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Honest question: do you Americans really feel superior to other countries & cultures simply because of the foods you eat?

As an example, I'm Indian and have been vegetarian all my life. Yet never have I felt compelled to tell other people that I'm vegetarian, much less dare tell other cultures what they should and shouldn't eat. Yet I see this daily with you (mostly) white Vegans. It's like you are monks or something the way you preach to everyone.

Why do you arrogant Americans do stuff like this?

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well it's all relative, for example, you brag to your people when you use a toilet instead of pooping in a street, while here in civilized countries we have people who brag about being vegans.

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literally lmaoing at your life

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>their feeling of being supperior makes them inferior. Here is why im supperior

Nice job idiot, and remember to poo in loo

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The white americans you're referring to and the one in your picture are what we call "liberals"

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Why are they so fucking judgmental and nosy about other people's eating habits? It's literally one of the most obnoxious things they do. Aren't your liberals supposed to be tolerant and inclusive of other cultures & lifestyles?

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>Aren't your liberals supposed to be tolerant and inclusive of other cultures & lifestyles?
No. They only accept one homogenous brown consumerist-slave culture.

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Frankly, this sounds pretty shitty and very much like a totalitarian state than an open minded, inclusive country. Not exactly the image of america you've been selling to the rest of the world.

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Veganism has been deliberately associated with liberal values by the elite because the diet is healthier. It's artificial selection of the useful idiots.

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Haven't there been cases in India where people were murdered over accusations that they killed a cow? Fanatacism happens everywhere, but food issues might be a little more extreme in America because of the high rate of industrialization and what it did to the food supply.

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Wow. Thanks for your enlightened view of our religion, mr liberal.

> food issues might be a little more extreme in America because of the high rate of industrialization

So because your country is developed and rich, you think you know everything and can tell others how to live. Got it.

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>the elite

Newsflash: Liberals are vast majority of the "elite". The wealthy. The 1%.

They take great joy in hating on blue collar working class people and call them derogatory names like "flyovers."

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American progressives' hyperventilating moralism is just the flip side of their extreme narcissism. Atomized units of human capital who don't actually belong to any organic community default to evangelical universalism because they only grasp compassion in the abstract

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>Why do you arrogant Americans do stuff like this?

The problem isn't "Americans", OP. It's "Vegans". They claim otherwise, but they are basically religious fanatics. And like any kind of fanatic, they love to proselytize. Most Americans, such as myself, hate Vegans just as you do.

I don't feel superior to any other culture. Why would my culture be any better than anyone else's? Preachy vegans can die in a fire.

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>Wow. Thanks for your enlightened view of our religion, mr liberal.

You need to work on your reading comprehension. Nobody said that ALL Indians or that ALL Hindus were fanatics. He said that fanatics exist everywhere.

The annoying preachy vegans are a fanatic subset of the population, just as how any other religion has its fanatic subsets too.

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>simply because of the foods you eat?
...what? This is one of the most unhealthy nations on earth. The majority of people here don't even eat real food. It's shameful over here. No one feels superior for eating shitloads of dogfood for humans.

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>The majority of people here don't even eat real food.

This is just American arrogance... alot of our people would give their left arm to be able to eat your "not real food."

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No, I'm pretty sure it's a fact that the artificial slop that many people eat here is real "food".

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Well there's plenty of it. Gorge yourself on it and marvel as your IQ drops and you grow to the size of an elephant seal with diabetes.

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shut up faggot, food is wasted in every first world country this is not an American thing

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>The majority of people here don't even eat real food.

Holy shit. This is exactly the type of shitty hyperbole that OP was talking about. There are people literally starving to death out there in the real world and your American liberals are telling us "Let them eat cake."

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Let's say some do and some don't. You can tell who has actually traveled around. Maybe not the whole world, but to places where things are not the same as in the mainstream U.S. Those who have traveled to other than just tourist destinations (without risking their lives or harvestable organs) have the wisdom to know no one culture is superior to another. Merely different in sometimes incredible and eye-opening ways. The woman in OP's pic, I feel, should be harvested though.

