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If you aren't cooking with lard, you are fucking up.

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Do I look relard to you?

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I can only find hydrogenated lard and I don't think that's healthy. I really wish I had access to fresh tallow and lard though, but butter is still pretty nice.

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you can always make your own, I have a jar of tallow that I made using fatty cuts of beef that I saved up in the freezer. Stick the fat in a pan in the oven, let the fat render, then filter it through a coffee filter into a jar.

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meh I cook with bacon grease I save.

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I eat a spoonful of lard a day, fucking fight me.

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But I do.

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I don't eat meat that often so it's hard for me to get a decent amount at one time.

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Lard Gang

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Why not eat speck? Pic related.

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What difference can I expect if I'm used to vegetable oil

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Heart attacks down the line.

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>literally eating pure fat

>hmmm that’s not quite healthy enough...

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I buy the bacon scrap cuts. Some good bacon pieces and fat to cook with.

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Heart attack 6 months later than you would with lard

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Do you think I'm just sitting down to a bowl of fat and eating nothing else?

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Then why would you worry about what type of LARD you buy?

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Only if you're American

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because hydrogenated vegetable shortening was proven without a doubt to have killed people while natural fats have shaky evidence for being unhealthy?

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Oh you’re just braindead. Carry on.

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oh that is so foul

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most of what i've seen only says that it makes heart disease worse, but doesn't cause it. smoking, obesity, and alcoholism are the biggest contributors of heart disease. animal fat in moderation in a balanced diet has no issues.

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Ever tried?

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Try a carniceria for lard.

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>thinking good fats cause health problems in 2019
How embarrassing.

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Yeah wasn't the idea that saturated fats """correlated""" with heart disease while in reality it was caused by inflammation from wheat or some shit like that?

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>Survive 24 hours a day
Damn, I only survive 23 hours a day. That last hour is elusive.

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In layman's terms, yeah basically.

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>be me
>started new job where lots of Muslims work
>want to make good impression
>bake scones
>bring them in to share
>coworkers ask me ingredients to make sure halal
>"oh just flour shortening sugar baking powder"
>everyone eats
>Muslim coworker describes scones as "sinfully delicious"
>mfw I used lard but didn't know the difference at that point

Do I tell them so they can repent or something? This was like 8 years ago now.

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Being tricked or forced does not count as sinning.

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>good fats
Lard isn’t a good fat

It’s not simply a correlation and no, it has nothing to do with wheat, but when your entire perception of society comes from news headlines I can understand the blatant stupidity

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This I do this with trimmings from boston butt/pork shoulder. They always leave a lot on there to fuck you a little on the price.

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same for survival, Kosher or Halal if you gotta eat pork or starve G-D is okay with it

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>the jews went so far as to declare 4 species of locusts kosher so they never really had to eat outside their speshul diet

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A good source lard is 100% healthy. Refined carbs and sugar make it not. Sick graphs bro.

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Wow conjecture sick argument bro

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looks yummy, what is it? smoked pork fat? I'd eat the hell outa that

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i guarantee animal fat is 100x better for you than vegetable oils

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Do Americans really eat lard?

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>dO AmEriCAnS ReALly?!?!?
You cook with it retard. Look up a recipe that calls for it or fry some meat in it.

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There probably isn't anything wrong with minimally processed vegetable oils, people have been eating that for a long time too. But most cheap vegetable oil is rancid which isn't good to be eating in large amounts.

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I guarantee it isn’t. Nobody gives a fuck about opinions.

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Yeah no one gives a fuck about your stupid opinion. Now enjoy your gallstones, inflammation, endrometriosis, heart disease, and cancer, those unnatural seed oils sure are healthy!

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>lard is fucking hortible but at least olive oil is somewhat too!!!

Gonna be a BIG cringe from me, jefe. I eat WFPB, chief, no refined fats or refined carbs ;)

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like I said you will enjoy inflammatory reactions and diseases. And vegetable oils have only been around sense the 1900's. Humans lived and thrived off of animal fat and animal products for millennia. For some reason you think you are different and your body has evolved to not need these things? For most indigenous peoples, the fat and organs of the animal were more sought after than the lean cuts How do you get enough Vitamin B12? How do you get enough calcium? Vitamin k2? Vitamin D? Vitamin A? Zinc? Iodine? Omega 3's? How do you keep your gut bacteria healthy? Why would you make your body work harder to produce all the nutrients it needs when you could just intake them all in a more bioavailable form (animal products). Even if some of those necessary fat soluble vitamins are found in vegetables and grains, the bioavailability is so low you would need to eat pounds to hit your proper daily nutrient levels.

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>wall of conjecture crybaby bullshit
Did you not read the part where I said i dont have any oils? lol fatty idiot

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Stop using randomly capitalized letters to express silliness, it's an idiotic Twitter and re ddit formatting

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Yes you made it clear but for some reason you thought we have been using vegetable oils for a good amount of time which is not true at all. We can agree animal fats are healthier than vegetable oils then. I still want to know how you get all those nutrients without animal products. And enjoy the inflammation, my grandmother has arthritis and she can't stop taking about it...

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>vegetable oils have only been around sense the 1900's.
this isn't true, it's been made for thousands of years

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God damn I'm gay

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Oh shit, I'm sorry

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>you thought we have been using vegetable oils for a good amount of time which is not true at all
lol look up the history of olive oil, palm oil, canola oil, or soybean oil you dummy what a silly statement

>We can agree animal fats are healthier than vegetable oils then
no, at best theyre the same, im saying all oils are unhealthy and for some reason you keep victim shaming olives

>still want to know how you get all those nutrients without animal products
who cares? it doesnt make lard healthy lardo, enjoy your heart attack in 5 years just to shove it to the man

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>lard is healthy because rapeseed oil isnt

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No, it's healthy whether rapeseed oil is or isn't.

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the wise man bowed his head solemnly and spoke: "theres actually zero difference between good & bad things. you imbecile. you fucking moron"

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It's healthy whether you're insufferable homo or not. You are.

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Sorry for what?

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Cool opinions bro. I’m sure your bull’s lard flavored cum is totally nutritious

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