else grill my food
No, thanks. I'll grill my own burgers and dogs. Go grab a beer and relax for a minute.

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go back to facebook you twittershit

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Sorry, champ. No can do. Only the grill master gets to touch the grill.

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Yeah, I'm turned off when people prepare food in bare feet too. There's no rational reason for it, it's not like they're walking on the food, but it just seems indecent.

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>If the person on the bbq aint wearing these
>Kick them off

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grill dad master?

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that's MR grill dad master to you, kid

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did you mean "Mr."?

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I think he meant MD.

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>the person cooking unironically uses the word a'int.

Hard pass.

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*back in black plays*

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Only if you're under 50.

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i don't know what this means

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Grill DAD Master

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You didn’t even spell it right you fucking high class stuck up nigger. It’s spelled “ain’t” not “a’int”

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They're the preferred dad shoes

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What casual shoes do NT people wear?

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Master Grill Dad Master MD. P. Grill Eng.

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My dick?

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>mfw I made my own "Don't Touch The Cook" apron

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Go to the judge and get some fudge

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is there anything more based than a boomer with white sneakers and a miller lite in hand grilling up some overcooked meat?

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Grill Dad, master

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If you can't be visibly identified as a dad get the FUCK away from the grill, son.

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if this nigga ain't grilling or smoking it, i ain't eating it

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Steven is the best, you can tell he actually cares about his craft.

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Sorry we wear boots around here

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If it ain't spicy, then I'm not eating!

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I'm only the slightest curious. Got any pics?

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My grandfather used to wear these kinds of shoes and everything that he put on the grill would be well done (ruined).

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he seems pretty good at what he's doing but he makes me uncomfortable for some reason

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The master of grilling dads

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such a boring beer.sad

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Norme reeee

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Why are they touching you?

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>he's clearly using a BBQ

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New Balance is the true boomer shoe.
Nikes are for something else with the same two first letters.

That was a good show. It's hard to believe now, but Colbert used to be funny.

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Kek, who actually wears those things?

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I wish I had a dad or father figure that would tease me during family gatherings.

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>If the person grilling ain't wearing one of these then I ain't eating.

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I'll tease your boipussi if you call me daddy :)

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looks like a man child boots to me.

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If the person grilling wears this complexion, you bet your ass I'm not eating.

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>Wearing shoes while grilling
Wow, gay

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You'll understand when you're older

>> No.11825689

Pretty sure Ja/ck/ would wear those and there is no way I'm touching any food he makes

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But those are children's shoes

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pure autism and not funny

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>not wearing sandals to grill

fucking disgusting

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I did that this Summer and a little piece of coal hopped out and got itself wedged between my little toe and the one next to it. Gave me a good roasting and made me wear proper shoes next time.
I don't want my piggies getting roasted.

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thats a fucking terrible set up, that wall between the grill and operator.
fuck this dad. where the fuck are his blonde tips. half assed mother fucker cant even bother to take down those decayed vines on his fence.
who married this dumb fuck, looking into the face of the cameraman instead of the camera.

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>trying to sleep in the summner.webm

>> No.11826274

Jack also melted the side of his house with one of his grills

>> No.11826638

kek video?

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>autism shoes

More like shoes that provide actual heel support, you little limp-wristed weakling.

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that fucking filename

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Why do white people always make this facial expression?

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You can see it in the background of his pulled pork competition video.

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You're totally right hahaha what a guy

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