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Just posting the best snack ever, bitch.

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Didn't this fuck up some black girl organ or some shit

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any colour other than purple is for pathetic loser babies

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Yeah, but because she ate them every day for years.
Eat, say, broccoli or bananas every day for years and see how they treat you.

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They have stopped selling these in my area like 10 years ago. I had a bag when I went to Texas, I missed you bro :(

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They're OK.

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step up son

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>1 cup of sauces and 3 cans of boiled vegetables over some chips

No thank you mexico

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>Dutch Crunch
Minnesota ftw

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I can feel the diarrhea churn inside just looking at that slop.

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I literally can't tell what that is. Did you put general tsos chicken in a cheetos bag?

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t. just got out of prison

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reminder shit like this only exists because mexicans can't even afford to buy their own fucking crops anymore

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I prefer the ripoff desu, not as caked in the powder and the lime flavor is more pronounced.

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>Eat, say, broccoli or bananas every day for years and see how they treat you.
better than takis will you stupid shit

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These things look so good but taste so shitty. Way too fucking salty with a barely noticeable spice flavor.

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welfare leeches btfo

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shoulda asked the recruiter if he could buy takis in the shithole he'd be stationed at.

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Trying to recoup from those bad optics of telling a deployed US Soldier to fuck off when he said he couldn't find any in Afghanistan? I'm a Hot Cheetos Limeguy 4lyfe now

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Anybody have that webm of that Mexican lady making some nachos, that looked just like this disgusting pile, with generic brand shit and acting like it was a real fine treat?

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This is what I was referencing, probably some dumbass castizo fattie that runs their twitter
>not replying at all would've been the better strategy

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Did you say...


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