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monks don't really preach to anyone

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>There are people literally starving to death out there in the real world
Who fucking cares? If you fed every poor retard on Earth our overpopulation problem would be even worse

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There gay bro

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>"Let them eat cake."

This sums up the vegan view of the rest of the world pretty well.

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>ITT: Judgemental person is judgemental about other judgemental persons
Meat eater here. I would like to point out that industrial animal farms are ruining the environment. The vegans have a point, but
>muh bacon cheeseburger

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veganism is a mental disorder characterized by a feeling of utmost superiority to everyone that must be communicated at all times.

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Is that really your Vegan maifesto? Its good when people starve because there are less people who eat meat? This is literally sociopath + misanthrope logic.

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When the fuck did I say I was a vegan retard

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Africa wasn't ever overpopulated before external influence from first world countries. We're the problem.

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>industrial animal farms are ruining the environment.
But we can get meat from other sources which don't.

Besides which, what doesn't rape the environment these days. Vegans love to shriek about the meat industry, but they seem to have no problem supporting the electronics industry.

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Why does the right feel so insecure about progressives that they have to falseflag as an outraged indian about the .5% of the americans who are vegan fanatics? I mean we know you realize you can only hold back cultural and political progressive change briefly, like a child plugging a leak in a damn with his finger, but why be so butthurt about being on the wrong side of history? After all, even the prominent hypocritical women on the right realize they only exist because of progressives opening the way for them, otherwise they'd be barefoot and pregnant in a trailer with 5 kids getting beat up by Cletus after his nightly drunk.

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You know what would really help save animals and end overpopulation? A genocide.

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Also, you are talking about implementing agricultural technology that's too expensive for most Indian farmers. Keep in mind we just kicked out Monsanto seeds from most farms because of the cost, despite high yield.

Again, arrogant american solution to anything is to just throw money at it.

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>arrogant american solution
So enlightened Indian solution? Throwing shit at everything?

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So, because your american farms are shitty and industrialized, it's now "morally wrong" for the rest of the world to eat meat? Do you understand the universe doesn't revolve around America?

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>So enlightened Indian solution?

Mind your own fucking business and let people eat whatever is available to them? Live and let live. Isn't that what your God says?

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>Mind your own fucking business and let people eat whatever is available to them?
I have no problem with this
>Isn't that what your God says?
I am not religious

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Then you are ok, my American friend..

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>lol look at me im totally superior for not being arrogant!!

Eat shit

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They're judgemental about everything.

Whether someone is vegan or not is just the tip of the iceberg. There has been mass outrage over "appropriation" of other people's food.

Basically they're a bunch of idiots. Just pay them no mind.

While you're here, how do I master the art of cooking paneer?

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>how do I master the art of cooking paneer

It's super easy... the only way to fuck up paneer is to use vegetable oil instead of butter. Oil will make the paneer heavy and "wet." But the richer the butter the better.

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>have been vegetarian all my life
>yet never have I felt compelled to tell other people that I'm vegetarian
Way to immediately shit yourself before you got your half-point halfway across.

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>Yet never have I felt compelled to tell other people that I'm vegetarian,

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also a liar

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Are americans this stupid that they think everyone else behaves like them? Your tiny closed minds just can't comprehend this?

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>mass outrage over "appropriation" of other people's food.
>a microscopic fraction of US people voice outrage and the alt-right media front pages it and declares a national emergency threatening the very existence of democracy itself

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I'm sure someone already said this but most people going vegan aren't doing because they don't like farming, it's because they want to be rebellious.

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He's telling us he's vegetarian in his post you dumb fucktard. Even you can see the hipocrisy

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They're bored, entitled well off people who feel that they are morally right because they have too much time on their hands. Mostly white women.

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Most Americans know that we have shit food compared to other parts of the world (Mediterranean food being the best imo) and no one likes vegans here in fact most Americans share the same mindset you do about vegans

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>I'm Indian
Stopped reading there.

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Looks like Asia's taking a shit

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Lmao look at this pathetic faggot wallowing at the food cheaply available being beneath him while so many have nothing to eat at all. What a wretched entitled spoiled brat you are.

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